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24 Best Isekai Animes To Check Out And Marathon Right Now

A very popular genre among anime fans, isekai are those anime in which the protagonists end up in parallel universes or different worlds, either by reincarnation or magic. If you enjoy this type of anime or would like to know the genre, we have separated 24 options for all tastes. It has seinen, shounen, comedy, drama and lots of action. Check it out!

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Original Title: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Genre: reincarnation isekai, magic, fantasy, Shounen
Episodes: 44 (2 seasons) + 5 OVAs – In production
IMDb Rating: 8.2

This anime introduces us to Satoru Mikami, a 37-year-old man who leads a simple and monotonous life, with a corporate job and without great friends or girlfriend. One day, he is the victim of a robbery and ends up being killed. However, he wakes up in an unknown world and finds that he has been reincarnated as a slime, a kind of slime.

The initial plot may seem kind of strange and without great emotions, but calm down that this anime is not one of the most beloved isekai for nothing. In his new body, Satoru has gained the power to acquire the appearance and powers of anything he devours. Gradually, he gains the friendship and respect of different creatures that live in the Great Jura Forest and ends up forming his own nation, of which he is the leader.

the growth of this nation, however, draws the attention of outsiders, among allies and enemies. Now he must face those who want to destroy his nation in their own interests.

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2. Tanya The Evil (2017)

Tanya The Evil

Original Title: Yojo Senki
Genre: Reincarnation isekai, Fantasy, Seinen
Episodes: 12 (1 season) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.6

An atheist man ends up being murdered by a former employee, who kills him in revenge for being fired. At the moment of his death, he is confronted by an entity that claims to be God and that judges him for not having faith. Even so, the man says he doesn’t believe it and ridicules the entity. As punishment and lesson, the entity makes him reincarnate in a world where he could learn to believe.

The man is reborn as an orphan girl named Tanya Degurechaff, in an alternate reality called the Empire, which greatly resembles Imperial Germany. If Tanya does not die of natural causes and still refuses to have faith, she will no longer be part of the reincarnation cycle and will be sent to hell. To try to find a way to escape this fate, she joins the Empire’s Mage Corps and starts fighting in the war. Her hope is to achieve a high position that allows her to stay away from the battlefield.

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3. Re:Zero – Starting a Life in Another World

Re Zero – Starting a Life in Another World

Original Title: Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Adventure isekai, Seinen
Episodes: 50 (1 Season) + 2 OVAs – Completed: 2016 to 2021
IMDb Rating: 8.1

Young Subaru Natsuki could never expect to be transported to a completely unknown world when he was just walking out of the convenience store in his hometown. Perplexed, he ends up being attacked by bandits in this new universe, until he is saved by a mysterious girl named Satella. In return, he resolves to help her find a badge she’s been looking for.

At the end of the day, he ends up managing to find the badge. Without them noticing, someone was watching them in the shadows. A short time later, the two end up being murdered. Soon after, Subaru wakes up again in the same place he was at the beginning of the day, in the new world, being attacked by assailants and saved by Satella, with the whole scene replaying itself.

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4. Jobless Reincarnation: I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World (2021)

Jobless Reincarnation I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World

Original Title: Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Genre: Reincarnation isekai, Magic, Drama, Seinen
Episodes: 11 (1 season) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 8.3

After living a life of being despised, oppressed and bullied, a 34-year-old jobless and uneducated man doesn’t see much meaning in his life. Still, when he sees some teenagers at risk, he tries to save them and ends up dying in the process. To his surprise, he is reincarnated as a baby in a world of magic, but with his memories and knowledge of his previous life.

Now as Rudeus Greyrat, the son of loving parents, he demonstrates a magical talent that exceeds expectations, as he retains his adult mind even as a child. With the help of the mage Roxy Migurdia, he further hones his abilities. Furthermore, he learns swordsmanship from his father. As he grows up, he and his best friend Sylphiette have great adventures, as he tries to make the most of his new life.

