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10 Most Movies To Watch After Peacock Meet Cute

Peacock has increased its initial motion picture schedule with the launch of Meet Cute. The romantic funny stars Kaley Cuoco as well as Pete Davidson as 2 unfamiliar people who meet one evening at a bar as well as go on to have the most effective very first date. It’s such a great date that Cuoco’s character Shelia remains to live the day over and over once again thanks to a time machine.

Meet Cute has all the elements of a fantastic enchanting funny with a few added spins making it an enjoyable film to watch. Followers of the special twist and also the partnership in between Shelia as well as Gary might be interested in seeing even more movies similar in tone and feel. Thankfully, there are lots of romantic comedies out there that would fit with a Meet Cute flick marathon.

1. Click

In spite of combined evaluations, Click is one of Adam Sandler’s most successful movies. The comedy follows Michael, a workaholic that has a hard time managing his job and domesticity. When he is gifted a remote that controls time by an eccentric inventor, all that alters.

While Click isn’t an enchanting comedy, it’s an excellent movie for followers that enjoyed the repeating and time loop elements of Meet Cute. Like Sheila, Michael discovers that adjusting time doesn’t magically make their troubles go away.

2. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore rejoined on screen in 2004 to star in the enchanting comedy 50 First Dates. The film follows playboy Henry, who ultimately drops head over heels for a woman just to find out that she has short-term memory loss and relives the exact same day over and over again.

Like Meet Cute, 50 First Dates relies on repeating as both Shelia and Lucy experience the very same day over and over once again. Given That Shelia and Henry both know the repeated nature of the day, they have to think of creative ways to obtain Gary and also Lucy to really feel comfy with them.

3. Palm Springs

When it was launched on Hulu in 2020, Palm Springs reintroduced the suggestion of a time loophole to the charming funny genre. The motion picture fixate Sarah and also Nyles, who both wind up in a time loophole, required to eliminate a wedding celebration over and over once more while gradually falling for each other.

Like Meet Cute, Palm Springs starts with only Nyles finding out about the time loophole until Sarah obtains embeded it herself. And like Gary, Sarah go nuts when she learns and also becomes determined to finish the loops and also return to her typical life.

4. if I Stay

If I Stay is based upon the teen book by the same name composed by Gayle Forman. The teen drama centers on Mia, a young girl who winds up in a coma after a vehicle accident that left the remainder of her household dead. Stuck in limbo, Mia must decide whether she intends to awaken or carry on to the immortality with her household.

Both Mia and also Shelia are pondering surviving, though they are operating under very various circumstances. Both movies also play with time with If I Stay frequently, making use of flashbacks to share what Mia’s life was like before the crash.

5. The King Of Staten Island

Pete Davidson made his co-writing attribute debut with The King of Staten Island. A semi-autobiographical tale, the film adheres to Scott, a having a hard time twenty-something who attempts to find into his own after his mom begins dating again.

While the King of Staten Island isn’t a charming comedy, neither does it include a time loophole it does star Davidson in a significant role like Meet Cute. His personalities in both movies have a lot alike, including being a bit shed in what to do with their lives.

6. Plus One

Released at the Tribeca Film Festival, Plus One is an underrated romantic comedy of the 2010s that deserves a lot more appreciation. Ben and also Alice are two buddies who are fearing being solitary during the summertime wedding celebration period and decide to be each other’s plus ones to make their single-ness suck less.

While there aren’t at any time loopholes in Plus One, Ben and Alice’s personalities are extremely comparable to Shelia and Gus’s in Meet Cute. Both sets of couples have great chemistry as well as exchange with each other. Both movies really feel very similar in that they’re much more concentrated on the partnership than on showy parties and also high-stakes drama.

7. The moment Traveler’s Wife

Based upon the novel of the same name, The Time Traveler’s Wife centers on Claire, a girl that falls in love and weds Henry, a young man that has a rare problem that creates him to travel in time. With Henry constantly in various timelines, Claire should find out methods to reveal her love and also get love in return.

The moment Traveler’s Wife is the best dramatic romance to look for fans that liked the issues that arose in Meet Cute as a result of the time travel facet. Like Gary, Claire expresses frustration with her hubby’s time traveling due to the fact that it indicates they can’t link on a deeper level.

8. Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways is promptly turning into one of Netflix’s finest enchanting funnies. The film adheres to two different variations of the primary character Natalie’s life. One, where she discovers she’s expectant on the eve of her college graduation, as well as one, where she isn’t expecting and also moves to Los Angeles to seek her profession.

The twin timelines are just one of the factors this motion picture is excellent for followers who enjoy the time travel aspect of Meet Cute. Both movies intend to answer the question of what happens when one manipulates time. Natalie as well as Shelia are likewise both comparable in that they’re both struggling to figure out who they remain in the globe.

9. Unplugging

Launched in April 2022 on Hulu, Unplugging adheres to an older couple who choose to relax from technology in the hopes of reconnecting with each other. When they get lost in a remote hill town, they must trust each other to discover their way residence.

Since both movies actually focus on the connections in between the personalities, unplugging is similar to Meet Cute. With no innovation to distract Dan and also Jeanine and a time loophole guaranteeing Shelia and also Gary always meet, the couples are able to connect in exciting and also new methods.

10. The Vow

In The Vow, couples Paige (Rachel McAdams) as well as Leo (Channing Tatum) are happy as well as in love up until they get involved in a tragic cars and truck mishap that leaves Paige in a coma. When she wakes, Paige experiences serious memory loss that leaves her unable to identify Leo or remember their life with each other.

While The Vowdoesn’t feature time traveling, Leo locates himself in the same watercraft as Shelia because they both remember their relationships with their better halves while they have no recollection of the partnership for numerous factors.

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