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6 Most Characters Likely To Die In Season 1 of House of the Dragon

There have currently been some big resemblances between House of the Dragon and also Game of Thrones, not the very least of all the existence of gore, violence, as well as death, which guarantees to proceed in season 1’s last stretch. While several key players will certainly – likely – survive a minimum of this very first season, such as Rhaenyra, Daemon, Alicent, Aegon, and so on, some will certainly be far less privileged.

Thanks to a mix of knowledge concerning George R. R. Martin’s works and also general telltale check in the tale, some protagonists are bound to meet their end in the final few episodes, damaging the hearts and prickling the spines of fans with their death.

1. Harrold Westerling

As for the essential residences in House of the Dragon go, Westerling is rarely the most significant, as well as its influence might well quickly reduce even more with the loss of the dedicated Harrold Westerling, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under Viserys I Targaryen.

The King to whom Westerling has dedicated his life to shielding will deficient out of season 1, and it does not seem like he will certainly either, especially when battles break out in between the Greens and also Blacks as well as lines are pulled in the sand. Harrold Westerling’s duty in the show has currently much exceeded what it is in guides, so this could be setting him up for a ruthless death at the hands of someone like Ser Criston Cole, much to the discouragement of Rhaenyra, no question.

2. Laena Velaryon

If photos, the intro trailer, as well as some expert expertise are to be followed, followers might well be swing goodbye to Laena Velaryon as quickly as episode 6, and also while it would surprise numerous more laid-back fans, lots of see her as a shoo-in to die this season.

There is definitely a lot of target market exhilaration to see not just the connection in between Laena and also Daemon, two powerfully charming people, but their kids with each other also. The young Targaryen’s are seen rocking the now-iconic Velaryon locks in various stills from the episode, however while they are looking excellent with the hair, they might be biding farewell to their mom soon, developing a huge opening in House Velaryon, who are several of the most effective non-Targaryens in the program.

3. Laenor Velaryon

Laenor’s fan Joffrey was the victim of maybe one of the most ruthless death in House of the Dragon to date, thanks to the psychologically billed hands of Ser Criston Cole. Despite his family members bond with Rhaenyra, the pain undoubtedly will not end there for the Heir to Driftmark.

Fans are, by this point, cognizant of the relationship between Rhaenyra as well as Daemon that will eventually become in an official feeling, which right away harms Laenor’s opportunities of making it through. Knowing what takes place in the books absolutely seals his fate. Fans have already expanded to like Laenor, especially for exactly how he supports Rhaenyra, therefore his fatality has the potential to be one of the most heartbreaking for characters and fans alike, particularly if it comes in the same episode as his sis, which is likely.

4. Lyman Beesbury

Followers have not really seen much of Lyman Beesbury, Master of Coin, thus far in the show, and past season 1, there is little question that will proceed. The man is maturing, and also he is a Small Council member who sustains Rhaenyra’s claim, which can not bode well for him.

This commitment to the wishes of his King, Viserys, is absolutely exceptional, however it might well see him satisfy an unjust end. Whether this happens via an official death sentence or even more of a back-alley sort of fatality will certainly be recognized by season’s end. Guides themselves have clashing records on what happens to Beesbury, so it will be remarkable to see what route the program runners as well as the Greens go.

5. King Viserys I Targaryen

From the first moments of House of the Dragon, followers, both informal as well as hardcore, have had the ability to anticipate the approaching fatality of King Viserys, that looks increasingly more poorly as the episodes take place.

With the state he is in, Viserys can go at any minute, as well as given that he is a person who, regarding leaders of Westeros go, is pretty half-decent, it is an embarassment. His death is not simply the most predictable and also likely, but it will be one of the most essential, as it establishes the stage for the Dance of Dragons.

6. Lyonel & Harwin Strong

A forthcoming occasion that will certainly shake up the roster of characters in House of the Dragon and shock many a fan will certainly be the deaths of not just Hand of the King, Lyonel Strong, however his son and also heir, Harwin, that fans have actually swiftly fallen in love with.

The show could effectively overlook the book and the fire at Harrenhal, and also no one would certainly grumble excessive, given that Harwin has turned into one of the best/most loved characters in the program. Even if that fire does not occur, Lyonel is still predestined to die, not even if of his advancing age however his obligation to Viserys. The complete function and objectives of the Strongs are not wholly clear now, and also if Larys is the only surviving participant of the House, their heritage makes certain to be slightly hurt.

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