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Alice in Borderland: Arisu and Usagi’s Fate After Season 2

What happens to Arisu and Usagi after the second season of Alice in Borderland is a question that the manga Alice in Borderland and Alice in Borderland Retry can aid answer.

The Alice in Borderland season 2 ending seemingly concluded the program’s story. There’s even more to Arisu and Usagi’s trips, though the major problem has actually currently been settled.

The end of Season 2 followed completion of the manga carefully, implying it doesn’t leave much area for a Season 3. That claimed, the Joker card at the end of Season 2 wasn’t precisely something from the manga, and meant a Joker game for Season 3.

The story continues in the manga, however in an extra self-contained follow up. The manga discloses what happened to Arisu and Usagi after whatever they went through during the events of Alice in Borderland

Arisu and Usagi wind up with each other after Alice in Borderland.

Alice in Borderland season 2, which can double as the program’s final season, ended with a tease that Arisu and Usagi would certainly get together in the real life. This is really what takes place in the resource product, when Arisu and Usagi get wed, as revealed by the manga’s sequel, Alice in Borderland Retry. The follow up occurs a few years after Arisu awakens in the real world and sees the character return to Borderland. Retry also discloses that Arisu ended up being a psycho therapist, most likely motivated by the Queen of Hearts and her discussion with the Joker.

As Usagi promised Arisu throughout their time in Borderland, the set went mountaineering together a couple of times – though they didn’t specifically bear in mind those guarantees. A couple of years after the end of Alice in Borderland, Arisu and Usagi come to be moms and dads.

Have Arisu and Usagi already remembered what occurred in Borderland?

Arisu and Usagi do not remember what occurred at the end of Season 2, and the very same is true at the end of the Alice in Borderland manga. They never remember what took place in Borderland, consisting of the reality that their love started there. The only exception takes place in Retry. In the manga, after having a crash while on his means to the medical facility to see Usagi, Arisu is returned to Borderland. There he remembers every little thing that had actually occurred during the original battle royale games. As soon as Arisu completes the Nine of Hearts game, he as soon as again wakes up in the actual globe with no memories of Borderland.

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