15 Anime Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Bros.


Atomize has a huge competitive scene and a very valid fanbase that’s fat of action (and memes).

But beyond its brilliance in gameplay lies regarded as one of Atomize’s most charming qualities:

The sheer fluctuate of its persona pool.

The Internet became once gay to glimpse Sora’s addition to the roster. But what if we ever got some anime characters added into the mix?

That’s what we’re taking a watch into on this ranking – we’re fascinated with a fluctuate of characters (moreover Pokémon) that would possibly maybe well also very properly be big additions to the Atomize roster.

15. Gon Freecss

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Gon is the final half of-happy/half of-edgy kid.

He would possibly maybe well just no longer behold worship mighty, nonetheless don’t be fooled — this kid can kick some well-known ass.

No topic his age, I’ve misplaced depend of how many adults he has straight-up embarrassed in a fight.

That incorporates a obvious anthropomorphic cat who I (and a few followers) can’t help nonetheless feel harmful for, even supposing she became once regarded as one of many harmful guys.

Gon’s moveset would possibly maybe well very properly be a tad dinky to Jajanken. But I’m sure they’ll no longer less than behold rather darn frigid within the occasion that they had been added in-sport.

14. Yujiro Hanma

Anime: Baki

On the topic of absurdly stable “fighter” characters, we now have gotten Yujiro Hanma – who’s belief of the “Strongest Creature on Earth” in his sequence.

What a title factual?

Though I place have confidence that he’d be extra pleasant as a persona in Tekken – nonetheless Yujiro would possibly maybe well calm be a welcome boost to the Trim Atomize Bros. roster.

After all, he’ll for sure declare the same aspect that most efficient about a warring parties worship Sephiroth, Kazuya, and Snake declare to the game overall.

I’m speaking about the pure badassery of their persona designs.

13. Alucard

Anime: Hellsing Last

How would possibly maybe well we no longer discuss the No Existence King and the long-established vampire himself?

If we buy into consideration his feats in his sequence, Alucard’s moveset would possibly maybe well well be so various (now to no longer point out they’ll behold frickin’ good) if he became once ever added in.

Sooner than the relaxation, I place have confidence he must have his immortality nerfed to the ground – or correct straight up ban-hammered by the devs.

After all, there’s nothing extra anxious than an enemy who correct obtained’t die.

I mean, the overall healing objects within the game wouldn’t amount to the relaxation in contrast with this guy’s healing aspect.

12. All Would possibly perhaps

Anime: My Hero Academia

Very few characters in MHA (sure, even Deku within the mean time) are as iconic and revered as the strongest hero — All Would possibly perhaps.

He’s the “Image of Peace” and the mentor to the MC himself. And he’s, in my eyes, regarded as one of many ultimate conceptually-designed hero characters in anime.

But striking All Would possibly perhaps’s reputation aside, I have confidence we are capable of all agree that he’s regarded as one of many few characters on this list thus a long way who in reality appears worship they’ll lay a correct smackdown.

And I’m no longer gonna lie, a Detroit Atomize would possibly maybe well well be a hell of an up atomize to make exhaust of in-sport.

To no longer point out that his particular moves are all on-theme too.

You understand, on story of the Atomize? K I’ll stare myself out…

11. Kakashi Hatake

Anime: Naruto

With the exception of the well-known characters themselves (e.g. the legendary buddies/competitors duo Naruto & Sasuke), there are totally about a ninjas in Naruto as standard as this guy.

He’s also regarded as one of many just accurate I’ve ever viewed in anime.

Nice, we’ve already viewed how goofy he in actuality acts on occasion. But when it’s time to salvage fundamental and fight? Kakashi is no longer any lunge, I’ll divulge you that.

He’s a shinobi that has fought a total bunch (if no longer hundreds) of battles — now to no longer point out he had several fights against terrifyingly extremely fantastic enemies.

Basically the most efficient ache?

I place have confidence Kakashi would possibly maybe well well be moderately a peril so that you just would possibly maybe well add to the game now, since he’s got so many potential moves/jutsus (are trying over 1000) for the devs to determine out from.

10. Sailor Moon

Anime: Sailor Moon

Here we now have gotten the most renowned (and most extremely fantastic) magical girl in anime history.

I know she would possibly maybe well just no longer have the “rough and advanced” persona develop that many entries on this list have. But worship Kirby and Jigglypuff, this cutesy persona must no longer be misplaced sight of.

Usagi Tsukino (a.ok.a The Guardian of Like and Justice) is arguably the strongest persona on this list.

And shock, shock, she’s the cutest too!

I mean, is it in actuality correct me who needs to glimpse this handsome magical girl’s energy in action against some Nintendo characters?

9. Monkey D. Luffy

Anime: One Fraction

Luffy wouldn’t be caught pointless without his Nakama.

But he undoubtedly can resolve his enjoy in a one-on-one fight.

He would possibly maybe well well act worship a total dumbo and a stubborn airhead extra assuredly than no longer, nonetheless he’s in reality rather the genius in war.

I mean, his entire portfolio of defeated enemies correct speaks for itself.

Crocodile? Doflamingo? Katakuri? No ache!

