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Alex Cox Cause of Death: How Did Lori Vallow Brother Die?

If there’s one point that’s continuous throughout the confusing case of Lori Vallow Daybell, it’s the visibility of her senior brother Alex Cox at every crucial turn, whether it be adverse or positive. After all, as chronicled on Netflix’s ‘Sins of Our Mother,’ not only were they close from the very beginning, however he additionally shared every element of her radical, extremist, and also apocalyptic religious beliefs. Now, if you just desire to learn even more concerning the details of his previous individual standing, his reported hand in numerous offenses/deaths, as well as his supreme death, we’ve got you covered.

That Was Alex Cox?

Alexander “Alex” Lamar Cox was born as the second of 5 children (Lori is the fourth) to passionate Mormons Janis Lee Cox and Barry Lynn Cox on January 18, 1968, in San Bernardino, California.” [He] was just extremely funny,” his mother Janis confessed in the three-part docudrama collection. “He wished to be a stand-up comedian,” and he did try, yet life had various plans. Regardless of what, however, his protectiveness over his sis never waivered, for whom he was also all set to transform fierce in the blink of an eye if he thought he was defending her in addition to her honor.

This much is noticeable with the fact he tasered Lori’s 3rd hubby, Joseph “Joe” Ryan, and threatened to eliminate him in 2007 upon finding he was abusive to both her and also her young kids. Alex then spent 90 days in an Austin, Texas, jail after begging guilty to the attack, according to official documents, yet it’s not something he has actually relatively ever before said sorry for or genuinely was sorry for.

It thus isn’t unexpected Alex assaulted Lori’s fourth hubby Charles Vallow also once he found out there was problem between the pair, yet this time around, it led to the last being fired to death. Considering that he was not initially billed owing to his cases of self-defense as well as Lori is currently facing a conspiracy theory to dedicate murder indictment, with her brother called, exactly what would certainly transpired remains vague. We ought to additionally discuss court documents clearly determine Alex as the masked man who attempted to shoot Lori’s new partner’s initial partner, Tammy Daybelll, with a paintball weapon on October 9, 2019.

How Did Alex Cox Die?

From what we can inform, Alex was rushed to the Banner Gateway Hospital in Gilbert, Arizona, on December 12, 2019, upon being found resting on his restroom floor desperately gasping for air. There was vomit coming out of the 51-year-old’s mouth, but however, even trained professionals could not do anything by the time they reached the facility– he was quickly pronounced dead. His partner of 2 1/2 weeks, Zulema Pastenes (whose last name he ‘d taken), informed officials he ‘d been having serious problem with his wellness considering that around December 6, yet he rejected to seek any kind of clinical therapy.

Instead, Zulema claimed, based on East Idaho News, Alex drove to Mexico to get prescription medications due to the fact that they were less expensive, only to proceed having lack of breath. All of it unfortunately concerned an end on that fateful Thursday, but the positive thing for them was he would certainly received a priesthood true blessing (reportedly from his Chad Daybell) over the phone on the day he passed. According to his postmortem examination, Alex died of entirely all-natural reasons– embolism in his lungs as well as hypertension.

It’s essential to note that although Alex could not be extensively questioned in link to his niece Tylee Ryan and also nephew JJ Vallow”s loss, his electronic devices did assist a whole lot. His cellular phone information actually put him in the Daybell’s yard for over 2 hrs on September 9, 2019– the day after 16-year-old Tylee was last seen alive– leading the officials to browse the spot. It’s precisely where she and also her 7-year-old brother’s near skeletal remains were discovered, however alas, Alex can clearly not be formally fingered for his expected hand in the matter.

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