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10 Times Jaime Didn’t Live Up To His Potential

Recreation Of Thrones birthed a quantity of attention-grabbing characters in its eight seasons, but very few possess had progression and speak rather treasure Jaime Lannister. First and major seen as an arrogant Lannister with a unpleasant secret that would incite the future wars and conflicts to attain assist, Jaime became nearly sympathetic to the area as his eyes had been opened over time.

Jaime Lannister’s progression as a personality made him more likable within the eyes of followers and viewers, giving them clear expectations of where his character would one design or the other discontinue up. This thought of him meeting his likely shall be appropriate at some level of the geographical regions of Recreation Of Thrones when bearing in mind what assorted characters expected from him. Jaime made a complete lot of mistakes over the route of the overall screen that would disappoint of us for diversified causes.

10 Joining The Kingsguard Erased His Issue As Tywin’s Inheritor

Jaime joined the Kingsguard on the list of the Angry King Aerys II Targaryen, which rendered him unable to be named as Tywin Lannister’s inheritor. This had on the origin been Jaime’s notion, because it would possess given him an excuse to no longer be married off to someone else, allowing him to discontinue in King’s Landing with Cersei.

Unable to title Jaime as his inheritor, Tywin Lannister became stuck and humiliated as he refused to title the son that he resented, Tyrion, as his inheritor. Jaime relinquishing his rights to raise on the family legacy hurt his father, even supposing he didn’t basically screen that distress.

9 Jaime Used to be Straight Outsmarted By Robb Stark

Jaime Lannister repeatedly thought he became untouchable when it came to issues of war and sword abilities, but when Robb Stark declared war on these that had wronged his family, Jaime today paid for his conceitedness and complacency.

Robb became in an area to notion a technique that drew out the first Lannister forces, while he led a smaller community to take the son of Tywin Lannister. Jaime being outsmarted one design or the other region a trajectory for his character’s redemption, but as a Lannister, he had failed his father and the family title.

8 His Artful Words Ticket Him His Hand, Severing His Issue As A High Swordsman

Jaime Lannister became repeatedly identified as one in every of the salubrious swordsmen to possess ever lived, so when his hand became chopped off by Locke, his existence became changed forever. Whereas this began a humbling arc for his character that made him more likable, it considerably changed his fighting capabilities that had so in most cases gotten him out of effort.

He tried to dispute his formula out of being a prisoner another time, and he had been mendacity to rating Locke to discontinue hurting Brienne, but this time he became made to dwell with some right consequences for his actions. He would later receive a substitute hand, but it absolutely would by no formula be bigger than a visual prop or occasional unintended parrying tool.

7 He Might perhaps presumably moreover Very top Survey As His Innocent Daughter Myrcella Died In His Fingers

Whereas Joffrey’s loss of life became correctly-known by every Recreation Of Thrones fan available, the deaths of Cersei’s assorted two teens, Myrcella and Tommen, had been met with sadness and shock. Upon successfully rescuing Myrcella from Dorne, Jaime and Bronn headed assist residence on a ship, with Myrcella in tow, handiest to perceive that she had been poisoned by Ellaria Sand.

Jaime became too slack to salvage and could well moreover fabricate nothing but assist his loss of life daughter in his hands, and despite her at advantageous recognizing him as her father, Jaime would by no formula rating to be an correct father to her. Jaime could well moreover by no formula had been the form of figure in her existence on account of the evident incestuous complications, but these regrets would haunt him regardless.

6 Jaime Chanced on Himself Powerless To End Limitless Conditions & Defeats

Mainly pushed by his treasure for and loyalty to Cersei, Jaime became despatched on a complete lot of missions on behalf of the Lannisters, but for all of his renown and obligations, he became left powerless to discontinue a pair of eventualities. From Joffrey’s assassination to attempting to rescue Margaery and Tommen from the clutches of the Excessive Sparrow, to being conned by Olenna Tyrell into giving her a painless loss of life earlier than her admission of killing his Jaime’s son, Jaime would rating outplayed countless cases over the route of the overall screen.

He became by no formula identified as the brains of the family, but bearing in mind how solid and arrogant he became at the starting up of Recreation Of Thrones, his failures to give protection to and assist his family piled up, as Cersei wouldn’t hesitate to remind him.

5 Jaime’s Stupidity Nearly Ticket Him His Life When He Charged Towards Daenerys & Her Dragon

When Daenerys Targaryen and her navy, consisting of her Dothraki horde and Drogon, stormed the Goldroad and attacked the Lannister navy, Jaime and Bronn got their first taste of dragonfire. After a brutal fight, Jaime saw a possibility originate in his solutions to discontinue the bloodshed by killing Daenerys.

What he did no longer hold became how he had a prolonged formula to dart, giving Drogon a complete lot of time to get better and discontinue Jaime from reaching Daenerys. If it wasn’t for Bronn tackling him off his horse on the advantageous 2nd, Jaime would possess died on fable of his lapse of judgment.

4 His Justification For Killing The Angry King Used to be Later Undone By Questionable Writing

Jaime’s emotional description of events referring to his killing of the Angry King became every chilling and helped to endear him to followers. As he sat there telling his myth to Brienne, it made for one in every of the most charming speeches or prolonged bits of dialogue within the overall screen.

Jaime mentioned how he couldn’t stand by and stamp harmless of us die, yet at a later stage he tells his brother Tyrion that he by no formula cared for the of us, whether or no longer they had been harmless or no longer. No subject the causes within the assist of the writing, here’s an instance of the stellar character work being undone, thus contributing to the character no longer gratifying his likely of having a beefy redemption.

3 The Inclusion Of Maggy’s Prophecy Teased A Better Goal For Jaime That By no formula Delivered

Followers of Recreation Of Thrones had been furious when Maggy the Frog became launched in a flashback at the starting up of the fifth season, as these that had read the books knew that she would order Cersei a prophecy that would later attain to perambulate. Alternatively, piece of the prophecy from the books that gets left out of the screen necessary facets how the valonqar, translated as “puny brother,” could be the one to slay Cersei.

Followers would theorize and debate whether or no longer this supposed Tyrion or Jaime, but within the discontinue, this piece of the prophecy became left out because they’d no diagram of honoring it within the screen. This resulted in sheer disappointment when Jaime’s project south in opposition to the discontinue of the advantageous series came across him comforting Cersei in preference to confronting or killing her.

2 Jaime’s Death Used to be Underwhelming

Jaime and Cersei Lannister loss of life collectively within the rubble of the Red Rob, following Daenerys Targaryen’s rampage in The Bells, infuriated many followers of Recreation of Thrones, no longer correct on fable of it being a disappointing loss of life for the two Lannisters, but additionally since it undid all of Jaime’s character progression over the route of the overall screen.

Whereas Jaime loss of life to Euron Greyjoy would had been even more controversial or hated, Jaime’s loss of life, if even a very mighty, will deserve to possess both came about on the Battle Of Winterfell or at Cersei’s list.

1 He Left Brienne & All Of His Persona Progression In the assist of Kindly To Be With Cersei Once Extra

Beyond the toxicity of Jaime and Cersei’s incestuous relationship, Jaime became in an area to develop as a personality, with audiences rising to treasure him, especially from the level that he became launched by Catelyn Stark. His budding but awkward relationship with Brienne of Tarth became fascinating, with it at advantageous getting its payoff within the advantageous season of the screen, with them every admitting their emotions for one one other.

For Jaime to as we dispute leave Brienne’s aspect after giving her what she had repeatedly wanted, correct to perambulate and be by his sister’s aspect within the face of a clear defeat, felt treasure an insult to viewers and the character of Jaime Lannister.

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