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7 Best Shows Like The Cleaning Lady You Must See

Fox’s ‘The Cleaning Lady’ is a criminal activity dramatization collection based on ‘La Chica Que Limpia,’ a Spanish-language Argentinian collection developed for tv by Miranda Kwok. While Thony works as a cleaner, she catches the focus of mobster Arman, that hires her to work for the crowd.

The intense drama sees Thony walking both sides of the regulation as well as living a troubled life that keeps customers pinned to their seats. If you are looking for more such enthralling collection, we’ve obtained you covered!

1. My Name

‘ My Name’ is a South Korean action series guided by Kim Jin-min and written by Kim Ba-da. It complies with a young lady that seeks vengeance for her dad’s death. Customers that enjoy even more action-packed stories and miss out on the flavor in ‘The Cleaning Lady’ will certainly relish ‘My Name.’

2. Good Girls

Developed by Jenna Bans, ‘Good Girls’ is a dark funny collection regarding 3 suburban Michigan mommies that locate it challenging to make ends fulfill. Like ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ the collection is women-centric and sees its lead character capturing a crowd’s attention as well as entering the criminal abyss.

3. Stumptown

Produced by Jason Richman, ‘Stumptown’ is a criminal offense dramatization collection based on the comic publication collection of the same name by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and Justin Greenwood. While Dex and also Thony’s histories are various, both women are driven by a wish to protect their households as well as dream to make a far better living for themselves and their loved ones.

4. Fatma

‘ Fatma’ is a Turkish criminal offense dramatization collection developed by Ozgur Onurme. It revolves around Fatma Yılmaz, a cleaner whose life transforms upside down after the sudden disappearance of her partner, Zafer. Fatma and also Thony’s tales are comparable as both work as cleansers and are roped right into a world of criminal activity.

5. Spotless.

‘ Spotless’ is a French dark comedy-drama series created by Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan. It follows Jean Bastière, a righteous person living in London however originally from France. He has a crime scene cleaning service and also lives a tranquil life with his better half and children. Nevertheless, when his sibling, Martin, returns, Jean is forced to work with a mobster and also experience previous traumas. The program shares a number of beats with ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ consisting of the lead character’s job as a criminal activity scene cleaner, association with a mob, and background as an immigrant. ‘Spotless’ takes the top spot on this listing.

6. Cleaning Up.

Developed by Mark Marlow, ‘Cleaning Up’ is a British tv collection concerning Sam Cook, a cleaner for a monetary business in Canary Wharf. As a result, the collection gives viewers a fresh narrative rooted in a mommy’s battles to supply for her kids.

7. Devious Maids.

The series informs the tale of Five Hispanic housemaids who work in the residences of the powerful and abundant family members residing in the town of Beverly Hills. Like ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ the female-centric series complies with a group of females all of a sudden attracted right into the globe of criminal activity.

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