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10 DC Characters That Aquaman Always Loses To

Aquaman is one of DC Comics‘ premiere superheroes. He changed into a founding member of the Justice League and changed into one of their most long-established heroes for years. Aquaman’s recognition waned at the muse of the 21st Century, but it changed into reinvigorated with the Contemporary 52 Aquaman title by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis moreover Jason Mamoa’s performance as Aquaman in the DCEU movies.

Aquaman is an spectacular hero. He’s tremendous-exact, incredibly sturdy, ready to live to advise the tale the crushing depths of the ocean, and is able to telepathically focus on with undersea life. No topic this arsenal of powers, there are DC characters who are ready to accept the greater of Aquaman–mentally if no longer bodily.

10 Aquaman By no formula Truly Wins A Fight Against His Half-Brother, Ocean Grasp

Orm Marius is the half of-brother of Aquaman and a frequent enemy of the hero. This connection, while strained, continually makes any strive in opposition to in opposition to Ocean Grasp especially subtle for Aquaman. Aquaman is most damaged by Ocean Grasp’s means to harm kin between Atlantis and the outside world. It’s figures love Orm that rally Atlanteans in opposition to the outside while retaining the outside countries distrustful of Atlanteans.

Orm rapid stole alter of Sub Diego from Aquaman till he changed into overthrown. With the Contemporary 52, Orm changed into the ruler of Atlantis and launched a brutal assault on American coastal cities. This forced Aquaman to depose Orm and turn into the King of Atlantis, a feature that Aquaman had long sought to steer clear of. Even when Aquaman beats Ocean Grasp, he loses ground in establishing kin between Atlantis and the outside world.

9 Batman: The Drowned Slew The Aquaman Counterpart Of Her Own World

On Earth -11, Atlantis is dominated by Aquawoman, that actuality’s counterpart to Aquaman. Bryce Wayne is Batwoman, and he or she developed a seething hatred of metahumans after one killed her lover, Sylvester Kyle. Bryce started with Aquawoman after Atlantis first made overtures towards peace with the outside world.

Bryce began experimenting on herself, turning herself into The Drowned, ready to live to advise the tale and strive in opposition to underwater greater than any residing Atlantean. She worn out Atlantis sooner than being recruited by the Batman Who Laughs and Barbatos.

8 Thanatos Stole Aquaman’s Likeness And Wreaked Havoc With His Face

Thanatos is an interdimensional being who is able to entice victims into his replicate world sooner than stealing their id. He performed this trick upon Aquaman and began a unfavourable rampage as Aquaman on Earth. Thanatos loved the utilization of Aquaman’s powerful construct, so he by no formula swapped to 1 other id after taking Aquaman’s.

Aquaman changed into ready to beat Thanatos on about a cases, but, love with Ocean Grasp, Thanatos continually takes something from Aquaman and those he loves. One among the extra stressful acts of Thanatos changed into likely impregnating Mera, with her none the wiser that Thanatos changed into no longer Aquaman. Thanatos would later entice Aquaman in his native dimension of Netherspace sooner than declaring battle on the outside world. Foremost Disaster, working on behalf of Assignment Power X, killed Thanatos in retaliation.

7 Corum Rath Become once Ready To Overthrow Aquaman And Prefer The Throne Of Atlantis

Corum Rath changed into an Atlantean nativist and extremist intent on the utilization of the developed expertise of Atlantis to comprehend over the outside world. He changed into arrested by Aquaman, but Arthur’s advisors had been amenable to Corum’s political philosophy. They freed Rath to usurp the throne from Aquaman.

A convincing spell known as the Crown of Thorns kept Aquaman in Atlantis and Mera and the Justice League out. Aquaman changed into apparently killed by Murk but if truth be told survived in the shadows. At closing, Aquaman changed into ready to rally resistance to Corum Rath, nonetheless it changed into if truth be told the Abyssal Darkish with whom Rath made a pact that brought the usurper down.

