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28 Best Yuri anime for fans of the genre!

Yuri is a Japanese term that means “Girl’s Love” and is usually used to characterize anime, games, manga or other media that revolve around, or give some prominence to, the love relationship between two women. Like other genres, there are already dozens of good yuri anime options to follow, and you can check out 28 suggestions right now.

1. Love Live! Superstar!! (2021)

Love Live! Superstar!!

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, music, school
Rating: +13

Yuigaoka Girl High School was about to close, but ends up reopening for new students. Without major academic achievements, the institution seems to have its music program as one of its strengths. And it is exactly for this program that the young Kanon Shibuya dreamed of joining. However, her stage fright gets in the way and she ends up in the general curriculum of the students.

Deciding to put music aside, Kanon is surprised to meet her classmate Tang Keke. The girl’s passion for so-called school idols gives Kanon a new lease of life. Together with other colleagues, they decide to form the band Liella! and try to join the music program. But for that, they’ll need to win first place at the Yoyogi School Idol Festival. The anime conquered the public and already has a second season confirmed.

2. Otherside Picnic (2021)

Otherside Picnic

Episodes: 12
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure
Rating: +17

In this anime we meet the so-called “Another World”, a kind of kingdom formed by parallel universes in which urban legends and myths and internet figures come to life. To enter this world, you need to find one of the secret portals, which can be in different locations, such as elevators or shrine entrances.

In one of her attempts to enter the Otherworld, university student Sorawo Kamikoshi is nearly killed by a monster. She is eventually rescued by the young Toriko Nishina, who demonstrates great skill with weapons and is looking for a friend she believes is lost in this realm. The two end up teaming up on missions to retrieve artifacts and defeat different monsters. And the connection between the two gradually begins to go beyond a friendship.

3. Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu (2020)

Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, comedy, music
Rating: +13

The translation of this anime’s title literally means “If my favorite pop idol came to Budokan, I would die”. The series follows Eripiyo, a woman who leads a normal life until she sees a performance by the musical group ChamJam. Unexpectedly, Eripiyo finds herself fascinated by the band, especially Maina Ichii, one of the less popular members of the group.

In an attempt to help Maina, Eripiyo uses almost all of his money to buy merchandise from the artist. The anime follows the unexpected moments that this fan relationship can lead to the protagonist. Also, Maina starts to worry that Eripiyo is trying too hard for her.

4. Asagao to Kase-san (2018)

4. Asagao to Kase-san

Episodes: 1 (OVA)
Genre: Romance, School
Rating: +13

For those who enjoy a romance that addresses the innocence and intensity of first love, this anime can be an excellent choice. The plot introduces us to Yamada, a shy high school student. Passionate about plants and gardening, she leads a quiet and reserved life. But everything changes when she strikes up a conversation with popular high school athletics star Tomoka Kase.

With seemingly opposite personalities, the two get closer and closer and start a new relationship with all the magic of first love. Exciting, this anime shows the two young women experiencing the beauties and difficulties of this stage of life.

5. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T (2020)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

Episodes: 25
Genre: Action, Science Fiction Parental
Rating: +17

We’re back in the futuristic Academy City, a city whose population is 80% students. And in which several of these young people have psychic powers. In the original anime, we meet Mikoto Misaka, a powerful electromaster. In Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, we see the student and other classmates from a prestigious all-girls school participating in the Daihasei Festival.

During the festival, however, Academy City ends up being open to outsiders, and various factions try to infiltrate the city. While other students focus on the event games, Misaka and her friends delve into the dark side of Academy City to try to save everyone from possible attacks.

6. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin (2020)

Strike Witches: Road to Berlin

Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Military
Rating: +13

The capital of the Karlsland Empire, Berlin, is under threat from the Neuroi, the mysterious race of aliens that have invaded the planet. The army prepares for an offensive against the invaders. Ensuring Berlin’s safety is critical to driving the Neuroi out of Europe. Unfortunately, the current state of Striker technology doesn’t seem to be enough to stop the enemy’s advance, which manages to adapt in the midst of battle.

Meanwhile, witch Yoshika Miyafuji pursues her medical research in Lausanne, who is recovering from the incident that left her without her magical powers. The call for the witches of the 501st Joint Hunting Wing to join the soldiers is not too late. And it may be the last chance to defeat the enemy.

7. Adachi to Shimamura (2020)

Adachi to Shimamura

Episodes: 12
Genre: Romance, School
Rating: +13

The day Sakura Adachi decided to skip school, she couldn’t have foreseen that she would meet someone who would change her life. The first-year high school student decides to go upstairs to the school gym, and there she discovers that another student, Hougetsu Shimamura, has also chosen the place to hide while she misses class.

