10 Reasons Why Yona from ‘Yona of the Dawn’ Is The Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist


Akatsuki No Yona (aka Yona of the Morning time) is judicious as surely one of the major outlandish and route-breaking sequence within the Shoujo realm (focused in direction of a younger female target market) of anime and manga. One in all the most major reasons why other folks are so drawn in direction of this pronounce is its outlandish set and how likable the protagonist of the myth, i.e., Yona, is on myth of of her stage of relatability with the viewers. Yona is considered as a really amicable and form-hearted persona who, on the identical time, keeps exhibiting her perseverance to succor racy forward and bettering herself. So, here we shall bask in a examine reasons why Yona from ‘Yona of the Morning time’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.

The set of the myth takes set in a fictional nation known as Kouka, which changed into created by the Crimson Dragon God, who came all of the formula down to Earth and united with four assorted Dragon Gods. Humanity had supposedly became very bloodthirsty for the length of this era, and Gods came all of the formula down to Earth to get to the underside of this explain. Two thousand years bask in handed after this incident, and most residents imagine this myth about Dragons to be accurate a fantasy. In this era, Yona’s myth takes set. She is the princess of this nation. She has grown up in a really pampered atmosphere, however a coup takes set within the empire through which she is also attacked. She is forced to attain to terms along with her fresh harsh fact, and the myth additional reveals how she and the empire address their fresh challenges. Below we are able to debate one of the crucial reasons why Yona from ‘Yona of the Morning time’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.

1. Yona acts love an right little one

Most shoujo anime bask in children as their predominant characters, however barely any of them act love one. Yona, on the assorted hand, struggles with accepting how her hair looks, and the moment her crush compliments her hair, she begins liking it, as any little one would react in such a scenario.

2. Maintains her playful demeanor

Typically, when an anime protagonist goes through a most major trauma on the starting of the sequence, their entire demeanor adjustments, and they halt performing love right younger other folks. Nevertheless with the constant backward and forward between Hak and Yona, we realize that despite the incontrovertible fact that she has only within the near past been through loads, within the discontinue, she is correct a little one for the time being.

Yona along with her father; the King of Kouka

3. Takes her time processing trouble

After her father is killed by an person very halt to her within the first episode itself, Yona goes into a thunder of distress and emotional numbness. We’re going to empathize along with her trouble and root for her success as she does no longer seem love an emotionally supreme being. Right here’s surely one of the most major reasons why Yona is a relatable persona.

4. Goes through a heartbreak

Treasure all children, Yona also has to tackle her gentle fragment of heartbreak within the sequence. The person she first falls in fancy with breaks her belief within the most devastating formula that you are going to be ready to imagine. She isn’t very any longer ready to bring herself to avoid wasting her revenge straight away and holds on to the hairpin gifted to her by her cherished despite the incontrovertible fact that she changed into fully betrayed by him. We on a approved basis succor on to obvious things despite the incontrovertible fact that logically they don’t make necessary sense, as human emotions are so complex and would possibly per chance maybe per chance per chance also’t continuously be described logically.

Yona with Soo-won; her first fancy

5. Respects grownup relationships and bounds

Yona, love most shoujo anime protagonists, is reasonably dense with reference to romance and is seldom ready to set halt Hak’s feelings for her. Nevertheless she acknowledges that Hak can bask in some by myself time and respects his house (basically).

6. Knows her privilege

Yona is the princess of the nation known as Kouka. In direction of the starting of the sequence, she grows up in a really adequate atmosphere and is naive about diverse things outdoors her palace. Nevertheless later, she acknowledges how she changed into pampered while growing up and wants to learn more to transfer forward. In right lifestyles as neatly, we see that other folks born with a silver spoon secure it advanced to connect with other folks outdoors their worldview. Yona actively puts in efforts to learn more about her kingdom.

Yona with Hak, episode 1

7. Is accurate in direction of her pals

The predominant reason Yona took up arms and began coaching changed into that she realized that she changed into hampering Hak for the length of fights as she changed into untrained in any form of martial arts. She deeply cares about Hak, and all of her pals continuously spend care of them in her formula.

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8. Accepts her fresh fact

Yona acknowledges the incontrovertible fact that her fresh spot is amazingly painful and tragic. She puts in her easiest efforts to resolve into her fresh fact of hers. As viewers, we root for her more here because the spot feels more lifelike.

9. Does no longer change into a stronger in a single day

Yona’s coaching project within the sequence is shown consistently as a long and slack project. Even after a really long time in coaching, she does no longer with out note change into the strongest persona, relatively remains the weakest. The parable turns into more racy to glance from here, and because the viewers, we know the principle protagonist can’t spend the attend of some surprising energy boost and has to continue to outlive while being a bodily aged persona.

10. Is constantly amazed by Hak and all of the assorted Dragons

Treasure the total viewers staring on the pronounce, Yona too will get astounded while staring on the diverse dragons round showcasing their diverse abilities, and Hak being his approved self love the comfort of us. Right here’s surely one of the reasons why Yona from ‘Yona of the Morning time’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.


This pronounce has long past on to be surely one of the major cherished sequence amongst the shoujo demographic. This pronounce absorbs its viewers as a substitute from the get-slide and additional immerses them with the characters. Nevertheless out of all those characters, the protagonist stands out the most. She is a really relatable persona with right-lifestyles-love qualities however silent engages the target market along with her myth.

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