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7 Anime Like Netflix Drifting Home You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Drifting Home’ is a dream journey anime motion picture generated by Studio Colorido. The Hiroyasu Ishida directorial follows a group of sixth-graders as they mysteriously end up failing a fracture in the space-time continuum while attempting to check out a decades-old about-to-be knocked down apartment building that holds nostalgic value to them. Stranded in the middle of no place with no food and also water, these kids battle for their survival all the while pertaining to terms with the severe realities of life.

In case you likewise appreciated this edge-of-the-seat survival movie that focuses on styles like loss and also love, then we have a few suggestions for you. You can enjoy most of these anime comparable to ‘Drifting Home’ on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

1. Tamayura

Hal Film Maker’s ‘Tamayura’ is a slice-of-life drama anime that focuses on the life of Fuu “Potte” Sawatari, a high schooler that utilizes her video camera as a source of cathartic reflections on loss and sorrow, with the hope to turn it into something favorable. Much like Natsume who utilized to see grandfather Yasuji’s room to recall excellent memories, Fuu likewise attempts to do the same with digital photography. Although ‘Tamayura’ does not have any supernatural aspects, it is still a moving reflection on managing a personal loss which is a vital motif of ‘Drifting Home’ also.

2. Big Fish & Begonia

The motion picture states the story of a young girl named Chun, that is one of the many spirit-like beings living in the old legendary world and is accountable for monitoring the real order of the human world. Her trip finishes tragically when a kid loses his life while attempting to save her.

3. A Letter to Momo

Like Netflix’s ‘Drifting Home,’ ‘A Letter to Momo’ is a dream anime film that discovers motifs of despair and also loss with superordinary occasions serving as a vital story device. Momo Miyaura is an 11-year-old lady that transfers to a remote island in the Seto Inland Sea adhering to the untimely death of her papa. As she hesitantly tries to impart some feeling of normality in her life, she inadvertently has unanticipated encounters with mythological creatures. Such mysterious experiences complicate her life originally just like Natsume and also Kousuke had a hard time while they were stranded in the sea, they inevitably help her come to terms with the grief in her life and also locate meaning.

4. Bubble

Created by Wit Studio, ‘Bubble’ is a post-apocalyptic anime flick that concentrates on the city of Tokyo which gets enveloped by a large bubble complying with a massive surge. In the complying with years, the residents are required to leave as the city gets sunk in a gravity-bending sea. However, some orphans start utilizing the unoccupied region for parkour group fights. One of these young adults tries to unwind the enigma of the bubble sensations that altered Tokyo by going to ground zero of the surge.

Although he fails, he winds up fulfilling a mystical woman named Uta, that changes his life for life. The Tetsuro Araki directorial usages a strange natural sensation to check out the deeper emotional chaos of its primary characters much like ‘Drifting Home.’ Followers of the previous will most likely delight in the last.

5. Spirited Away

Consistently placed as one of the best anime motion pictures of all time, ‘Spirited Away’ rotates about a 10-year-old Chihiro Ogino, that unwittingly finishes up in the spirit world. Just like Natsume, Kousuke, and also their pals who are hopelessly shed at the sea and also have to combat for their lives, Chihiro additionally aims to return home securely after saving her parents.

6. Okko’s Inn

Kitaro Kosaka’s ‘Okko’s Inn’ is another gorgeous flick that masterfully uses superordinary beings/events as a lens to state a story of getting over loss as well as finding significance in life. The film revolves around the titular protagonist whose moms and dads tragically passed away in a vehicle mishap adhering to which she has to live at her granny’s typical hot springtimes inn.

7. Child of Kamiari Month

Takana Shirai’s ‘Child of Kamiari Month’ is a supernatural dream anime film that concentrates on themes like loss and also love much like ‘Drifting Home.’ The film follows a sixth-grader called Kanna Hayama that struggling to come to terms with the unforeseen death of his mother. Although she has hardly gotten over it, Kanna learns that she is an offspring of the gods, who are in charge of gathering offering from various deities and bringing it to Izumo throughout the yearly Kamiari Festival.

Following her mom’s fatality, she is turned over with meeting this obligation as an Idaten. The motion picture explores Kanna’s internal chaos which is fairly comparable to that of Natsume and Kousuke, who are also trying ahead to terms with the fatality of an enjoyed one.

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