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All about Demon Death Ascension, the New Evil Dead Movie

2023 marks the return of the Evil Dead franchise to theaters, after 10 years since the last release on the big screen. Called Demon Death: Ascension , the fifth film brings back the murderous demons in an all-new, bloody story.

To clear all your doubts about the new chapter of the franchise created by Sam Raimi ( Spider-Man ), we’ve put together a list below with all the information about Evil Dead Rise . Check out:


The new Evil Dead movie focuses on two new characters: Beth and her sister Ellie, who lives with their three children in an apartment in Los Angeles. The reunion takes a sinister turn when they discover a mysterious book in the basement of Ellie’s apartment building. That book is nothing more than the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead that starts a new infestation of demons.

Demon Death: Ascension marks a new era for the franchise, setting the story in the city of Los Angeles and no longer in an isolated cabin in the woods. However, other elements remain, such as the fact that the protagonists are ordinary people and the bloodbath – which led the production to hire an industrial kitchen to prepare more than 6,000 liters of fake blood.

Characters and Cast

Beth is played by Lily Sullivan ( Spirited: A Christmas Carol ), while Ellie is played by Alyssa Sutherland ( Vikings ). In addition to the duo, Gabrielle Echols ( Ways of Memory ) as Bridget, Nell Fisher ( My Life is Myrder ) as Kassie, and Morgan Davies ( The Hunter ) as Danny were revealed. It is believed that the three will play Ellie’s children.

Will Ash be in Evil Dead 4?

When you think of Evil Dead, it’s easy to think of Ash Williams. Protagonist of the first three films and series Ash vs. Evil Dead , the hero has become one of the symbols of the franchise. Perhaps that’s why fans might be disappointed to learn that Ash won’t be in Demon Death: The Ascension.

On the other hand, actor Bruce Campbell is involved in the new movie. Interpreter of Ash in the previous films, he returns as a producer of the fifth chapter of the saga.

Is Sam Raimi involved?

Director and screenwriter of the first Evil Dead films, Sam Raimi returns as executive producer for Devil’s Death: The Ascension .

director and screenwriter

The fifth Evil Dead film will be written and directed by Lee Cronin . After helming shorts, the filmmaker made his feature film debut in 2019 with The Hole in the Ground . Little talked about, the work impressed Sam Raimi to the point that Cronin was “handpicked” for the new film.

Is Evil Dead 5 a sequel, remake or reboot?

The Evil Dead franchise is made up of a trilogy, a remake, and a spin-off series. With so much information, it’s hard to know where the fifth film fits. According to Bruce Campbell, the feature is all of these at the same time.

“People can call it what they want: continuation, remake, reinterpretation. It’s really just another Evil Dead movie. It’s centered around the book. It’s all about the Necronomicon ,” the producer tells EW . That said, the project was announced in 2021 as “built upon the original trilogy” , indicating greater influence on Ash Williams’ misadventures.

Evil Dead or The Death of the Demon?

The Evil Dead franchise has had different names in Brazil and the main ones are A Morte do Demônio and Uma Noite Alucinante . For the fourth film, originally called Evil Dead Rise , Warner Bros chose the title Devil’s Death: The Ascension .

Where to watch: HBO Max or theaters?

Demon Death: Ascension was originally planned to be released direct to HBO Max streaming . However, following the change in leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery , the film moved to a theatrical release.

The strategy could be a good sign, as the same thing happened to Sorria . Planned as a Paramount+ streaming original movie , the feature hit theaters and became one of the biggest hits of 2022 by grossing more than $216 million around the world.


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