10 Shows Like Sweet Tooth You Must See

Netflix’s fantasy show Sweet Tooth has certainly left many intrigued about the possibility of the world portrayed in the show. The Great Crumble in the fictional world of the show led to the emergence of hybrid babies who are part humans and part animals. The one’s other regular humans fear and hunt them down. Amidst this, a young boy named Gus, living alone for most of his life, befriends a regular loner Jeppard, as they both travel across the country to figure out Gus’ past life and origins. Amidst the dark plot, the show brings out an emotionally engaging storyline that is structured for audiences of all ages. Plus, the amazing acting by the cast makes the show highly entertaining. At the same time, question how these new humans could survive.

So with the first season of Sweet Tooth already in. Some fans have binged watch their way out while others are slowly pacing and investing in the beautiful tale. The one which will leave them wanting for more. So as the second season may take some time and you might find yourself wondering to watch something much like this. Well, we got you covered here. So here is a list of shows that bring out a similar storyline and aspects the way Sweet Tooth does. From dark magic tales to shows inspired by classic fairy tales. From sci-fi dramas to zombies and viruses. Here are 10 hows like Sweet Tooth You Must See.

10. His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is set in a multi-reality world where we see the characters bumping from one world to another. Bad Wolf and New Line Productions produced the show for HBO and BBC One. Jack Throne wrote the fantasy drama taking cues from Philip Pullman’s novels of the same name. The show premiered in November of 2019 and returned with a second season next year right away. The audience dubbed the show as a fine piece of drama with exceptional performances. The second season followed the same, with more robust performances and story-telling in turn. The show is renewed for a third and final season run based on the final book in the trilogy of His Dark Materials titled ” The Amber Spyglass”.

His Dark Materials Is A Show Much Like Sweet Tooth

From His Dark Materials Featuring Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua and Amir Wilson as Will Parry

His Dark Materials tell the story of Lyra Belacqua living in a world where humans soul act as animal companions which are referred as Daemons. In a world ruled by a government body called Magisterium, Lyra is an Orphan who discovers secrets she shouldn’t. The secrets that prophesize that she will be the one to change the world. This journey leads to several kidnappings and how all this involves a mysterious substance, all call Dust. The journey also sees her crossing paths with a boy who is also running away from mysterious figures in search of his father, much like how Lyra is looking for her friend.

9. Into The Badlands

AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama takes us 500 years into the future. A world left in ruins due to wars only with some electrocute and ground vehicles. Into The Badlands premiered in November of 2015. The show ran for a total of three seasons. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar created the show telling the story of a young boy and warrior traveling through a place called Badlands. Into The Badlands was applauded for its well-choreographed action sequences. Thus keeping the action-loving fans happy, but when it comes to story and characters, it didn’t work much. Many dubbed the show as a counterpart of The Walking Dead. Just cut off the zombies, and you will find Into The Badlands.

Into The Badlands Resembles A Dark World Like Sweet Tooth

From Into The Badlands Featuring Daniel Wu as Sunny

Into The Badlands tells the story of a place called Badlands in the Rocky Mountains controlled by the Barons. They control all the monopolies and are served by slaves called cogs and prostitutes called dolls. The highly skilled warriors serve called the clippers to serve and protect them as well as they are forbidden from marrying and having children. The place is also surrounded by rival groups who are against the Barons. A trained warrior named Sunny with his teenage friend MK arrives at Badlands looking for enlightenment.

8. The 100

The 100 serves as a dark sci-fi teen drama from The CW with a diverse plot and characters. The series is set 97 years into the future since a nuclear war wiped out the life on earth. Thus leaving the few living humans settling into space orbiting their planet. Staying, learning, and hoping someday they will return to their home. Jason Rothenberg developed the show taking cues from Kass Morgan’s book of the same name. The show received appreciation for its atmosphere, ability to push the boundaries of Morale. Also, for staying true to the dark theme of the show.

