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Aandman | Season 2 will begin shooting in the coming months.

Editor’s note: Mason Alexander Park identifies as a non-binary person, preferring to use neutral language. Therefore, the text of this article will use neutral pronouns such as “elu/delu” and the vowel “e” in words that present gender inflection

Sandman season 2 updates: according to Mason Alexander Park, who plays Desire on the Netflix series, new episodes of the production will begin shooting in the coming months. The actor’s statement was made during a promotional event for the series and shared on Twitter by a fan account; Look:

“We’re starting filming in the summer and we’ll tackle the next big chunk of stories in however long that takes,” said elu.

Sandman is a blend of modern myth and dark fantasy, blending contemporary fiction, historical drama and mystical legends. The series revolves around the people and places affected by Morpheus, the King of Dreams, in an attempt to right the cosmic and human wrongs he has committed in his vast existence.

The first season of the series, which is produced by Neil Gaiman himself, is now available on Netflix. No premiere date has yet been announced for Season 2.

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