6 Reverse-Flash Killed The Flashpoint Aquaman Of The Darkish Multiverse

On the Flashpoint Earth, a battle between Atlantis and Themyscira threatens to wipe out the planet. Within the Darkish Multiverse twist on this story by Bryan Hitch, the Flash fails to revive his powers and fix the timeline, leaving the Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne to bustle wild.

Thawne then turns his consideration towards saving the planet so that he could additionally rule it. The essential step in that thought is blackmailing the President of the United States and killing Aquaman. Thawne then deliberate to negotiate with Wonder Woman, but that didn’t glide as deliberate.

5 Unlit Manta Has Taken So Powerful From Aquaman That Arthur Will By no formula Truly Beat Him

Unlit Manta is Aquaman’s most hated foe. Manta has an extended historic previous of taking things from Aquaman. When Arthur changed into young, it changed into Manta and his have father that killed Arthur’s dad. Manta survived Arthur’s strive at retaliation, but Arthur nonetheless accidentally killed Manta’s father–making Arthur a killer.

Unlit Manta attacked and destroyed Spindrift Enviornment, which changed into speculated to be the first Atlantean surface embassy. Manta later apparently killed Aquaman with the Demise Kraken when the enviornment changed into below attack by the Triumvirate of Sea Gods. Aquaman survived but lost his memories. Perchance basically the most defective thing that Unlit Manta has performed to Aquaman comes from smartly sooner than the Contemporary 52 when Unlit Manta suffocated Aquaman’s son (colloquially is known as the Aquababy). Aquaman could additionally beat Unlit Manta in strive in opposition to, nonetheless it continually bills Aquaman something.

4 Narwhal Killed The Aquaman Of The Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe

Sooner than the Contemporary 52, Aquaman changed into if truth be told useless for a time. This Aquaman, named Orin, had stepped help from the spotlight of heroism and had been mutated into the Dweller-in-the-Depths in a pact to resurface Sub Diego and set up its inhabitants.

Narwhal, a resurrected assassin that changed into allegedly the son of Orin and an Inuit lady named Kako, went after the Dweller-in-the-Depths and killed him. Orin changed into succeeded by a metahuman Aquaman, but he later abandoned the title. Orin himself changed into resurrected as a Unlit Lantern after which given a current lease on life after the Blackest Evening.

3 Inexperienced Arrow Killed A Zombified Aquaman And Usually Leaves Arthur Mad

Inexperienced Arrow has continually been very vocal alongside with his opinions. He’s by no formula been partial to the truth that Aquaman is a monarch with entire alter over a nation, and Oliver has made that sure to Aquaman–once calling him a “5-fathom fascist.” These exchanges continually glide away Aquaman pretty enraged.

More currently, the two occupy swapped bodies attributable to timeline tampering by a clandestine group, forcing Oliver and Arthur to work together. Within the DCeased universe by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and James Harren, Inexperienced Arrow is the one who if truth be told kills the undead Aquaman with an arrow shot from a half of-mile away.

2 Mera Has Overpowered Aquaman On A entire lot of Cases

Whereas they are one of DC’s oldest and strongest couples, Mera and Aquaman occupy had loads of spats over the years, loads of which stem from Aquaman’s incapacity to pay any mind to his personal life. Mera has notably overwhelmed Aquaman with her aquakinetic powers and even once exiled him from Atlantis when she took alter of the throne.

Aquaman and Mera regularly create things up to 1 one other, nonetheless it does glide to point that, extra than someone else, Mera is largely the most productive at beating Aquaman.

1 Aquaman Appropriate Isn’t Ready To Browbeat Superman Into Submission

It’ll near as no shock that Aquaman has been incapable of beating Superman. Arthur and Mera save up a honest strive in opposition to at one point when tensions had been severely excessive between the U.S. and Atlantis, and Arthur had to help for his military to near sooner than the stopping could additionally stop.

More currently, Superman stole the Genesis Fragment from Atlantis, effectively ending Clark and Arthur’s friendship. Aquaman changed into helpless to forestall Superman, and Superman’s actions referring to the Genesis Fragment led the Justice League having to kick Kal-El off the crew.

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