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7 Most Shows Like The Watcher You Must See

Based upon the 2018 article ‘The Haunting of a Dream House’ by Reeves Wiedeman published in The Cut, Netflix’s ‘The Watcher’ is a true crime enigma series that dramatizes real story of a couple that move right into their dream house in Westfield, New Jersey. Soon enough, their brand-new house comes to be the source of their worst headache when a stalker called The Watcher begins sending them pestering and daunting letters.

Co-created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the collection includes outstanding performances from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Mia Farrow, Jennifer Coolidge, and Noma Dumezweni. So, if you are a fan of the style as well as wish to see something along the same lines hereafter, you could intend to look into the referrals that we have listed below. You can enjoy most of these shows like ‘The Watcher’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. The Important Things About Pam

Based on the Dateline TV episodes regarding the tale of Pam Hupp, NBC’s ‘The Thing About Pam’ is a real criminal activity drama collection that is named after a podcast of the very same name. Just like ‘The Watcher,’ ‘The Thing About Pam’ is a real criminal offense collection that concentrates on a horrific and dramatic case.

2. The Outsider

Based on the 2018 eponymous novel by Stephen King, HBO’s ‘The Outsider’ is a psychological thriller dramatization series established by Richard Price that focuses on the investigation of the gruesome murder of a young boy. Nonetheless, when a superordinary as well as mystical pressure gets linked to the case, the ideas of one of the leading detectives of the case turn upside down as he starts to examine everything. Although ‘The Watcher’ does not entail the murder of a young kid, what makes ‘The Outsider’ similar to it are the style of direction and the secret bordering the primary wrongdoer of the incidents in the particular series.

3. Dexter

Based upon the 2004 novel labelled ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’ by Jeff Lindsay, Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ is a crime drama series produced by James Manos Jr. that complies with the double life of Dexter Morgan, who is a blood spatter expert in the fictional Miami Metro Police Department throughout the day and also a vigilante serial awesome during the night. Much like the stalker in ‘The Watcher,’ Dexter delights in a good quantity of stalking in ‘Dexter.’ Moreover, Dexter seems like simply another neighbor in the neighborhood, which keeps him out of difficulty, much like ‘The Watcher.’

4. The Patient

Co-created by Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberg, Hulu’s ‘The Patient’ is a psychological thriller collection that revolves around a gloomy therapist named Alan Strauss, a fresh widower attempting to deal with the current death of his wife. His agony is boosted tenfolds when among his patients, Sam Fortner, turns out to be a serial awesome. To get far from his bloodthirsty urges, Sam looks for aid from Alan by keeping him captive. What links ‘The Patient’ with ‘The Watcher’ is that both include intimidating figures, a scary stalker as well as a serial killer, that utilize their own methods to assert their presence in the lives of the lead characters by torturing them.

5. A Friend of the Family

Based on true events just like ‘The Watcher,’ Peacock’s ‘A Friend of the Family’ is a real crime drama series created by Nick Antosca that adheres to the Broberg household as well as their close friend called Robert Berchtold. Set in the 1970s, the two-faced Robert kidnaps the 12-year-old daughter of the Broberg family named Jan. A number of years later on upon returning her to her moms and dads, he kidnaps her again when she is fourteen. Both ‘The Watcher’ as well as ‘A Friend of the Family’ include a family members that is obtaining tormented and harassed by someone they know.

6. You

Based upon ‘You,’ ‘Hidden Bodies,’ and also ‘You Love Me’ by Caroline Kepnes, Netflix’s ‘You’ is a mental thriller series created by Greg Berlanti and also Sera Gamble. The narrative revolves around a harmful, charming, as well as compulsive man named Joe Goldberg, that has a tendency to fall in love easily and create an extreme fixation with the female concerned, so much so that it comes to be life-threatening. Just like the stalker in ‘The Watcher,’ Joe from ‘You’ additionally delights in tracking and also invades the personal privacy of others.

7. Fascination: Dark Desires

‘ Obsession: Dark Desires’ is a real crime docudrama collection that dramatizes the real-life experiences that targets have had of tracking. Most of us recognize that fascinations can be of various kinds, some healthy and balanced and others not a lot. The show concentrates on the dark side of fascinations that make the offenders look to stalking their sufferers as well as making their life an ordeal. The themes of tracking and also trying to conceal one’s identification are seen in both ‘Obsession: Dark Desires’ and also ‘The Watcher.’

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