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Abdul Khan’s Sister: Where is Rubina Khan Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent’ attributes the heartbreaking story of how Abdul Aziz Khan unexpectedly disappeared, with the authorities thinking that his mom, Rabia Khalid, kidnapped him. The supposed kidnapping was the culmination of an extensive lawful battle for Aziz’s custodianship between Rabia as well as the boy’s papa, Abdul Khan.

Where is Rubina Khan Today?

Rubina Khan bore in mind the day Aziz Khan was birthed in November 2010 and stated he was their household’s greatest true blessing. Abdul, a caring father, loved spending time with his child. Nevertheless, his connection with Rabia didn’t remain the exact same gradually. They chose to divide in April 2014, as well as at the time, Abdul thought they had an amicable partnership, splitting protection of Aziz. However, Rubina mentioned on the program that Rabia constantly appeared secured, as well as she never recognized who Rabia really was. After the separation, Rabia transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, for one more job opportunity.

A couple of months after the separation, Rabia submitted for separation. At the time, Rubina found out that her nephew’s mom had actually been in constant touch with attorneys, trying to figure out a means to maintain Aziz in Atlanta, Georgia. Around the exact same time, enjoyed ones specified that Rabia kept Aziz away from his daddy.

The court day was set for November 28, 2017, but while Abdul was there, Rabia and also Aziz were no place to be seen. At the time, Rubina really felt that Rabia was somehow attempting to extend the procedure. The United States Marshals have been looking for Aziz, Rabia, and Elliot given that after that however have not had much good luck.

Rubina discussed on the program that the family would never quit looking for Aziz. Today, she lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her spouse, Fawad Khan. Rubina has even more than a years of experience and runs her own practice, in enhancement to being connected with several various other hospitals.

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