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9 Big Questions ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Fans Have Been Left Asking

9 Big Questions ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Fans Have Been Left Asking

If you overheard someone say I Think You Should Leave recently, your first instinct might be to take it personally-but there’s a good chance they’re naming the title of the Netflix original sketch show that’s brought a rebirth of sorts to the comedy genre. Written and starring Tim Robinson, who might look familiar from his stint on Saturday Night Live or Comedy Central’s Detroiters, each episode is equal parts screwball comedy and deep thinker. Topics include work meetings that go too long, getting humiliated by magicians in front of your spouse, a “Baby of the Year” contest, and so much more.

While the first season of the goofy sketch series from former SNL writer Tim Robinson got high marks from critics and viewers alike, it didn’t reach a critical mass of viewers the same way the second season has. Now, the show has officially reached the level of water cooler conversation, with people of all walks of life able to bond over references to “sloppy steaks at Truffoni’s” or text messages about a man who keeps dice in his pockets. The second series has also left viewers, from self-professed comedy nerds to relative newcomers, with a lot of questions. Who was that one familiar-looking guest actor? Will there be another season? Here, we set out to answer those burning questions.

Is Andy Samberg In I Think You Should Leave?

While not prominently featured in the show, Andy Samberg appears in one sketch in season two of the show, entitled “Dan Vega’s Mega Money Quiz”. The nonsensical game show includes an unruly mascot named “Chunky”, who gets increasingly violent as the show goes on, finally accosting Andy Samberg. The Saturday Night Live alum is also deeply involved with the production of the show as a whole, executive producing it alongside the other members of his sketch comedy trio, The Lonely Island. Their production company, Lonely Island Classics, is even credited with making the show.

Who Plays Santa Claus In Episode Three?

Season two episode three has a sketch in which Santa Claus sits on a Q&A panel for a nonexistent movie called Detective Crashmore. Santa Claus gets increasingly upset when Christmas is mentioned, wanting people to focus instead on his latest acting venture.The sketch pokes fun at actors who are pigeonholed by one part, and work hard to shed the image of the character they’re associated with. Played by Biff Wiff of Dragnet and NCIS fame, the character is a hilarious take on this specific acting phenomenon.

Is I Think You Should Leave Real?

I Think You Should Leave might play like a mockumentary at times, but is certainly not a documentary or other form of reality television. Entirely scripted, the sketch series is made up of several carefully written comedic scenes, each painstakingly created by the writing duo of Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin. Robinson appears in nearly every sketch as an actor as well, often changing up his hair and wardrobe as much as possible to fit into the characters. Kanin appears in two sketches in the first season, and is credited with directing four episodes in the second season.

Where Can I See I Think You Should Leave?

You can watch all twelve episodes of the show on Netflix, where it originally aired. Because it was a Netflix original, it’s unlikely that it’ll appear elsewhere soon. If you’re hungry for more of the same brand of outlandish comedy after binging the series, similar fare exists on other streaming services. HBO Max has every episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which occupies a similar comedic niche, as does The Eric Andre Show, which is available to stream on Hulu.

How Many Episodes Of I Think You Should Leave Are There?

Currently, there are two seasons available to stream, each with six episodes. Episodes typically are broken down into three or four sketches apiece. While fans are already clamoring for a third season, re-watching old episodes proves to be as rewarding, if not more so, than the first watch. The writing is so tight and the details of the props and performances are so subtly on-point that each subsequent viewing reveals new comic gold.

What Is The First Episode Of I Think You Should Leave?

The very first episode of the series opens with a bang, or rather, a broken door. In the opening sketch, Robinson leaves a successful job interview at a coffee shop, only to struggle with the door on the way out. The job interviewer suggests that the door is a “push” door, but Robinson continues to pull, saying that it “goes both ways”. Perhaps embarrassed by fighting with the door, Robinson insists on pulling it open, ending up prying it off the hinges after a long struggle.

Which Episode Is The Game Night Sketch?

The “Game Night” sketch appears in episode three of season one. In this sketch, Tim Heidecker plays a difficult guest to a game night at his girlfriend’s friend’s home. Aside from asking where the host’s nutcracker is, and asking for “gazpacho soup” (and then complaining that it’s so lukewarm that it burns his lips), Heidecker is terrible at charades, only naming obscure jazz and blues musicians who no one else at the party knows.

Will There Be A Third Season?

There is currently no third season slated to enter production, though devoted fans should not lose hope. Season one debuted in 2019, and season two came out two years later, in 2021. At this rate, fans can expect another season in 2023, though based on the amount of press that season two got it could be much sooner. Every major outlet gave the show rave reviews, and popular reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the second season a “100% Fresh” rating.

What Is The Theme Music?

Perhaps a nod to creator and star Tim Robinson’s Detroit upbringing, the music featured in the animated interstitial sequences in the show has a decidedly Motown flavor, even if many of the artists never recorded in the Motor City. The most-used songs include “Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart In Two)” by Doris Wilson, “Baby Bay” by John Lewis, and “Blending Soul” by Soul Blenders. The upbeat soul music beautifully complements the timeless sketches, and makes for the start of a great playlist for doing chores or sitting in traffic.

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