Omit ranged assaults — Luffy can scurry toe to toe with anybody the exhaust of most efficient melee (technically) since his Devil Fruit capability enables him to place so.

This particular aspect about him makes for a hell of a doubtless Atomize moveset.

8. Toriko

Anime: Toriko

From one glutton to the next, here we now have gotten Toriko (actually nicknamed “The Glutton”) who appears worship he would possibly maybe well knock spherical anybody with his physique.

Toriko fights correct as mighty as he eats – which is rather fabulous, since he practically eats the overall time.

And worship most characters on this list, he has a ton of particular tactics that would possibly maybe well also very properly be broken-down as phase of his moveset. All of that are hilariously meals-themed. Toddle figure!

7. Natsu Dragneel

Anime: Fairy Tail

One aspect I noticed in Trim Atomize Bros. (especially in Last) is its say lack of dragon-themed characters.

Nice, Bowser and King Enough. Rool technically depend as dragon characters. But let’s be correct — one is extra worship a turtle, and the loads of one is correct a croc.

What’s extra is that Charizard (as of this writing) is no longer any longer a selectable persona, and is as an alternative phase of the Pokémon Trainer’s team.

That is the phase where Natsu comes in!

His moveset must extra or less encompass the relaxation a dragon can place. Which is incessantly fantastic to glimpse in any sport, in actuality.

6. Kaneki Ken

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

In the case of coronary heart-wrenching backstories and persona development, totally about a characters in Atomize (and even in anime) have the threshold over this legendary edgelord.

Kaneki would possibly maybe well well’ve no longer looked worship mighty sooner than his life got messed up. But by probability simping on the contaminated waifu made him regarded as one of many most shocking warring parties in his sequence.

He turned the well-known half of-human/half of-ghoul, and has since confronted so many harmful enemies ever since turning into one.

I’m sure some of you doubt that the devs would possibly maybe well ever add such a downhearted persona into the roster. But that it is doubtless you’ll also settle on to buy into story that they already did it sooner than!

After all, Kirby is already there factual? Why no longer Kaneki?

Hiya, they give the impression of being to have loads in frequent in the case of drinking their buddies…

5. Dio

Anime: JoJo’s Weird Adventure

Yep, the evilest Victorian vampire and the final JoJo hater made the list.

It’s him — Dio!

Trim Atomize Bros. is the most memed struggling with sport of all time. I mean, there’s no longer even a contest in that tier list.

Be conscious the “Wombo Combo” and “Each person Joins the Fight” memes? Licensed hood classics, all of ’em.

Needless to claim, JBA has extra or less cultivated the same reputation amongst the anime crew.

And what greater persona to embody into the SSB roster than Dio? He’s arguably the most meme-kindly persona within the overall sequence.

4. Guts

Anime: Berserk

I concede that Trim Atomize Bros. already has rather quite quite a bit of sword-wielding characters.

Though I’ll also argue that Guts would possibly maybe well well be extra than kindly of throwing into the roster, despite this caveat.


On story of he’s frickin’ badass and good, that’s why!

When I take into story it, it’s the same motive why I wished Doomguy to be integrated on the roster as properly.

Too harmful that didn’t determine for me and various followers within the conclude…

3. Edward Elric

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Versatility is this persona’s arena of abilities.

And from that, most of it is doubtless you’ll well potentially bet why Edward is on this list.

Geared up with an alchemy-themed moveset, Edward has the functionality to become regarded as one of many most relaxing characters to well-known within the game.

Lore-wise, his abilities as a fighter test up on as properly.

Edward is stable, immediate, and for sure knows his manner spherical alchemy. He’s also a in actuality correct strategist that makes exhaust of his smarts rather then correct out-brawning his enemies.

And I would in actuality ride extra cerebral characters within the game.

2. Saitama

Anime: One Punch Man

Yeah, yeah, I know some of that it is doubtless you’ll also very properly be pondering “Wait, isn’t Saitama moderately an overkill for Atomize?”

Well yeah, that it is doubtless you’ll also very properly be factual. But that’s where the magic of “persona nerfing” comes in.

After all, a fighter that can bustle mighty sooner than the velocity of sound (Sonic), and one more whose abdominal can canonically flip into a murky gap is already on the roster…

One in all the loads of issues that makes Atomize so big is that it is going to develop all the pieces about any persona work in-sport.

Saitama’s ache is that he’s too OP – nonetheless there are also assorted methods spherical this, worship that contains him in his youthful (and no longer more bald) model, as an illustration.

1. Goku

Anime: Dragon Ball

In the case of anime struggling with games, you’d on occasion stare the Dragon Ball franchise being passed over because the “GOAT” within the vogue.

After all, what can you question from a blow their personal horns that actually revolves spherical struggling with?

From frequent road thugs to gods — Goku has fought them all.

That’s why he always will get picked as regarded as one of many most war-hungry anime characters ever.

Coincidentally, he’s also regarded as one of many strongest.

Now I don’t know about you, nonetheless having Goku featured in any struggling with sport ever (mighty less SSBU) is a big plus in my e-book.

So… fingers crossed?

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