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7 Best Movies Like Bodies Bodies Bodies You Must See

Directed by Halina Reijn, ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is a black comedy Horror movie regarding a team of 20-somethings stuck at a remote estate. As a typhoon catches them inside your home, the group plays a parlor game that results in the fatality of one among them. Incapable to trust each other, the group has to learn the awesome’s identity before another body hits the flooring.

If you took pleasure in the film’s gripping story, grisly deaths, and also stunning twists, we are sure you should be craving a lot more such flicks. You can enjoy many of these flicks like ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

1. A House on the Bayou

Comparable to ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’ the film’s story is mainly confined to one location. The scary movie’s narrative is loaded with stunning fatalities and also spooky moments as viewers scramble to locate the reality about the sibling occasions.

2. Choose or Die

‘ Choose or Die’ is a British scary film directed by Toby Meakins. It informs the tale of Kayla, an university dropout, and also her geek friend, Isaac, who discover an obscure retro videogame that promises them a grand cash prize of $100,000. Nevertheless, as they attempt to get rid of the degrees, the video game starts to turn threatening as well as endangers their life. Like ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’ the film’s plot focuses on a video game as well as is tied with mysteries. Additionally, the movie’s concentrate on computer game creates a fresh gimmick to check out scary tropes.

3. Getaway Room

The psychological thriller movie titled ‘Escape Room’ is routed by Adam Robitel. The movie revolves around a group of people who find themselves navigating a series of deadly getaway spaces. However, they soon realize that their failure will cause their fatality. A mystical organization is pulling the strings from behind the scenes. The film adds scary to the apparently safe video game of getaway rooms, similar to just how ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ carries out in its narrative. Both films have high stakes and also lots of frightening scenes that will certainly maintain visitors on the edge of their seats.

4. Heck Fest

‘ Hell Fest’ is a slasher film routed by Gregory Plotkin. It takes place in a horror-themed amusement park where Natalie as well as her friends reach the park on Halloween. Nonetheless, the group’s night swiftly takes a downturn after a strange serial killer makes the park his hunting ground. While the movie follows the same scary tropes as other movies of the style like ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’ ‘Hell Fest’ uses a fresh setup that creates a scintillating and terrifying tale of murder and gore. Customers that such as the slasher genre for its inexpensive delights will definitely delight in the film.

5. All My Friends Are Dead

‘All My Friends Are Dead,’ routed by Jan Belcl, is a horror comedy movie that focuses on a group of teens at a New Year’s event. Nonetheless, as teenagers delight themselves in their interpersonal disputes, a chain of occasions begins that ends in a devastating destiny for the group. The smartly outlined film has plenty of subplots and also spins that will keep viewers hooked from the beginning. Its nice strategy to black funny as well as mixture of significant minutes will certainly remind viewers of ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies.’ It overturns the slasher horror tropes as well as is one of the distinct films in the genre. Thus, it takes the top area on this listing!

6. There’s Someone Inside Your House

Directed by Patrick Brice, ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is a slasher movie that follows Makani Young, a senior transfer trainee who relocates from Hawaii to the town of Osborne, Nebraska. The movie is based on Stephanie Perkins’ horror novel of the very same name. The movie’s spins will maintain viewers wondering about the killer’s identity with little ideas given.

7. Spiral

The scary film is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and also composed by Josh Stolberg as well as Peter Goldfinger. Audiences will certainly find the film similar to ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies.’

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