90 Day Fiance: Why Did Miona and Jibri Bell May Have Married

90 Day Fiance Why Did Miona and Jibri Bell May Have Married

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ provides us a look right into the lives of US residents who are involved to international nationals. While the foreign partners come to the United States on a K-1 visa, they are allowed a total amount of 90 days within which they need to marry or deal with deportation. As cross-border partnerships manage distinctions in practices, customs, and also lifestyles, 3 months is nearly inadequate for people to iron out their concerns. Still, with a future on the line, it is interesting to see exactly how each pair takes care of to get to a state of mutual understanding, all in the name of love.

Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance’ presented South Dakota native Jibri Bell and his Serbian fiancee, Miona. With Jibri traveling to Chicago, Miona made him promise a coastline wedding, making followers examine if the two are married.

Are Miona as well as Jibri Bell Married?


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Jibri fulfilled Miona for the first time when executing with atrioventricular bundle, The Black Serbs, in Serbia. They got accustomed after Jibri’s efficiency finished, and also it did not take wish for both to start dating. In the very early days of their relationship, the couple took a trip a whole lot and also did not really trouble concerning saving for the future. Yet, one of these trips transformed exceptionally memorable, as Jibri lastly popped the question, and also Miona was only also satisfied to say yes.

Points went southern as soon as Miona showed up in the United States. For starters, she was anticipating Jibri to be still living in Los Angeles, although he moved to his home town of Rapid City in South Dakota, just so he could conserve cash. On the other hand, the couple’s funds required them to stick with Jibri’s moms and dads, who discovered it challenging to readjust with Miona in the house. The Serbian national was rather disappointed when asked to prepare for the entire family members and additionally disliked it when Jibri’s mom asked her not to use disclosing clothes.

Although Jibri attempted his finest to moderate the situation and also often took his girlfriend’s side versus his parents, he and Miona maintained fighting over the location of their wedding celebration. Jibri exposed that he wished to hold the wedding celebration in Rapid City in order to save and cut expenses up for the future, yet Miona was adamant regarding having a beachside wedding event. The South Dakota native attempted everything feasible to make Miona recognize, she stuck to her decision and declined to budge. Quickly after, the Black Serbs seemed to obtain an excellent chance with a manufacturer, and also Jibri was asked ahead to Chicago. Miona was originally anxious of the concept yet settled on the condition that she and Jibri would certainly have a beachside wedding event. Jibri reluctantly concurred, as well as the show depicted them leaving Rapid City for Chicago.

It is unclear if Miona managed to obtain her beachside wedding event, we can verify that she and Jibri have already connected the knot. Thus, while Jibri as well as Miona seem to be based out of the United States at present, they are gladly married, and we would certainly such as to want them the very best for the years to come.

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