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5. Tate no Yusha no Nariagari (2019)

Tate no Yusha no Nariagari

Literal Translation: Rise of the Hero of the Shield
Genre: Magic isekai, Drama, Seinen
Episodes: 25 (1 season) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 8.1

Naofumi Iwatani and three other teenagers have been summoned to a world of magic, a realm in a parallel universe where they must become heroes. Everyone gets legendary gear, but while the other three youngsters get offensive weapons, Naofumi gets the only defensive weapon, a shield. Because of this, and his lack of skills with any other types of weapons, he doesn’t gain the support and popularity of the other new heroes.

To make matters worse, he is wrongly accused of sexual abuse by the princess of the kingdom. despised by everyone, he isolates himself and starts training alone. One day, however, he sees a slave trader with a girl with human and half-animal characteristics, named Raphtalia. To help her, he buys her and sets her free. But the two begin to train together, with the girl wielding offensive weapons, forming a duo in battles.

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6. Sonny Boy (2021)

Sonny Boy

Original Title: Sonny Boy
Genre: Magic isekai, Science Fiction, Survival, Shounen
Episodes: 8 (1 season) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.9

This anime arrived already pleasing fans of the isekai genre. The plot follows 36 students who were mysteriously transported to a school in another dimension. Those on the Student Council try to maintain order and control the group. However, another part of the young people unexpectedly develop supernatural powers and struggle against this excessive control.

Episode after episode, we follow the formation of a new social order and the conflict between the students, until one of the students accidentally transports them back to another dimension. In the midst of each character’s stories, we see them trying to figure out a way to get back home.

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7. Log Horizon (2013)

Log Horizon

Original Title: Rogu Horaizun
Genre: Game isekai, Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Shounen
Episodes: 50 (2 seasons) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.7

The world the protagonists of this anime are transported to is that of the popular video game Elder Tale . By the time the game gets its 12th expansion, all 30,000 players logged in at the exact moment end up being transported to the game’s universe in the bodies of their avatars.

In this context, we meet Shiroe, a strategist player. He ends up teaming up with friends Notsugu and Akatsuki to find a way to get back home. At the same time, they try to survive the game’s challenges, more real than ever.

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8. No game no life (2014)

No game no life

Original Title: Rogu Horaizun
Genre: Game isekai, Fantasy, Adventure, Ecchi, Seinen
Episodes: 12 + 1 Movie – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.8

The brothers Shiro and Sora are extremely isolated and anti-social people, at least in the real world. In the gaming universe, the two are part of a group of champion players in different types of games. One day, after defeating a mysterious opponent, they receive an invitation to be reborn in the world of one of the games.

Initially different from the parallel universes of other isekai, in this world the different situations are not resolved through violence. Impasses and disputes are resolved through varied games, in which 16 different races vie for victory. Shio and Sora proceed to try to rescue the human race. The ultimate goal, however, is to challenge the god Tet and vie for the title of god.

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9. The King of Darkness Another World Story: Slave Magic (2018)

The King of Darkness Another World Story Slave Magic

Original Title: Isekai maou to shoukan
Genre: Game isekai, Fantasy, Comedy, Harem, Shounen
Episodes : 22 (2 seasons) – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.1

This anime follows the hikikomori (anti-social and isolated person) Takuma Sakamoto, who usually spends his time in virtual games. Unexpectedly, he is transported to the world of his favorite game, where he takes on the appearance of Demon Lord Diablo, the character he used to play. There, he discovers that he has been summoned by two young women, the panther Rem and the elf Shera.

The girls try to use a spell to make him their servant. However, Takuma wore a magic ring that reflected the spell. The result was that the girls became his servants, with magical necklaces that made the connection concrete. They then travel together looking for a way to remove the servants’ collars, while Takuma tries to overcome his social anxiety by acting as his character and using his knowledge of the game.

