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7 Most Movies Like Hellraiser You Must See

It will certainly not be an overestimation to claim Clive Barker revised the history of horror cinema with his 1987 film ‘Hellraiser.’ Based upon a novella labelled ‘The Hellbound Heart,’ written by Barker himself, the film introduces Pinhead AKA The Priest, among one of the most legendary horror villains of perpetuity, to the horror cinema ball. David Bruckner’s 2022 movie is a reboot of Barker’s timeless classic, which offers a re-imagined Pinhead among other distinctions from the original motion picture. We are here to assist with a listing of suitable referrals if you are up for even more stunning scary attributes after seeing Barker’s initial film and also Bruckner’s reboot. You can enjoy a lot of these movies comparable to 1987 and also 2022 ‘Hellraiser’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Event Horizon

One of the famous factors of ‘Hellraiser’ is the appealing and also eerie presence of extradimensional beings named the Cenobites, which likewise consists of the Pinhead. The film rotates around the titular starship, which comes back upon vanishing 7 years in the past.

Die or pick

In ‘Hellraiser,’ lead character Riley McKendry lays out to complete the problem of the mechanical box to save her bro Matt McKendry. As she attempts, she is forced to make sacrifices after each step/level intentionally or inadvertently. In an essential scene, Pinhead even asks her to select between her fatality as well as others’ fatalities. Riley’s option reminds us of Netflix’s scary thriller movie ‘Choose or Die.’ Rather than a puzzle box, the lead character of the film Kayla plays a murderous video game entitled CURS > R looking for money, only for her as well as her acquaintances’ lives to obtain threatened. Like Riley sheds her close colleagues in ‘Hellraiser’ midway via the puzzle, Kayla loses her associates while playing the game too. Both Riley as well as Kayla obtain required to select others’ fatality to accomplish their corresponding missions over theirs.


Like Riley is asked to complete a problem to conserve herself in ‘Hellraiser,’ 6 unfamiliar people are asked to solve unanswered questions and also escape from an unlimited puzzle of deadly catches in Vincenzo Natali’s sci-fi scary movie ‘Cube.’ In both ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Cube,’ the cost of retreat is others’ puzzles as well as lives determine one’s survival and presence. The surreal atmosphere of the 1997 movie additionally advises us of the surreal climax of the 2022 ‘Hellraiser’ reboot. Like ‘Hellraiser,’ ‘Cube’ likewise has a cult complying with among horror followers.

Escape Room.

If you are up for a fascinating film that includes numerous escape strategies, reminding us of Riley and others’ plight, Adam Robitel’s mental scary film ‘Escape Room’ is a suitable choice. The movie solves around 6 individuals who fix a challenge cube, another variable that reminds us of ‘Hellraiser,’ only to get invited to take component in an escape room with a $10,000 prize.

The Evil Dead.

Prior to ‘Hellraiser,’ there was ‘The Evil Dead,’ among the most, if not one of the most, influential horror films of perpetuity. The movie complies with 5 college students who invest their holiday in an isolated cabin. Like Riley plays the problem box without knowing its effects, the trainees play a tape of necromancies in the presence of ‘Naturom Demonto,’ a Sumerian variation of ‘Book of the Dead.’ Like Riley’s unintended actions stimulate the Cenobites, the students’ actions give life to demonic entities that try to have and haunt them. Like ‘Hellraiser,’ ‘The Evil Dead’ is a gorefest as well as a classic that stands for and defines horror movies of the 1980s.

The Ring.

Along with dreadful hostile figures/characters, excellent scary movies always succeed in shocking the audiences despite arbitrary items. Whether it be the doll in ‘Child’s Play’ or the tv in ‘Poltergeist,’ the background of scary movies is filled with such fear-inducing objects. In ‘Hellraiser,’ the murderous challenge box succeeds in stunning the viewers as high as the Cenobites. One object that can not be missed in the exact same context is the infamous videotape that murders its audiences within a week in Gore Verbinski’s ‘The Ring.’ Both the challenge box as well as video serve as death penalty in ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘The Ring’ specifically and in both films, the lead character lays out to unwind the mystery behind the corresponding things after an individual loss.


In ‘Hellraiser,’ Riley threats her own life to complete the puzzle and also faces the Cenobites courageously to bring her bro Matt back to life. We see Red Miller setting out to confront spectacular and also traumatic wicked pressures to recover his spouse Mandy Bloom back from a hippie cult and also their demon-biker henchmen in Panos Cosmatos’ scary film ‘Mandy.’ The demon-biker henchmen in the film are guaranteed to remind us of the numerous Cenobites that feature in ‘Hellraiser.’ Like Riley attempts to kill Cenobites to meet her puzzle and also fetch Matt, Red Miller additionally does not avoid fighting the demonic entities and spilling their blood.

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