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7 Most Movies Like Last Seen Alive You Must See

Directed by Brian Goodman, ‘Last Seen Alive’ is an activity thriller motion picture starring Gerard Butler as well as Jaimie Alexander. It complies with Will Spann, whose other half Lisa goes missing out on at a gas station on their way to her moms and dads’ home. To add to his fears, he ends up being the prime suspect in her loss, with everyone from the police to the townsfolk questioning his intentions.

Now, Will need to verify his innocence and discover Lisa prior to the authorities close on him, and he loses her permanently. Currently, if you take pleasure in such enigma thrillers and desire to explore the category further, we have the best checklist of suggestions for you. You can see a lot of these movies like ‘Last Seen Alive’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. The Girl on the Train

‘ The Girl on the Train’ follows Rachel, who witnesses a strange occurrence in a pair’s backyard throughout her everyday train commute. Believing the woman, Megan, to be missing, she comes close to the authorities, only to obtain embroiled in the couple’s challenging partnership. An adjustment of Paula Hawkins’ eponymous launching story, the movie is an emotional thriller flick guided by Tate Taylor.

Despite exploring the missing out on female trope rather in a different way than the Brian Goodman directorial, it is similar in depicting the lead character persistently trying to support their claims as well as aim the authorities towards the wrongdoer.

2. Searching

Marking director Aneesh Chaganty’s feature launching, ‘Searching’ is an enigma thriller motion picture that follows David Kim, a solitary daddy whose 16-year-old child, Margot, goes missing from her school. When the authorities fall short to locate any type of immediate leads, he browses her laptop for clues however discovers the authorities’ possible participation in her disappearance.

Though changing the focus from a missing out on spouse to a child, the movie falls in the exact same classification of missing individual thrillers with surprise spins. David’s despair to find Margot mirrors Will’s attempts to look for Lisa, therefore connecting both movies.

3. Gone Girl

‘ Gone Girl’ is an emotional thriller film guided by David Fincher, adapted from Gillian Flynn’s eponymous novel. Like Will, Nick Dunne comes to be the prime implicated when his other half, Amy, mysteriously vanishes. However, she quickly returns as well as exposes her fancy plans of mounting him to satisfy her cruel objectives.

While Will’s better half is absolutely nothing like Amy, he and also Nick experience the same agony of being mounted for a crime they haven’t devoted. They share strained partnerships with their missing out on wives, sealing the cops’s uncertainty of them.

4. Gone Baby Gone

Based on Dennis Lehane’s eponymous 1998 unique, ‘Gone Baby Gone’ is a criminal offense thriller flick helmed by debutant director Ben Affleck. Again delving right into the disappearance of a young individual, it adheres to Patrick Kenzie, a private investigator, that attempts to aid the police trace a missing out on four-year-old lady.

Though police investigative Nick Poole is determined that Patrick’s attempts are futile, the latter uncovers the real culprit might be nearer than he believes. Both ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and also ‘Last Seen Alive’ have protagonists attempting to prove the police’s uncertainties incorrect and also discovering those responsible being absolutely unforeseen, comparing them to one another.

5. Frantic

Well-known auteur Roman Polanski’s mystery thriller ‘Frantic’ complies with Dr. Richard Walker, whose spouse Sondra goes missing out on from their resort room in Paris. Stranded in a foreign city with limited resources, he desperately looks for her and also infiltrates criminal rings to uncover the truth.

Dr. Walker and also Will’s partners go missing out on under mystical scenarios, and they need to evade the cops’s doubts before time goes out. All this, coupled with them going into the criminal underworld for solutions, enhances the commonness as well as makes ‘Frantic’ top this list.

6. Breakdown

Kurt Russell-starrer ‘Breakdown’ includes him as Jeff Taylor, who gets stranded in the desert with his wife, Amy. He establishes out to unearth what happened to her when she disappears after a vehicle chauffeur provides assistance. On top of that, the latter’s rejection to acknowledge Amy intensifies Jeff’s predicament, and soon he finds himself entraped amidst wrongdoers with sinister intentions.

Hence, the frantic other half should race against time to find his partner as well as conserve her from a fatal end. Jeff’s vulnerability at discovering Amy missing mirrors Will’s craze in ‘Last Seen Alive,’ as well as the procedures he embraces to take out those accountable as the clock ticks add to the similarity in between the latter and also the Jonathan Mostow directorial.

7. Fractured

Brad Anderson’s emotional thriller ‘Fractured’ facilities around Ray, whose wife as well as daughter unexpectedly go missing out on from the hospital during a cross-country trip. Picking up that the health center staff is hiding the reality, he starts a captivating objective to discover his household and also subject the wrongdoers to the cops.

Ray as well as Will suspicious bad deed in the disappearance of their loved ones, and also therefore, they go against authorities to prove their concepts and capture the culprit. Albeit, each man, unwinds some keys that turn their circumstances around. Not just that, a gasoline station is a crucial area in both movies.
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