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10. Ascendance of a Bookworm (2019)

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Original Title: Honzuki no Gekokujō: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan o Erandeiraremasen
Genre: Reincarnation isekai, Fantasy, Seinen
Episodes: 26 + 2 OVAs – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.9

Urano Mototsu is a college student passionate about books who is studying to become a librarian. Unfortunately her dream is interrupted when an earthquake hits her town, and she ends up dying when she is hit by a pile of heavy books. In her last moment alive, she wished to be reincarnated in a world where she could read books forever.

To her surprise, she ends up being reborn as a fragile five-year-old girl named Myne, in a world in which there are very few books, accessible only to those who are part of the elite. although very young, Myne retains the memories of her previous life, and decides to pursue her dream on her own by creating and printing her own books.

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11. Overlord (2015)

Original Title: Ōbārōdo
Genre: Game isekai, Overpower Character, Fantasy, Action, Seinen
Episodes: 39 (3 seasons) + 1 OVA + 1 movie – In production
IMDb Rating: 7.8

In the year 2126, the virtual reality game Yggdrasil is the great success in the gaming universe for providing an incredibly high interaction between player and character. After 12 years on the market, it is announced that the game’s servers will be shut down. One of the last players who were still part of one of the game’s guilds, young Momonga stays connected and discovers that the game doesn’t end after the servers are turned off.

He ends up getting stuck in the virtual world in his character, known as Overlord. There he tries to find other players who may have stayed as well. Progressively, Momonga, who used to lead a normal and boring life, becomes a legend in the new universe. In the midst of different adventures, this anime questions ethics in situations of almost unlimited power.

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12. KonoSuba – God’s Blessings In This Wonderful World! (2016)

Original Title: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Genre: reincarnation isekai, magic, fantasy, comedy, harem, ecchi, Seinen
Episodes: 20 (2 seasons) + 2 OVAs + 1 movie – In production
IMDb Rating: 7.8

Kazuma Sato was a reclusive and anti-social teenager without a job or academic background. After dying prematurely and embarrassingly, he is surprised by a goddess named Aqua. It offers you the opportunity to be reborn in an alternate universe with elements of virtual games. However, the place also has several dangers, such as the dreaded Demon King. If accepted, he can still choose something to take with him.

As Aqua teased the boy even while making the proposal, he decides to respond to this by choosing her as his “something to take”. In this way, she is forced to accompany him, so as not to go back on his word.

Forced to follow him, she accompanies him on a journey of battles in the city of Axel. Along the way, they are joined by a mage obsessed with explosions and a warrior and skilled swordswoman with strange behaviors. Now, the group must find a way to defeat the Demon King.

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13. My Next Life as a Villainess / HameFura (2020)

Original Title: Otome Game No Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shiteshimatta…
Genre: reincarnation isekai, game isekai, romance, comedy, reverse harem, shōjo
Episodes: 22 (2 seasons) + 1 OVA – In production
Note on IMDB: 7.4

Catarina Claes was the daughter of a noble family and led a comfortable life. One day, the girl hits her head and apparently regains memories of a past life as an otaku. Shortly after, she realizes that she has been reborn in the world of a game. Even though everything is already so bizarre, she has to face a bigger problem: she is the villain of the game.

Aware that she is destined to be killed or exiled, she tries to avoid the paths that could lead her to this tragic end. But the new steps she takes completely change the relationship she develops with the other characters and the game takes new paths.

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14. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (2015)

Original Title: Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Shounen isekai
Episodes: 12 – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.5

Unexpectedly, the residents of the city of Giza, Tokyo, find themselves threatened by monsters and soldiers from another world, after a portal mysteriously opens there. the Japan Self-Defense Forces spring into action and fight the enemy. In addition to achieving victory, they pass through the portal and establish a Japanese military base there, surrendering this alternate world’s empire.

