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8 Best Movies Like Christmas With You You Must See

A Christmas-inspired romance ‘Christmas With You’ adheres to the life of Angelina Costa (Aimee Garcia), a music sensation that shocks a young follower by appearing in her town. There, she meets Cristina, the fan, and also her papa, Miguel (Freddie Prinze Jr.) that is a high school music instructor. Angelina is also experiencing an imaginative block as she is unable to write a Christmas tune that can obtain her back in the top 100 listings. Therefore, she gets Miguel’s assistance as well as they co-write a tune. During the deal, they succumb to each other. Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, the script is based on the story by German Michael Torres.

‘ Christmas With You’ is a feel-good romantic comedy that pulls the viewers into the magical time of Christmas, where love and celebration are in the air. If you want more romantic movies around the same theme, then you should definitely watch the following movies. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘Christmas With You’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. Purple Hearts

Starring Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, as well as Chosen Jacobs, ‘Purple Hearts’ is a movie that narrates a marriage of convenience in between a Marine Luke, and also a part-time singer Cassie. They obtain wed to share armed forces advantages as well as clear their charges. It may begin as a marital relationship just for the advantages, however they soon come closer and understand exactly how excellent they are with each other. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, the motion picture is based upon Tess Wakefield’s novel which is titled the exact same. Much like Angelina and also Miguel, music plays a substantial role in Cassie as well as Luke’s romance. It joys them up and brings them closer together.

2. Just Friends

After being successful and having lost weight, he returns home for Christmas. Commenting on fat shaming, with a twist of music and a load of laughter, the movie is a happy watch, especially on Christmas holidays, just like ‘Christmas With You’.

3. Begin Again

Mark Ruffalo as well as Keira Knightley heading the romantic-drama flick ‘Begin Again’. It tells the tale of a songwriter and singer Gretta who desperately wants a break to start her profession. She is later on found by a having a hard time record label producer Dan that is likewise wanting to create excellent songs. They strike an offer to tape songs live all across New York. ‘Begin Again’ attributes battling imaginative individuals and also their initiatives to obtain their occupations back on the right track much like Angelina Costa in ‘Christmas With You’. Both protagonists Gretta as well as Angelina also create a Christmas song that locates its roots in finding love although that Gretta’s ex-boyfriend mistreats it for to possess advantage.

4. La La Land

‘ La Land’ is a music enchanting story of two creative hopefuls Sebastian and Mia. Their lives converge as they try to succeed in the songs and also the acting world respectively. They comfort and also motivate each other via the difficulties in their professional lives. Set against the spectacular background of Los Angeles, the movie succinctly records the feeling of being torn between love and occupation. Sebastian is a pianist, similar to Miguel in ‘Christmas With You’. nevertheless, Sebastian aspires to keep Jazz alive as well as better the passing away genre by opening a Jazz-themed bar. Damien Chazelle directed ‘La La Land’ which likewise narrates exactly how rapidly individuals forget what they as soon as loved like Jazz as well as exactly how their interest quickly shifts from one thing to another. In ‘Christmas With You’, the same occurred with Angelina as newer things comprehended the target market’s love and attention.

5. The Last Song

An enchanting teenager movie that explores the coming-of-age of Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) as she fixes her relationship with her dad Steve (Greg Kinnear), ‘The Last Song’ is guided by Julie Anne Robinson. Music plays a vital role in the flick to bring individuals together and also make them reconnect with their passions. Steve is a performance pianist as well as music teacher who direly intends to be on excellent terms with his children after his separation. As ‘Christmas With You’ puts Miguel as well as Cristina’s connection into emphasis, Steve as well as Ronnie’s bond faces a comparable limelight in ‘The Last Song’.

6. Our Christmas Love Song

A good old Christmas-inspired love story takes center stage in the rom-com ‘Our Christmas Love Song’. Starring Alicia Witt and Brendan Hines as the love interests, the movie showcases the plight of creative people and how the ruthless industry will do anything to bring them down, very similar to how the record label pressurizes Angelina to get back on top of the ladder.

7. Marry Me

Kat Coiro directed the romantic comedy movie ‘Marry Me’. A famous Latin superstar Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) discovers that her fiance is cheating on her, so she impulsively decides to marry a random fan from the audience at her concert. The fan turns out to be Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a math teacher who tags along with his daughter Lou. ‘Marry Me’ shares the most number of similarities with ‘Christmas With You’. Both movies feature a Latina star, their young fan, and their relationship with their father. Their fathers go on to be with their kid’s favorite musicians. And most importantly, both movies showcase the love story of people from two different worlds.

8. A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper generated, routed, and also starred together with Lady Gaga in ‘A Star Is Born’. The enchanting dramatization flick follows Jackson, an artist battling with alcohol and medication dependency, and also Ally, a waitress who likewise sings and writes tunes. Jackson witnesses Ally’s talent at a bar as well as gets mesmerized by her performance. Right after, he motivates her to pursue her dreams and make something of her interest. Ally goes on to become a more famous singer and her relationship with Jackson struggles because of the same. These detailed aspects are rather along the same lines as ‘Christmas With You’. Both flicks explore the anxieties as well as feelings of musicians who hesitate to drift into oblivion. Moreover, the films additionally include well-known artists discovering the talents of another who is not fully recognizing their potential.

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