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A Model Family Ending, Explained: Who Killed Han-cheol, Who is the Mole

Also smart, well-made thriller films and also Television shows make the blunder of providing their protagonists an intellectual plot shield. It places its lead character, Park Dong-ha (Woo Jung), with heck. A family guy via and with, Dong-ha discovers that he needs to become a medication mule to maintain his spouse as well as youngsters secure.

A Model Family Season 1 Recap

One brief look at the program and the major family is sufficient to inform you that paradox is at play in the title. The Parks are not a model family by any kind of definition. Dong-ha as well as his other half Eun-ju were literature students at college, but the latter could not graduate as she ended up being expectant with a child, Yeon-woo.

Dong-ha is an assistant teacher at a college, whereas Eun-ju works as a translator. As the series begins, we learn that Dong-ha has actually lost all that cash attempting to protect a setting as a full-time teacher.

Eventually, while returning residence, Dong-ha discovers a van with 2 dead bodies and an excessively high amount of cash inside. Assuming it’s an answer to his prayers, he takes the cash, buries the bodies in his yard, and also cleanses the van before deserting it. As pointed out above, activities have effects in this program, and also Dong-ha, who has never ventured to the wrong side of the legislation in the past, makes proper errors and draws the attention of the police.

It is exposed that the money Dong-ha currently has in his property was created with the drug trade. There are essentially two gangs at the start of the show. The Sangseon Ring brings the medication to South Korea, while the Yongsoo Ring is in charge of the circulation. The money was suggested to be the repayment for a delivery of medicines. As it has actually not reached where it is expected to, the members of the Yongsoo Ring find themselves in temporal risk. Their leader, Yong-soo, sends out one of his trusted lieutenants Ma Kwang-chul to find the money.

One of the two guys whose bodies Dong-ha located is disclosed to be Han-cheol, an undercover authorities policeman. Both Kwang-chul and Joo-hyun move right into Dong-ha’s area.

After Dong-ha removes Han-cheol’s cellphone, he discovers that his partner was having an affair with the man. In episode 3, Kwang-chul realizes that it was Dong-ha that took the cash. Kwang-chul desires to kill Dong-ha, however then he figures out that the aide teacher is worth a lot more to life. Dong-ha is a family man with an ill youngster; he will do anything to shield his enjoyed ones. And that’s exactly how Dong-ha ends up being a medication mule for Kwang-chul.

In the period 1 ending, the Yongsoo Ring totally dismantles adhering to the deaths of Yong-soo and also his brother-in-law Choi Kang-jun. Joo-hyun finds a means to deliver justice to the mole within the cops department that supplied information to Yongsoo Ring. Kwang-chul develops control over the distribution of drugs, as well as Dong-ha decides to turn himself in to the authorities.

A Modern Family Ending: Does Dong-ha Save His Family?

From the moment he has actually found that cash in that van, Dong-ha’s life has actually been spiraling out of control. ‘A Model Family’ efforts to establish that her actions stems from years’ worth of disappointment and damaged dreams, the large viciousness of her attacks leaves Dong-ha mentally damaged.

Yes, Dong-ha saves his family, but the ending shows their ordeal isn’t over. Ultimately, Kwang-chul shields Dong-ha and also his family by eliminating Messenger, the feared cleaner that the Sangseon Ring sends after the money goes missing.

The lives of the Park family members are additionally made complex when Dog-ha’s father, Deuk-soo, shows up. He is a swindler whom Joo-hyun finds as well as sends towards Dong-ha, wishing that he will certainly be able to persuade his son to come close to the authorities. Although he hasn’t been there for Dong-ha prior to, Deuk-soo comes through for his son and also his family.

When the season finishes, the marital issues between Dong-ha and Eun-ju are far from being resolved. As Dong-ha comes close to the cops precinct to transform himself in, he receives a phone call. A strange guy speaks from the other end, telling him to keep the phone safe since the lives of his family rely on it. As well as the circle appears to begin again. This strange man can not be Kwang-chul or his assistants. He is most likely one of the high-level members of Sangseon Ring, targeting Dong-ha because of his connection to Kwang-chul.

Who is the Mole in the Police Department?

Throughout her examination, Joo-hyun discovers that there is a mole in the authorities department, as well as it is that individual who supplied info regarding Han-cheol. She is the one who suggested Kang-jun to take out Han-cheol.

Joo-hyun had charming sensations for Han-cheol, and also she was truly fond of Yun-seok. She leaves the proof she has collected versus Jung-kook with 2 trusted officers, before going to the district as well as essentially executing her quondam mentor. Although Joo-hyun is apprehended, the entire blunder including Han-cheol’s death and also the police authorities’ engineering comes to light.

Who Killed Han-cheol?

Among the prevalent secrets of ‘A Model Family’ is the death of Han-cheol. In the season ending, Dong-ha removes the van’s dashcam and also discovers what really happened on that particular eventful night. While Han-cheol and also his partner, Myeong-su, were heading to the assigned meeting area to supply the money. Myeong-su obtained a call, likely from Kang-jun, and also informed Han-cheol to pull over so he might pee. The moment Han-cheol stopped the cars and truck, Myeong-su assaulted. Both guys died in the experience. With his last breath, Han-cheol said Eun-ju’s name equally as his van encountered Dong-ha’s car. Later on, Joo-hyun locates Han-cheol’s body after Dong-ha sends out a photo of the area via the man’s phone.

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