Young Yoji Itami is one of the soldiers responsible for investigating this new world. But there magic and creatures like elves and dragons are real. Itami’s knowledge of stories once seen only as fantasy helps him in this new world, but there are many challenges ahead.

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15. The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (2019)

Original Title: Kono Yūsha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchō Sugiru
Genre: Magic, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen isekai
Episodes: 12 – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7.4

The world of Gaeabrande is under threat from the dangerous Demon Lord. To help save him, the fledgling goddess Ristarte selects a human hero to bring into her world. For that, she is very judicious, choosing the young Seiya Ryuguin, whose statistics always put him above other candidates. When Seiya arrives, however, he is not what Ristarte imagined.

The young man is extremely cautious with everything, being afraid to enter even the safest areas of Gaeabrande without feeling prepared for it. Soon, Ristarte loses patience with the boy’s excessive care, but it won’t take long for her to realize that her caution was correct.

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16. Isekai Quartet (2019)

Original Title: Isekai Quartet / Isekai Karutetto
Genre: Crossover, Magic Isekai, Comedy, Shounen
Episodes: 24 – In Production
IMDb Rating: 7

By pressing a magic button that mysteriously appears in their worlds, the protagonists of the isekai Tanya The Evil (Yōjo Senki), Re:Zero – Starting a Life in Another World, KonoSuba and Overlord end up in another parallel world. In this universe, they need to face the challenges of high school routine. Soon they also meet characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero and Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious .

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17. Angel Beats! (2010)

Original Title: Enjeru Bītsu!
Genre: reincarnation isekai, drama, comedy, seinen
Episodes: 13 + 1 OVA IMDb Rating: 7.7

This anime takes place in a kind of limbo, a spiritual place where people who still have something to solve or overcome before they actually pass away and reincarnate go. but this afterlife world brings a curious school environment. It is there that young Yuzuru Otonashi wakes up one day, but with no memory of his life other than his own name. There, he meets Yuri Nakamura, and ends up joining a battle group against a supernatural enemy.

However, they will soon discover that their purpose in this world is much greater. In addition to trying to help her new friends reincarnate, Otonashi struggles to regain her memories and understand a strange connection with who they initially thought was an enemy.

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18. Kyousougiga (2013)

Original Title: Kyousougiga
Genre: Magic isekai, Action, Fantasy, Seinen
Episodes: 10 + 3 extras
Rating on IMDb: 7.6

Long ago, the high priest Myoe had the uncanny ability to bring anything he drew to life. After his power was seen as a threat, he designed and made real a city called Kyoto, or Mirror City. There, he lived peacefully for a long time with his wife Lady Koto and their children Yakushimaru, Yase and Kurama, who gained their way from Myoe’s drawings.

One day, however, Myoe and Lady Koto disappear. With no way out of Kyoto, Yakushimaru, Yase and Kurama rule the city and await their parents’ return even years later. one day, a girl who also calls herself Koto and seems to have physical similarities to both Lady Koto and Myoe mysteriously finds her way to Kyoto also in search of the parents of the three city leaders. Now, they believe that young Koto may be the key to freeing the city, but messing with the balance of the multiverse could be dangerous.

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19. The Twelve Kingdoms (2002)

Original Title: Juuni Kokuki
Genre: Magic isekai, Epic, Fantasy, Seinen
Episodes: 45
IMDb Rating: 8.1

In the ocean waters between Japan and China, portals created by natural magic link our world to another dimension formed by 12 realms. Each of the realms is ruled by a monarch and has a Kirin. A mythological creature that can assume human form, each Kirin chooses the monarch they serve.

The anime follows the story of different characters, but one of the main ones is Youko Nakajima, a young Japanese woman who has always been dedicated to studying and helping her classmates. However, Youko didn’t feel accepted by the others because she was seen as different due to her red hair.

His life changes when a man named Keiki invades his classroom and reveals that Youko is his master and holder of the throne of his kingdom. Though followed by beasts from the other worlds, they eventually reach the land of the 12 realms. Now Youko needs to find out what her relationship to all this is.