The two start talking and soon start playing ping-pong to pass the time. The connection was immediate and the two soon became friends. As they grow closer, however, Adachi finds he is developing a different kind of feeling for Shimamura. Amiga doesn’t seem to return the feelings, and now the student must decide whether to confess them or try to forget them.

8. Princess Principal (2017)

Princess Principal

Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Mystery, Espionage, Steampunk
Rating: +17

The kingdom of Albion (a fictional analogue of the United Kingdom) gained its hegemony in the world after using a mysterious substance known as Cavorite to build powerful and armed airships. With the ruling class’ contempt for the needs of the proletariat, however, the lower classes initiated the London Revolution to oust the royal family from power. The conflict resulted in the construction of a wall, which separated the country into two nations: Kingdom and Commonwealth.

After many years, the Community tries to put into practice the so-called Operation Changeling. The objective is to replace Princess Charlotte of the Kingdom with Ange, a girl with a similar appearance. This way they would have a spy within the royal family. During the replacement attempt, however, Princess Charlotte offers to work for the Commonwealth, in exchange for helping her become Queen of the Realm one day. The story follows the princess and four other spies.

9. Kiniro Mosaic: Thank You!! (2021)

Kiniro Mosaic: Thank You!!

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, comedy, school
Rating: +13

This anime follows high school student Shinobu Omiya. Five years ago, the young Japanese woman did an exchange program in England, where she lived with a girl named Alice Cartelet. A few days ago, Shinobu received a letter from Alice telling her that she was coming to Japan to live with Shinobu.

To Shinobu’s surprise, Alice soon joins her and her friends Aya Komichi and Yoko Inokuma at school. Also, Alice’s friend from England, Karen Kujo, joins them not long after. The anime follows the girls’ school life and the discoveries and feelings of youth.

10 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka ??? (2014)

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka ???

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, comedy, school
Rating: +13

This anime follows five young people in their different daily lives, as they experience their high school years. Kokoa Koto is a girl full of energy and positivity, who moved in with the Kafuu family to attend high school in another city. Always friendly, she soon befriends Chino Kafuu, the shy granddaughter of the founder of the Rabbit House cafe.

In exchange for room and board, Kokoa works part-time as a waitress. There she meets Rize Tedeza, another young woman who works part-time and who has unusual abilities due to a military education. The group still knows two other waitresses from competing cafes. Chiya Ujimatsu, who does everything in her time, and Sharo Kirima, a poor young woman who maintains an air of nobleness. The episodes follow the adventures of the group of friends through the city.

11. Koisuru Asteroid (2020)

Koisuru Asteroid

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, comedy, school
Rating: +13

During a children’s outing, Mira Kinohata met the dreamer Ao Ao Manaka. Passionate about astronomy, Ao showed Mira some of the incredible facts studied by this area of ​​science. When she discovers that there is a star named after her, but none named after Ao, Mira gets it into her head that one day she will discover a new asteroid and name it after her new friend.

Years after that outing, Mira never forgot her promise and continued her fascination with astronomy, even though she never saw Ao again. Starting high school at Hoshizaki Academy, she tries out for the Earth Science club, which merged the astronomy club with the geology club. To her surprise, Ao is one of the members. The two team up with new friends in search of the asteroid, while experiencing other youthful adventures.

12. Tamayomi (2020 )


Episodes: 12
Genre: Sport, School
Rating: +13

As children, Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamazaki love to play baseball. During the moments when they practiced the sport, Yomi discovers that he has the ability to throw the ball in an almost magical way. They promise to continue in the sport when they are older, but not everything goes as expected. As a teenager, Tamaki became a talented Seeker, however Yomi left the sport aside, and the friends haven’t seen each other for years.

As he starts his first year of high school at Shin Koshigaya High School, Yomi tries to avoid bringing up baseball. However, her new friends, the twins Yoshino and Ibuki Kawaguchi, love the sport. To Yomi’s surprise, she finds out that Tamaki is her new schoolmate. Now the girl group tries to revive their school’s baseball team and win the national championships.

13. Kantai Collection: KanColle Zoku-hen (2015)

Kantai Collection KanColle Zoku-hen

Episodes: 12
Genre: Action, Military, Comedy
Rating: +13

A warning to fans of Kantai Collection: KanColle Zoku-hen : there will be a second season in 2022! With a premiere scheduled for October, the new episodes should be aired internationally by Crunchyroll. In the universe of this anime, humanity is at war against the abyssal fleet, which has taken over the oceans. The only humans capable of standing up to the enemy are special human girls known as kanmusu.