The 100 sees humans finding life much like Sweet Tooth

From The 100 Featuring Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Christopher Larkin as Monty Green, and Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan

The 100 tells the story of humans living in space for almost 97 years now. Three generations of humans have thrived in space, and now is high time to go back to their homes. As Earth starts becoming survivable after the nuclear wrath it faced. A group of teenagers led by Clarke Griffin, Wells Jaha, Finn Collins, Bellamy, and Octavia Blake is sent to earth to test the possibility of life. Reaching the planet leads to teenagers turning against each other and eventually finding out they are not alone. There are other humans who still inherit the planet and managed to survive the apocalypse. Thus, the humans from space finding it hard to find a place for themselves in their own home.

7. The Rain

The Netflix Original series sees humans finding shelter from the rain that carries the virus potential of wiping out the human race. Created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen and Christian Potalivo, The Rain premiered on 4th of May 2018. The show went on two spawn two more seasons, with the third one concluding the story. The show has received mixed reviews, with some applauding the pace and character developments. The others at the same time criticized the show for rushing the storyline in future seasons.

The Rain Has Similar Dark Future As Sweet Tooth

From The Rain Featuring Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen as Rasmus Andersen,Angela Bundalovic as Beatrice and Mikkel Følsgaard as Martin

The Rain follows a story set in Scandinavia, Danish with most of the humans being wiped away from the rain carrying a virus. The surviving humans, including the siblings Simone and Rasmus, who took shelter in time, re-emerge six years later out to breathe fresh air. Hoping to find their father, they travel across Denmark and Sweden, meeting the other survivors looking for refugee, an answer, or a cure for the virus.

6. The Walking Dead

Probably the most popular show on this list right now. The Walking Dead became a phenomenon in its initial years and stayed on as one of the memorable shows of the past decade. Despite its popularity and viewership declining. Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard created the franchise telling the age-old zombie tale in a much darker and mature way. The fans applauded the more realistic iteration of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead was a big name in the first six seasons but dropped down in the seventh and eighth seasons. The fans criticized the show for killing off characters way too quickly at the same time, they made them more interesting and invested in the storyline.

The Walking Dead Has A Similar Dark Future As Sweet Tooth

From The Walking Dead Featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, and IronE Singleton as T-Dog

The Walking Dead follows the story of Rick Grimes, who wakes up in a hospital amidst a zombie apocalypse. Hoping to find his family, he comes across several survivors learning the way these walkers (zombies) work and how to survive in this new world. The show sees Rick and his group traveling across the country looking for a refugee from place to place. Hoping to settle down once and for all and learn to live among the dead.

5. Shadow And Bone

The Netflix Original Shadow And Bone is probably the newest show to enter on this list. The show is just one season old and arrived just two months ago on Netflix. Eric Heisserer developed the show taking cues from Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, including Shadow And Bone and Six Of Crows duology. The series is a beautiful fantasy venture of an orphan girl who suddenly becomes a center of attraction due to her ability to summon the light. The one which can change the world they live in. The first season of Shadow And Bone has so far received applauds for costumes and the world they tried to build. The viewers found Shadow And Bone quite similar to the worlds of Game Of Thrones and The Harry Potter movies. Furthermore, oftentimes found it confusing. At the end of the day, it was an entertaining watch.

Shadow And Bone Is Much Like Sweet Tooth

From Shadow And Bone Featuring Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov and Ben Barnes as General Kirigan

Shadow And Bone tell the story of Alina Starkov from the army of Ravka. On a particular mission, Alina discovers she is a Grisha when she manages to summon light leaving everyone in awe and turning their heads to her. The nations of Ravka found themselves worried about the emergence of a Grisha. As everyone is on the verge of getting their hands on her, Alina learns to trigger her powers so that she can help herself to survive. In turn, also finding friends and enemies on a path where she can change the world by destroying the Shadow Fold.

4. The Last Man On Earth

A post-apocalyptic comedy drama joins the list. The Last Man On Earth sees a man spending his life in a world with no human apart from him after a deadly virus sweeps most of the humans away. Will Forte created and starred in the show, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directing the episodes. The Last Man On Earth debuted on March 1, 2015, and ran for four seasons before Fox decided to call it off. The critics and audiences applauded The Last Man on Earth for its inspired audacity and inventiveness. Plus, let’s not forget how surprisingly humourous the show is. Initially looking at the plot, which has been done countless times, The Last Man On Earth was supposed to fail. But the show came off as surprisingly entertaining throughout its four-season run, which ends in a cliffhanger.

