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Adriano De Souza: Where is Phil Spector Driver Now?

Showtime’s ‘Spector’ chronicles the gruesome as well as shocking murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was discovered shot to death in music producer Harvey Phillip “Phil” Spector’s house. While the police showed up to discover Lana dead with a gunshot wound inside her mouth, records claim that Phil’s driver, Adriano De Souza, was the very first person who reported the case to the authorities. The police didn’t suspect Spector at first, yet Andriano’s declaration made them re-examine their verdicts. If you aspire to understand about Adriano’s function in Phil’s trial and also where he goes to existing, we have you covered.

Who Is Adriano De Souza?

Originally from Brazil, Adriano De Souza was an extremely skilled military officer that later transferred to the United States. At the time of Lana Clarkson’s murder, he resided in Alhambra, California, as well as was utilized by music manufacturer Phil Spector as his individual driver. A true specialist, Andriano was an attentive staff member, and also he utilized to drive Phil to organization conferences, songs studios, as well as clubs, to name a few places. Individuals that knew him outside of his profession discussed that Adriano was a generous and also kindhearted person who behaved agreeably with every person as well as never ever waited to prolong a helping hand any place needed. Besides, the docudrama kept in mind that although Adriano frequently functioned tough 24-hour changes, he never ever did and complained everything he was asked to with a smile.

Records mention that Adriano was at job since the morning of February 2, 2003, and also had actually chauffeured many people throughout the day. While he managed to squeeze in a three-hour snooze in the mid-day, the driver had nothing to consume or drink aside from potato crisps, wafers, and water. Still, in the mid-day, he chose Phil Spector up and took him on a ten-hour drive throughout which they stopped briefly at a number of bars and pubs in Los Angeles, California. At some point, they got to your house of Blues club in Los Angeles, and also despite the fact that Phil was quickly rejected access into the VIP area by Lana Clarkson, the issue was solved on the spot, as well as the music supervisor stayed at the area for quite a long time. When it was time to leave, Phil asked Lana to accompany him home, and also Adriano drove the pair back to the Pyrenees Castle in Alhambra, California.

Since it was a rather lengthy day, Adriano dropped Phil as well as Lana off at the Pyrenees Castle prior to waiting, as the last specified she would be going back home quickly. However, at that extremely minute, he listened to a loud gunfire from inside your house. Later on, Adriano stated that he heard Phil claim he believed he had killed a person while opening the door with a gun in his hand. Upset, the driver glanced inside to find Lana dropped over a chair, and also as quickly as he realized what had actually taken place, he squandered no time at all in calling the cops. When first responders arrived on the scene, they stated Lana dead from a gunshot injury to her mouth and discovered the murder tool lying near her feet. Still, Phil at first claimed the fatality was unintended prior to changing his declaration and firmly insisting that Lana had actually taken her own life.

Where Is Adriano De Souza Today?

Although Phil maintained insisting on Lana’s death being an “unintentional self-destruction,” Adriano stayed with his original statement with much conviction, motivating law enforcement authorities to deal with the death as a homicide. With time, the cops found out that Phil had formerly endangered 4 other women with a gun, while a better medical examination verified that a person had forced the weapon inside Lana’s mouth. Authorities discovered a gun cleansing fabric with the victim’s blood on it, and also with a tons of circumstantial evidence against Phil, they detained and also charged him with murder.

Adriano agreed to testify against Phil Spector at his test and also specified that he heard his employer claim he might have killed somebody before opening the door with a weapon in his hand. As there was no forensic evidence connecting Phil to Lana’s murder, the first trial in 2007 was declared a mistrial with a put up jury.

After the test ended, Adriano accepted privacy as well as presently chooses to keep his individual life under covers. He did share his experience in the Showtime docu-series yet preserves a limited existence on social networks, making his existing whereabouts quite vague. Still, with Adriano having a license to operate in the United States, we think he has actually stayed back in the county and is ideally living a contented life.

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