The kanmusu have the spirit of historic naval vessels and live together on a naval base, where they train for battle from a young age. Young Fubuki arrived at the base without prior combat training, but soon had to be sent to the battlefield. After finding herself at a great risk, she ends up being saved by Akagi. Now, she tries her best in training in hopes of one day fighting alongside Akagi and saving humanity.

14. Konohana Kitan (2017)

Konohana Kitan

Episodes: 12
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life Parental
Rating: +13

Yuzu is a fox girl who lives in a lively village of spirits. As soon as she gets her first job, at the traditional Konohanatei hot spring inn, she is nervous about her lack of experience. However, she starts to count on the help and patience of the kind attendant Kiri so that she starts to learn what she needs to work.

Though Yuzu makes some mistakes, her playful nature wins over customers and co-workers. Soon the young woman gains the support and guidance of other foxes: the critical Ren, the reserved Sakura, the rigid Satsuki and the carefree Natsume. This anime shows the daily life of this little fox bonding and learning more about life, and has touching scenes and very interesting characters.

15. Oniisama e …(1991)

Oniisama e

Episodes: 39
Genre: Drama, Romance, School
Rating: +13

Oniisama and… it’s not an anime for everyone. It was never officially released in Brazil and offers a deeply sad and heavy story. The plot is apparently simple, with Nanako and her childhood friend, Tomoko, joining a special all-girls school where all the students are rich and upper class.

The action tells the events that happen during Nanako’s school days, as she narrates everything in letters she sends to her brother. As we said, this is not a light anime, so if you are a little sensitive, we do not advise you to view it, however, its quality is indisputable.

16. Bloom Into You (2018)

Bloom Into You

Episodes: 13
Genre: Drama, Romance, School
Rating: +13

Bloom Into You tells the story of Yuu, a young woman who is a big fan of shoujo manga (the romantic type), and who looks forward to the day when a boy declares his love for her. However, when a boy at her school confesses, she ends up feeling nothing, becoming super disappointed and confused.

Everything changes as soon as Yuu sees the beautiful Nanami refuse a suitor with maturity and confidence. Inspired by this, she decides to ask the young woman for help. After that, her shoujo romance begins in a way she could never have imagined.

17. Yuru Yuri (2011)

Yuru Yuri

Episodes: 12
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy
Rating: +13

Yuru Yuri centers on the life of Akari Akaza, a student who attends an all-girls school. There, she is reunited with her childhood friends Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou. Yui and Kyouko decide to create the “Fun Club”, which now occupies the room of the defunct “Tea Club”. Akari joins her friends at her new club, and one day, student Chinatsu Yoshikawa appears, thinking she was at the “Tea Club”.

The girls manage to convince Chinatsu to join the “Fun Club”. But what is the group’s purpose? Just provide entertainment and good times to its members. This anime is a comedy about a group of girls who decide to spend their free time drinking tea.

18. Mai otome (2005)

Mai otome

Episodes: 26
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Comedy
Rating: +13

Mai otome ‘s plot takes place in the distant future, more specifically on the planet Earl, which was colonized by terrestrials centuries ago. In this new society, female virgins assume the role of the so-called Meister Otomes (royal security).

In the anime, we follow the character of Arika Yumemiya, who arrived in the Kingdom of Windbloom in search of her mother, who was a Meister Otome. Once she arrives, Akira meets an exemplary student named Nina Wáng, and the heir to the throne of Windbloom, Mashiro Blan. The series mixes several elements, and is a refreshing offering to say the least within the genre.

19. Noir (2001)


Episodes: 26
Genre: Drama, Action, Mystery
Rating: +13

Noir tells the story of Mireille Bouquet, an assassin for hire. One day, she receives an email from a young girl who is experiencing an episode of amnesia. However, it is later discovered that, despite the memory loss, she is an efficient killing machine.

The story takes us on a journey into the past of the two girls, and that ends up following their adventures to Paris. However, someone is preventing them from reaching their destination. The anime provides fans with diverse content, traveling from action to humor, with a well-assembled and super interesting story. Undoubtedly, a must-have anime for all fans of the genre.

20. Kanamewo (2015)


Episodes: 1 (ONA)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Rating: +13

Kanamewo is, without a doubt, a unique production. There we meet a young woman (name not revealed) who, during a bicycle ride, ends up finding a tree goddess badly bruised and weak. It is revealed that the land of this goddess’ shrine is being used for construction. The young woman decides to help, taking the deity to her home.

The two begin to create a very special relationship, but a question hangs in the air: what will happen to the goddess once the works are completed?

