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7 Most Movies Like Prey for the Devil You Must See

‘Prey for the Devil’ is a horror film directed by Daniel Stamm about the Catholic Church’s fight against demonic possession. After the rise in such cases, the Catholic Church makes a decision to reopen colleges and train clergymans to exorcise devils. Nonetheless, a nun named Sister Ann, with a natural talent for the facility procedure, is propelled right into the spiritual spotlight.

As a result, Ann must contend with a satanic force with a deep link to her past. If you delighted in the film’s take on spirituality as well as demonic ownership, you need to be searching for more such streaming alternatives. In that case, we have curated a listing of similar movies. You can watch a lot of these movies, like ‘Prey for the Devil’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, as well as Hulu!

1. Incantation

The Taiwanese found footage scary film ‘Incantation’ is routed by Kevin Ko. It adheres to Li Ronan, a girl who gets cursed after going against a religious taboo. Six years later, she has to combat versus demonic forces to secure her child. The dramatically filmed and also skillfully created movie checks out the belief in the presence of superordinary pressures, making it comparable to ‘Prey for the Devil.’

Nonetheless, the movie showcases a mommy trying to quit her little girl from encountering the consequences of her actions in comparison to the previously mentioned movie. Audiences that delighted in ‘Prey for the Devil’ will certainly value the somewhat various narrative and also visual approach in ‘Incantation.’.

2. St. Agatha

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, ‘St. Agatha’ is a scary motion picture embeded in a mid-1950s church. It complies with Mary, a pregnant lady seeking sanctuary after fleing from her abusive dad. She locates sanctuary at a convent in Georiga however have to adhere to the institution’s rigorous guidelines. However, what transpires at the convent is a painful experience that slowly transforms Mary right into an unrecognizable individual.

If you like the creepy setting and spiritual motifs of ‘Prey for the Devil’ but aren’t a fan of exorcisms and demonic property St. Agatha’ will certainly match your preferences. The film uses similar settings and also motifs but creates a substantially different character drama that maintains fans hooked till the end.

3. Saint Maud.

Created and also guided by Rose Glass, ‘Saint Maud’ is a British psychological scary movie that follows Maud, a passionate Catholic hospice nurse whose bond with Amanda, a previous professional dancer in her care, takes a dark turn. Maud believes she should come to be Amanda’s hero and save her from the satanic forces afflicting her. The movie has gotten universal critical recognition as well as attributes motifs comparable to ‘Prey for the Devil.’.

If you enjoyed ‘Prey for the Devil’ and are questioning the influence of the church’s preachings on young minds, ‘Saint Maud’ offers an aesthetically sensational as well as psychologically moving tackle the subject. Aside from the abovementioned aspects, Morfydd Clark’s engaging efficiency as the reclusive young registered nurse makes ‘Saint Maud’ a cooling addition to the listing.

4. The Exorcist.

‘ The Exorcist’ is a supernatural scary film routed by William Friedkin. The flick revolves around Regan, a young woman showing peculiar behavior after connecting with an Ouija board.

If you are a follower of traditional scary movies, especially concerning demonic ownership, ‘The Exorcist’ is among the very best movies in the subgenre. The film has actually additionally gotten the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, making it a bonafide classic.

5. The Last Exorcism.

‘ The Last Exorcism’ is a discovered footage scary film regarding Cotton Marcus, a disillusioned evangelical minister. The movie received favorable evaluations from doubters and is one of the finest works of supervisor Daniel Stamm. The film takes the top area on this listing!

6. The Nun.

A spin-off/prequel to ‘The Conjuring 2,’ the movie takes area in a Romanian monastery and also complies with a priest and also his pupil examining a young nun’s death. The film includes some bone-chilling sequences as well as a stressful ambience similar to ‘Prey for the Devil,’ but flips the perception of nuns in horror movies in an unanticipated style.

7. The Devil Inside.

‘ The Devil Inside’ is a located video footage mythological horror film routed by William Brent Bell. Like ‘Prey for the Devil,’ the film’s psychological core is formed by a mother-daughter partnership as well as furthered by the idea of exorcism.

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