Last Man On The Earth Resembles The Loneliness Of Sweet Tooth

From Last Man on The Earth Featuring Will Forte as Phil Miller

The Last Man On Earth follows the story of Phil Miller, who finds himself alone in the late 2020s with most of the humans vanished after a virus broke in. For years he travels and tries to find someone else other than him alive by putting up signs and paints, letting them know. But when all goes in vain, he decides to commit suicide until he sees smoke and comes across another survivor in the form of Carol Pilbasian. They start on the wrong foot, not liking each other. But the purpose of repopulating the world brings them together. But Carol believes Phil should marry her, to which he doesn’t agree to continue the rituals of a past world. Anyway, they end up repopulating the world as the coming seasons see more humans joining in.

3. Once Upon A Time

The ABC fantasy series that brought two worlds intact is none other than Once Upon A Time. Inspired from classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, Once Upon a Time is more of a mature take on these stories which should be kept away from the kids. The show divided itself into a world where fairies live and the real world. The show sees the people of the fictional town realizing they were fairies once as we see the backstory of them all together in the past sequences. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz created Once Upon A Time which debuted on October 23, 2011, on ABC. The show ran for a total of seven long seasons.

Sweet Tooth Resembles the Beauty Of Once Upon A Time

Promotional Feature Of Once Upon A Time Season 1

Once Upon A Time tells the story of Emma Swan and her son Henry Mills in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. Henry starts discovering the fact that the people living in the town are fairy tales from the past. The audience is often shown the backstories and past of these characters in alternate timelines running in the episodes. Regina, The Evil Queen, sent these fairy tale characters were transported to the real world with memories erased. The shows, till the end, see how Emma Swan and Henry unfold the mystery of this town as they help regain everyone’s memories of who they are and protect them from the Evil Queen.

2. Cursed

Starring none other than Katherine Langford, the Netflix Original joined hands with her to portray her as the warrior we saw. Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler created the show taking cues from their novel of the same name. The show premiered last year in July. The show received applauds for the strong plot and performance of Katherine Langford. On the other hand, performances of supporting characters were dubbed as awkward, plus the show was also criticized for not being that into the source material.

Cursed Is Much Like Sweet Tooth

From Cursed Featuring Katherine Langford as Nimue

Cursed follows the story of a young girl named Nimue whose destiny is to become the powerful Lady Of The Lake. On her journey, she tags along with a young mercenary Arthur who is on his journey to deliver an ancient Sword. Soon, as they travel together, Nimue finds herself becoming the symbol of courage as she goes head to head with Red Paladins and King Uther.

1. Jeremiah

The 2004 Showtime series sees a deadly virus killing the adult population in the year 2021. Well, that’s a prediction from Jeremiah itself. Anyway, J. Michael Straczynski created the show starring Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warne. The show had a future, but it fell apart after season two when Showtime didn’t show interest in producing sci-fi shows. Furthermore, the creator J. Michael Stracynski too left the show with creative differences in the air. Anyway, Jeremiah was applauded for their dark nature but at the same time received criticism for spotty writing. The show closed its production on the second season and could’ve returned with a third season along with a new showrunner. But Showtime decided to cancel it ultimately.

Jeremiah tells a dark tale just like Sweet Tooth

From Jeremiah Featuring Luke Perry as Jeremiah, Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy, and Sean Astin as Mister Smith

Jeremiah tells a story set in 2021 following the titular character in a world facing the terror of a deadly virus that made its presence felt 10 years ago. Thus wiping out most of the adult human population. Loner Jeremiah, joined by his partner Kurdy Malloy and mysterious Mister Smith, hopes to find a way at Valhalla Sector. The one place Jeremiah’s father told could turn out as Haven. But to reach there, they need to fight off Thunder Mountain Clan, who are rebuilding humanity by taking a fight to the Valhalla, thinking they are recreating the same virus to take over humanity.

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