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20. The Devil is a Freelancer! (2013)

Original Title: Hataraku Maou-sama!
Genre: Magic isekai, Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen
Episodes: 13
IMDb Rating: 7.7

In the magical world Ente Isla, the Demon King Satan was very close to gaining control over everyone, but he was eventually defeated by the heroine Emilia Justina. In an attempt to escape, he opens a portal and, along with his squire Alsiel, ends up on Earth in present times. There, they transform into humans due to their lack of magic. Now they use the names Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya respectively.

To survive in the new world, Maou must take a job as a freelancer at a fast food chain. But he and Shiro plan to return to Ente isla, take revenge on the heroes and dominate both worlds. What he didn’t expect was that Emilia, responsible for his defeat, would also decide to come to Earth, to kill him once and for all. But human life seems to have attractions for the new residents, who begin to change their outlook.

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21. Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (2016)

Original Title: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Genre: Magic, Adventure, Drama, Shounen isekai
Episodes: 12
IMDb Rating: 7.4

A group of strangers are transported to a parallel world called Grimgar. Without their memories and needing to survive the new environment, they end up accepting to work as soldiers in the Army, the only possible source of income in this new universe so similar to a game. Your mission is to fight anything that could be a threat to the peace of the place.

For this, the strongest warriors end up uniting. To survive, those left behind form an unlikely group of soldiers. The team is made up of the friendly leader and priest Manato, the thief Haruhiro, the lively hunter Yume, the timid mage Shihoru, the skilled warrior Mogzo, and the unstable knight Ranta. But will this group be able to survive and defend their new world?

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22. Drifters (2016)

Original Title: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Genre: Reincarnation isekai, Adventure, Drama, Shounen
Episodes: 12
IMDb Rating: 7.7

The year is 1600, and soldier Toyohisa Shimazu is seriously wounded in the Battle of Sekigahara. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in a modern white hallway, surrounded by doors. He ends up being pulled through one of the doors and ending up in a strange world, with fantastic creatures and warriors apparently from different eras, just like him.

Toyohisa befriends the infamous warlord Nobunaga Oda and former archer Yoichi Suketaka Nasu. Gradually, he discovers that all these warriors were summoned to fight those responsible for creating the dreaded Orte Empire, the so-called “Ends”, who persecute and massacre humans and other creatures. A new war unfolds.

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23. So I’m a Spider, So What? (2021)

Original Title: Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Genre: reincarnation isekai, adventure, comedy, shounen/shoujo
Episodes: 24 – In production
Rating on IMDb: 7.2

In a parallel universe, the heroes are in a constant battle against the Demon Lord. In one of the fights, a space-time spell goes out of control and hits Earth, more precisely a high school room in Japan. All the students are killed in the incident, but end up reincarnating in this alternate world.

Some of them are reborn as nobles and even royalty. Young Shiraori is not so lucky. The girl was reincarnated as a kind of monster spider. To top it off, in this form she is much weaker than all the fierce creatures that exist in this world. Although she goes through great difficulties, Shiraori keeps fighting and discovering new skills.

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24. Re: Creators (2017)

Original Title: Re:Creators
Genre: Magic, Action, Fantasy, Seinen Isekai
Episodes: 22
IMDb Rating: 7.1

This anime follows high school student Sota Mizushino. An anime fan, Sota has always dreamed of one day writing his own light novel or manga. One day, he was watching the mecha anime Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier , when his tablet seems to malfunction and drags him into the world of animation. There, he watches a battle between the character Selesia and a mysterious young woman in military uniform.

Selesia and Sota return to the boy’s world, but soon discover that other characters from the anime have also been brought to the real world. One of them was the girl Selesia was fighting. Now the two team up to try to find the other characters and ensure their safe return to the anime. In addition, they must try to prevent the enemy from harming both worlds.


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