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10 Actors Who Made Ridiculous Movie Demands So They Wouldn't Be Hired… But Were


Ahead of an actor is officially solid in a movie and has signed on the dotted line, there are on the whole a wealth of negotiations which occur at the lend a hand of the scenes, especially the set up blockbuster fare is anxious.

Actors know their rate, and desire to know that rate is being respected by those placing up the monumental bucks, so will normally protect out for a bigger amount on the studio’s paycheck.

And then there are times when an actor doesn’t even possess indispensable curiosity in the characteristic in any admire, and so in repeat to envision the studio’s have want for them, will obtain a frankly silly search data from which would perchance also quiet obtain particular they’re usually priced out of the self-discipline.

However these 10 actors were fortunate satisfactory to possess their ridiculous requests well-liked – whether a truckload of cash or one thing a limited more surprising – resulting in them signing on for the piece in earnest.

These derive of actors were no longer decrease than official satisfactory no longer to mobile phone the characteristic in given the exorbitant concessions the studio had made to accommodate them, though every became successfully seeking to sabotage their very have involvement in the film from the early stages…

10. Robin Williams Demanded $1 Million & An Apology From Disney – Aladdin & The King Of Thieves


Robin Williams created one of many most iconic Disney characters of all time with his performance as Aladdin’s Genie, and he did it for a veritable sever value.

Williams agreed to obtain the voiceover characteristic for SAG scale of correct $75,000 – a mere portion of his $8 million are residing-circulation asking rate – on the location that neither his performance nor the Genie persona were featured widely in the movie’s advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing.

Unsurprisingly, Disney knew they had strong gold on their fingers and betrayed Williams’ quiz, infuriating the actor and ensuring he determined no longer to come lend a hand for 1994’s sequel The Return of Jafar, the set up he became replaced by Homer Simpson express actor Dan Castellaneta.

However throughout manufacturing of 1996’s explain-to-video third film Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Disney attempted to entice Williams lend a hand, despite Castellaneta having already recorded the Genie piece in full.

Williams determined to hedge his bets and obtain two monumental demands – a salary of $1 million (more than 13x his fashioned payday), and most likely more importantly, a public apology from a Disney govt for his likeness being misappropriated in the first tell.

No topic those over-the-odds requests, Disney most well-liked the payment in bringing the actor lend a hand, and so apart from to his hefty salary, Williams furthermore obtained a public apology from then-studio chief Joe Roth.


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