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7 Most Movies Like Lou You Must See

Directed by Anna Foerster, Netflix’s ‘Lou’ is an action thriller movie established in the 1980s. When her neighbor’s daughter goes missing out on during the tornado, Lou uses her armed forces skills to track down the missing out on lady. You can view most of these movies like ‘Lou’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and also Hulu!

1. Peppermint

Directed by Pierre Morel, ‘Peppermint’ is a vigilante thriller film starring Jennifer Garner as Riley North, a mom who goes through strenuous training after the death of her family by a medication cartel. Equipped with her brand-new skills and strength, Riley embarks on a mission to bring those responsible for her family’s fatality to justice. Like ‘Lou,’ the movie is full of thriller as well as includes some enthralling action minutes that will certainly leave visitors pinned to their seats. While Riley as well as Lou share similar personalities, they have a different connections with their household, making ‘Peppermint’ worth your time.

2. Anna

‘ Anna’ (stylized as ‘ANИA’) is an activity thriller film routed by Luc Besson and starring Sasha Luss, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren, and Alexander Petrov. It informs the tale of Anna Poliatova, a Russian spy working for the KGB searching for a way out of the reconnaissance world. When the CIA offers her a possibility to come to be a double agent, Anna conveniently consents to lead her right into major threat. The story of ‘Anna’ is considerably various from ‘Lou,’ however both films focus on women spies with dark secrets. In addition, the motion picture highlights the risks and sacrifices that can impact a spy’s life in the long run.

3. The Call

Supervisor Brad Anderson’s ‘The Call’ is an emotional criminal activity thriller movie starring Halle Berry as Jordan Turner, a 9-1-1 driver suffering from a previous mistake that led to the death of an adolescent lady. ‘The Call’ resembles ‘Lou’ in particular facets yet creates a fresh experience for the viewers.

4. Miss Bala

‘ Miss Bala’ (additionally known as ‘Miss Bullet’) is an activity thriller film routed by Catherine Hardwicke. It is based on the 2011 Mexican movie of the exact same name. Audiences who like well-rounded action entertainers as well as do not like the psychological storytelling in ‘Lou’ will value ‘Miss Bala’ and its break-neck pacing.

5. Taken

‘Taken’ (likewise labelled ’96 Hours’ as well as ‘The Hostage’) is a French English-language film directed by Pierre Morel. The action-thriller stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a papa that finds out of his teenage little girl’s abduction during a getaway in France. Therefore, Mills utilizes every source at his disposal to save his child as well as her friend from a human trafficking ring. The hectic and also enthralling narrative is among the most effective abduction-themed movies as well as is credited with renewing the subgenre. MIlls’ ex-CIA history and also his objectives make his character arc similar to Lou’s. Consequently, the motion picture takes the leading area on this listing!

6. Rambo: Last Blood

Directed by Adrian Grünberg ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ is an activity film that is the fifth installation in the ‘Rambo’ franchise business, starring Sylvester Stallone. The movie’s basic property is reminiscent of ‘Lou’ as both movies feature aging protagonists compelled to conduct a search as well as rescue goal for a loved one.

7. Vikram

‘ Vikram’ is a Tamil-language action thriller movie composed as well as routed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. ‘Vikram’ loads surge stylized action and also is established on a grander stage offering audiences lots of entertaining moments.


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