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All V/H/S/99 Endings, Explained: Is Lily Dead? Is the Legend of Giltine Real?

Shudder’s ‘V/H/S/ 99’ is a found video scary movie provided in an anthology style. It is the 5th installation in the ‘V/H/S’ movie collection as well as attributes five private brief sections, each with its very own distinct and scary experience. The shorts are routed by Johannes Roberts, Vanessa & Joseph Winter, Maggie Levin, Tyler MacIntyre, as well as Flying Lotus.

The film adheres to a VHS tape coming from a young adult including footage of numerous paranormal events from 1999. Viewers should be looking for an explanation for the movie’s gory, terrible, and mentally twisted occasions. Because case, right here is whatever you need to understand about the ending of ‘V/H/S/ 99.’.


The very first short in the movie is titled ‘Shredding,’ and it is routed by Maggie Levin. It follows Rachel, Ankur, Chris, and Kaleb, collectively known as the hard rock as well as prank team R.A.C.K. The group documents different video clips of themselves executing songs and tricks. For their next video, the band determines to verify an urban legend about the band Bitch Cat, who passed away under mystical circumstances at an underground venue. Rumors claim that the band participants were stomped by their followers after a fire broke out, bring about their fatality. Ever since, the place has actually been abandoned as well as believed to be haunted.

Shredding Ending: What Happens to R.A.C.K?

In the film, the members of R.A.C.K. get here to check out the place where Bitch Cat band members passed away a few years earlier. They have all listened to the haunted stories regarding the place as well as wish to see whether the band’s spirit still lives inside the location.

During the performance, the band members pretend to be possessed to scare Ankur, who is infuriated by their pranks and also leaves. Nonetheless, the ghost of Bitch Cat members soon emerges and gradually hunts down R.A.C.K. Rachel, Ankur, Chris, and Kaleb are all killed one by one for openly disparaging Bitch Cat and making fun of their music. Inevitably, the band’s tale foreshadows the web content race unfolding in the brand-new millennium as teens continue to execute such risky endovenous to gain social media fame. Regretfully for R.A.C.K., their mission leads them directly to death.

Suicide Bid.

The 2nd tale, labelled ‘Suicide Bid,’ is guided by Johannes Roberts. It focuses on Lily, an university freshman that wants to join her college campus’s most distinguished sorority. After submitting a video application to the sorority led by a group of mean girls, Lily is employed for an interview. The girls reveal that before they accept Lily into their sorority, she must carry out a risk. The ladies challenge Lily to invest an evening inside a coffin. The job originates from a trainee named Giltine, who was handed the exact same risk and also strangely disappeared. Lily unwillingly agrees to do the job that turns out to be a way for the sorority ladies to haze the brand-new woman.

Self-destruction Bid Ending: Is Lily Dead? Is the Legend of Giltine Real?

Before the ladies can unbury her, Giltine attacks Lily. She transforms Lily right into a demonic being simply like her, leading to Lily’s fatality.

Meanwhile, the sorority women return for Lily however discover her coffin empty. For that reason, they make a deal never to discuss the event. In the end, the sorority girls find themselves hidden in coffins, similar to Lily. The women are tormented by Lily, who explains that she has come to be Giltine’s friend, as well as both are developing their own sorority of dead ladies. Therefore, Lily assured Giltine to add more participants to their rankings. Therefore, the short ends with Lily exacting vengeance on the sorority women by subjecting them to the same gnarly fate she suffered.

Ozzy’s Dungeon.

The third segment, routed by Flying Lotus, is labelled ‘Ozzy’s Dungeon.’ It focuses on an imaginary eponymous video game reveal that guarantees to satisfy the winning kid’s wish. To have their dream granted by the strange Ozzy, the children must complete in a series of unsafe and progressively tough challenge courses. One participant, Donna, resembles winning the game yet is terribly harmed in the final round. A couple of years later, Donna’s family abducts the game program’s host for retribution.

Ozzy’s Dungeon Ending: What is Donna’s Wish?

After the host understands his life remains in danger, he agrees to lead the family to their desire. The host clarifies that Ozzy exists and also wasn’t a scam produced by the show. He takes the household to the program’s old set. The team goes into a cave with a door that leads them into a dungeon. Inside, an obese man sleeps while a few slaves care for him. The person is disclosed as Ozzy, as well as the host asks him to satisfy Donna’s desire.

From her family members, we learn that Donna wished to end up being a movie superstar. Donna whispers her dream to Ozzy and also a Lovecraftian animal blows up from Ozzy’s tummy. Therefore, the finishing indicates that Donna’s family members looked down upon her after the injury, as well as she damaged them using her desire.

The Gawkers.

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre, ‘The Gawkers’ is the 4th section in the scary movie. It informs the story of Brady, a teenager that is making the stop-motion computer animation we see in between the segments. Brady’s cam is taken by his older sibling, Dylan. Dylan uses the cam with his buddies Kurt and Boner to spy on ladies and also document perverted video clips. A young lady moves right into the home next door, and the triad spies on her. When Brady handles to befriend the lady, Sandra, the trio coaxes him right into mounting spyware on her web cam. The team quickly understands that Sandra is hiding a dark trick.

The Gawkers Ending: What Is Sandra’s Secret?

Sandra is a very attractive young woman who becomes Brady and also Dylan’s new neighbor. If they set up the spyware with Brady’s assistance, their wish to see Sandra nude is regarding to be full.

Sandra soon starts transforming into a monster. Green stems emerge from her head and also become serpents. She then proceeds to assault the young adults and completely eliminates them. Ultimately, Brady and also Dylan try to face Sandra but are developed into rock. The short ends with Dylan and also Brady became statuaries implying that Sandra is actually a modern-day version of the Greek Goddess Medusa. Therefore, the segment uses the traditional Greek legend to talk about perversion at the millenium, aided by the arrival of contemporary videography technology and the net.

To Hell And Back.

The final and 5th segment is entitled ‘To Hell And Back’ and is directed by Vanessa & Joseph Winter. The tale focuses on best-friends Troy and also Nate. They are professional videographers that are hired by a cult on the eve of Y2K. The cult is preparing to perform a routine to mobilize their lord, Ukabon, from Hell to the human globe. Throughout the ritual, Troy and also Nate are inadvertently carried to Hell, where they have to battle for survival. While doing so, they meet Mabel, who helps them deal with the satanic forces of Hell however has her very own program.

To Hell And Back Ending: Do Troy and also Nate Escape From Hell? What Happens to Mabel?

The brief sees Troy as well as Nate entraped in Hell adhering to the ritual to mobilize Ukabon. In Hell, the duo is rapidly assaulted by numerous satanic forces. Nevertheless, they are saved by a witch called Mabel. She is effective as well as knows the weak points of the beasts. Mabel hates Ukabon and concurs to assist Troy as well as Nate return to the human globe on the problem that they write her name in the Book of Witches. Troy as well as Nate have up until twelve o’clock at night to get to the site in Ukabon’s hideout to go back to earth.

The cultists recognize that Troy as well as Nate are still alive, indicating that the team knowingly sent them to Hell as a sacrifice to Ukabon. In the end, the cultists extremely murder Troy and Nate however not before the buddies compose Mabel’s name in the publication.

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