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Alicia Di Tullio: Where is Beto De la Torre Wife Now?

It was back in very early 2006 when a group of males looted a Bank Rio branch in Acassuso, San Isidro while holding 23 captives, only to after that disappear without causing or acquiring a single injury. This radical operation was hence glamorized in the media as “the burglary of the century,” which is precisely what Netflix’s ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist’ narrates in total detail. However, the one aspect no one saw coming was a veteran burglar crew member’s wife becoming their certain failure– so now allow’s find out all there’s to understand about Alicia Di Tullio, shall we?

That is Alicia Di Tullio?

Alicia Di Tullio was Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre’s (or The Thug’s) wife at the time of the well known Argentinian coup, and she understood of the whole event a lot prior to it was actually executed. That’s due to the fact that she would certainly not only clearly seen yet had additionally briefly satisfied a lot of the squad while they were dealing with the trip vehicle in the couple’s household garage, as per the docudrama. In fact, she supposedly even celebrated with her other half when he effectively returned house with money on January 13, just for things to take an extreme turn from every angle shortly after.

Eventually Beto discovered his haul had dropped a fair bit, yet the phase shut almost right away when Alicia confessed she had actually taken five or 6 stacks (worth around $300,000) from his bag. Though, according to the manufacturing, they had a huge disagreement a few days later because she took extra from his cabinet, leading him to take the continuing to be money somewhere else for safekeeping. That’s when the expert burglar claims the family matriarch, the mommy of their young boy, and the stepmother of his various other (older) child from a previous connection contacted the neighborhood authorities.

According to Alicia’s narrative, Beto was intending to leave to Paraguay with his sweetheart along with the loot, whereas he has actually constantly asserted he really did not even have an additional woman in his life. “I had not been going anywhere without my wife as well as my sons anyhow,” he added in the Netflix original. “I guess she thought or else. I assume, I mean, she valued the cash greater than family, so …” The reality other crew member Luis Mario Vitette after that exposed he was informed everyone needed to pay Alicia $300,000 for her silence just backed Beto’s story, yet none of it can genuinely be confirmed.

Where is Alicia Di Tullio Now?

Alicia has actually hardly ever spoken openly regarding her ex-husband or her function in the team’s concern back in 2006 itself, which’s ostensibly just due to the fact that she has carried on with her life. From what we can inform, she still stays in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina, where a strong support group borders her, yet her top priorities could be quite various these days. She actually favors to maintain both her individual along with specialist experiences faraway from the spotlight.

After that, we battled hard and also she reported me … But worst of all, she restricted me to see my boy. That she entered my life. To make matters worse, she loaded the head of Gastón, my various other boy.

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