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A teaser of the series “Fisher” with Jankowski and Bortich has been released

The streaming service has released the debut teaser for the thriller Fisher . The series starts online on February 28.

The project is based on real events. The story takes place in the USSR in 1986. A maniac kills teenagers on Rublyovka. An experienced investigator Kozyrev ( Alexander Yatsenko ) and his partners ( Ivan Yankovsky and Alexandra Bortich ) take over the case. However, the investigation becomes more and more complicated with every turn and new suspect.

The directors of the show were Sergei Taramaev and Lyubov Lvova ( “Winter Way” , “Black Spring” ). Sergey Gilev, Anna Snatkina, Olga Ozollapina and others also played in Fisher. In total, eight episodes are planned in the series.

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