21. Eru Kazado (2007)

Eru Kazado

Episodes: 26
Genre: Adventure, Modern Western, Drama
Rating: +13

The story of Eru Kazado revolves around the girls Ellis and Nadi. The anime begins with Ellis being accused of murder, having to flee an underground society they call the “Hunters” . After some time, she meets a bounty hunter named Nadi, who was looking for Ellis to claim the bounty for her capture.

Eventually Nadi gives up on the idea and decides to help Ellis recover the truth about her past. Eru Kazado takes place in a very characteristic environment that takes us to the old “westerns” !

22. Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl (2006)

Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl

Episodes: 12
Genre: slice of life, comedy, romance, drama
Rating: +13

This is one of the most original anime on the list. It recounts the new life of Hazumu, a simple, shy boy who had a huge passion for gardening and long hikes in the mountains. After much thought, he finally got up the courage to confess to Yasuna his love for her, but unfortunately the girl rejected him.

Sad and crestfallen, he decided to climb Mount Kashimayama, the place where the two met, to reflect on what had just happened. There, he made a wish on a shooting star and his life changed completely! Now he is her, and he has to start her life over as a woman.

23. Strawberry Panic (2006)

Strawberry Panic

Episodes: 26
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: +13

In Strawberry Panic, we follow the character Aoi Nagisa, who has just transferred to an all-female Catholic school, called Starrawberry Dorms . The place is divided into three different groups of students (Lulim, Miator, Spica). They all have their own president, uniform and activities.

Nagisa is eventually selected for Miator’s group. Unintentionally, the girl ends up attracting the attention of the entire school after a sequence of incidents involving Student Etoile (representative of the three groups at the school), Shizuma, a kind of idol for everyone. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Shizuma begin to fall in love, but slowly a love triangle develops!

24. Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

Kannazuki no Miko

Episodes: 12
Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Mecha
Rating: +13

The Kannazuki no Miko anime begins in the small, quiet village of Mahoroba. It is there that we find two students from the prestigious Ototachibana Academy. They are the opposite of each other. Himeko is shy and not very assertive. Chikane is bold and elegant. Despite their differences, they love each other, and there is nothing that can separate them, no matter how hard they try.

On the (shared) birthday of the two girls, a sinister voice seizes one of their friends to attack them. It is at that exact moment that the powers of the lunar and solar priestess that were hidden in the bodies of Himeko and Chikane awaken, driving away all the evil present there. This is how a new adventure begins for the two young women!

25. Aoi hana (2009)

Aoi hana

Episodes: 11
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Rating: +13

Aoi hana focuses on the special relationship between two girls. Fumi Manjoume is shy and sensitive. Akira Okudaira, sincere and kind. They were best friends as children, but that all changed when Fumi and her family moved.

Years later, Fumi returns to her hometown and ends up joining the Matsuoka Girls School . It is there that she is finally reunited with Akira. Despite the expected reunion between the two, the relationship turns out to be no longer the same. Thus begins a process to recover the lost friendship between the two, but will they be able to do it?

26. Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku (2007)

Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku

Episodes: 13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Sci-fi
Rating: +13

Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku tells the story of Mari Wakatake and the events that killed all the inhabitants of Kamioki Island and left the protagonist with no memory. Mari joined an all-girls school, isolated from the rest of civilization, Kaihou Academy, against her will. Although everything seems calm, she is unaware that someone is secretly watching over her, waiting for her memory to return to normal.

We later learn that Mari may have been the only human survivor of Kamioki Island, but she may not have been the only survivor… A “thing” wearing a girl’s skin invades Kaihou Academy.

27. Sasamekikoto (2009)


Episodes: 13
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Rating: +13

Sasamekikoto introduces us to Murasame Sumika, a popular girl at her school thanks to her excellent grades and exemplary performance in various sports. The young woman has a secret that she has never revealed to anyone: she is super in love with her schoolmate, Kazama Ushio.

Ushio also romanticizes with girls, but she still hasn’t realized that Sumika is in love with her as she has always been turned down by other young women.

28. Kanamemo (2009)


Episodes: 13
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life
Rating: +13

Kanamemo shows us how young student Kana Nakamachi’s life changes drastically after her grandmother dies. Her fate ends up intersecting with that of Fuhshin Gazette, a local newspaper delivery company that gives her a space to live. As payment, she works for the company.

The Fuhshin Gazette is made up of unique characters such as Yume Kitaoka and his girlfriend Yuuki Minami, simple Hinata Azuma, alcoholic Haruka Nishida, and young but mature Saki Amano. But it’s not all fun in this new reality, as Kana has to deal with a very demanding and adventurous job!


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