8 Best Western TV Shows on HBO Max Right Now

8 Best Western TV Shows on HBO Max Right Now

With the current increase in the number of streaming systems, the fading genre has actually seen a resurgence with several Western or Neo-Noir shows with Western aspects striking the customers’ screens. If you are looking for TV program choices in the Western style on HBO Max, we’ve got you covered! Right here is a listing of prominent Western shows for you to binge on HBO Max!

Lovecraft Country

‘ Lovecraft Country’ is a horror television collection based upon Matt Ruff’s best-selling 2016 book of the exact same name. It is developed for tv by Misha Green as well as complies with Atticus “Tic” Freeman, a young Korean War professional that endeavors across 1950s America in search of his missing papa. In his quest, Tic is accompanied by his Uncle George as well as free-spirited professional photographer buddy, Letitia.

While the collection is not an out-and-out Western, aspects of the genre are scattered throughout its story in the form of corrupt constables, racist bar patrons, and also gunfights. Additionally, the road trip aspect includes an element of discovering untamed and unknown areas, which followers of the Western style will certainly appreciate, in addition to the program’s gory horror.

True Detective

The styles of betrayal, revenge, and also redemption are shared between the program’s seasons as well as the Western category. The program’s upcoming 4th season is set in the Western state of Alaska, hinting that the story will totally welcome its Western influences.

Tokyo Vice

‘ Tokyo Vice,’ as the title recommends, is set in the Neon-clad Japanese funding city. Created by J.T. Rogers, the police procedural series is based upon Jake Adelstein’s 2009 book of the very same name. It focuses on Jake Adelstein, an American reporter from Missouri who locates himself sinking deeper right into the dark criminal underbelly of Tokyo after moving to the city.

While the program swaps the open wilderness setup of the Western genre for the glowy as well as shining Tokyo, it features the themes of corruption and also oppression that are reminiscent of the genre. The gunfights as well as go after sequences are stylised like Neo-Westerns. The Midwestern perceptiveness of the lead character are likewise on display and also underline his personality growth.

Boardwalk Empire

‘ Boardwalk Empire’ is a period dramatization series created by Terence Winter and also based on Nelson Johnson’s non-fiction book of the same name. It informs the tale of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the corrupt treasurer of Atlantic County, that engages in the prohibited profession of alcohol and other criminal tasks during the Prohibition age of the 1920s.

The series features timeless Western components such as corruption and also criminal activity. It additionally underscores the ethical obscurity of the personalities, making it comparable to a number of Western movies from the 80s. The Prohibition-era setup produces some interesting problems to discover the twisted principles of the personalities.


‘ Walker’ is a reboot of the traditional Western collection ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ with Jared Padalecki (‘ Supernatural’) playing the titular function. The action drama follows Cordell Walker (Padalecki), a renowned Texas Ranger that struggles to return to daily life after a long undercover job. It is developed for tv by Anna Fricke, as well as the show’s Western impacts are reflected in the program’s setup, personalities’ outfits, and worldviews. The series showcases the problems of life in the contemporary American West and is genuinely an engaging dramatization with all the seasonings of a timeless Western story.


‘ Gomorrah’ (additionally known as ‘Gomorra– La Serie’) is an Italian crime drama based upon Roberto Saviano’s 2006 publication of the exact same name. Created for television by Savino, the series revolves around Ciro Di Marzio. a participant of the Savastano clan, a mafia crime household that operates in Secondigliano, Naples. The Italian setup will advise visitors of several of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western movies however with a more modern feel.

The personalities as well as their motivations are reminiscent of ‘Breaking Bad,’ a New Mexico-set Neo-Noir show understood for its regular homages to the Western style. Consequently, followers of Western shows will absolutely relish checking out the chilling and dark abyss in ‘Gomorrah’ that highlights some prominent characteristics of the category.


With referrals to historical numbers as well as a strong focus on life in the American Wild West throughout the late 19th century, the collection is a Western in the truest feeling of the word. With a vast array of appealing personalities as well as diverse stories, ‘Deadwood’ is thought about among the finest Western shows ever before made.


‘Westworld’ is a sci-fi collection produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. It is based upon Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the very same name. It happens in the titular Wild West-themed amusement park populated by android hosts and rich visitors who relieve their thirst for experience in the park. The park hides plenty of deadly secrets, and also the dangers within start rising after the androids gradually start acquiring life.

The collection mixes its Western setting and motifs into sci-fi and dystopian aspects creating an interesting story that keeps customers on the edge of their seats. Among one of the most seriously well-known Neo-Westerns of recent times, ‘Westworld’ takes the top place on this list because of its resourcefulness.

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