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10 TV Shows Similar to Jeannie and Georgia to Watch While Waiting for Season 3

Captivating shows that have a lot in common with the most popular Netflix project at the moment.

The relationship between mother and daughter, the search for one’s destiny, adaptation to new living conditions, attempts to cope with a dramatic past – if these topics raised in the Ginny and Georgia show are close to you, you will definitely appreciate the series from our selection.

Cleaning woman. The Story of a Single Mother (2021)

Like the main character of the TV series Ginny and Georgia, a young girl Alex will have to raise her daughter alone. After running away from her alcoholic husband, she takes a job as a maid and tries to get custody of the child, as well as get an education and arrange a future, because her dream is to become a writer. However, disagreements with the former and a difficult relationship with her own mother greatly complicate Alex’s plans.

New York, or Doesn’t Count (2021)

The action takes place in the early 1980s in a small town where six friends, having graduated from college, dream of conquering Manhattan and establishing a personal life. Someone is going to become a designer, someone wants to go against the will of their parents and devote their lives to art, someone is trying to renew a relationship with a former lover. Heroes need to go through a difficult path to understand their own feelings and desires and make the right choice.

And Fires Smolder Everywhere (2020)

As with Ginny and Georgia, the single mother’s move to a new city is the key event here. Free-spirited artist Mia Warren, along with her daughter Pearl, rents a room from a wealthy woman, Elena Richardson, whose life looks impeccable from the outside. However, the neighborhood of two women who are completely different from each other reveals the problems that they prefer to hide from others, and bring back to life the secrets that I would like to forget.

How dare you (2019)

The detective series “How Dare You” asks timeless questions about the difficulties of growing up and the difficult ups and downs of friendship. The series revolves around two cheerleader friends Addy and Beth, who live in a small provincial town. With the advent of a new coach in the team, rivalry breaks out between the girls, and soon their town is shaken by the news of the murder.

Atypical (2017)

The protagonist is an eighteen-year-old boy Sam, who suffers from an autism spectrum disorder. He is trying to fix his personal life, supported by his family and younger sister, who are also trying to sort out the problems in their lives. Atypical tells not only about the difficulties a person with autism faces, but also about the difficulties of growing up and self-knowledge, which are familiar to each of us.

Mom in anger (2015)

Korean dramedy, the main character of which is the young mother of Cho Gan-ja, who in her youth was known as a rebel and a fighter for justice. Upon learning that her daughter is being bullied at school, the woman tries to solve the problems, and when all peaceful ways to resolve the conflict turn out to be ineffective, she herself pretends to be a schoolgirl and enters the class where her daughter studies.

Milf (2013)

Life for the Plunkett family is hardly easy. The main character Christy, who in the past suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, is trying to start life from scratch and build relationships with her teenage daughter and son. In return, Christy’s mother, Bonnie, who also had a drinking problem, wants to get back into her daughter’s life. Three generations of the family learn to accept and help each other in difficult situations that they find themselves in every now and then.

Life is unpredictable (2010)

A drama series about the difficult parent-child relationship. The main character Lux is only 15 years old, but she has already managed to change several foster families. Wanting to achieve independence and independence, the girl goes to court to legally formalize the status of an adult, but instead of the long-awaited freedom, Lux receives custody of her biological parents. Now the heroes, who have been strangers to each other for many years, have to find a relationship.

Gilmore Girls (2000)

The mother-daughter relationship, which is more like two friends, is the central theme of the dramedy Gilmore Girls. A thirty-two-year-old mother and her sixteen-year-old daughter live in a small picturesque town and share not only tastes and preferences, but also a name with each other – both are named Lorelai. Once the eldest Gilmore left home, refusing to live according to the precepts of her parents, and now, together with her teenage daughter, she will have to go through many adventures that happen every now and then in her busy life.


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