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Alone Season 8: Where Are They Now? Update on the Contestants Today

History Channel’s ‘Alone’ is a thrilling survival reality show where entrants are entrusted with enduring the harshest problems and one of the most threatening victims to make it through. Each participant in ‘Alone’ is picked from the world’s topmost professionals in survival abilities as well as environmental understanding. These males and females are then dropped off into the wilderness and also are just permitted to bring 10 things of their own finding. Inevitably, they have to locate their own food, water, as well as sanctuary to survive in the wild.

With the exciting period 8 now behind us, the video cameras are transformed away from the contestants’ lives. Naturally, fans would want to understand where the survivalists of ‘Alone’ season 8 are now.

Rose Anna Moore

Rose Anna Moore had a promising start to her ‘Alone’ journey. She started revealing indicators of malnutrition as correct food was tough to come by. However, the final blow to the trip of the Pennsylvania citizen was her capturing frostbite, and also therefore, on the 37th day, she tapped out and had to be medically left. Rose, a mom of two adult youngsters, serves as a leasing agent at Moore Land Services and has Moore’s Sports Center (a hunting store).

Moreover, she places her abilities of trapping and also hunting to use by performing normal classes to supply the young people with the basic expertise of hunting, celebration, as well as enduring. Furthermore, Rose holds the respected settings of North Central Regional Director for Pennsylvania Hunters Sharing the Harvest and an Outreach Coordinator for North American Trapper. She is currently active using her abilities to take her brand to brand-new elevations while documenting every minute on social networks.

Colter Barnes

Colter Barnes started strong as well as discovered water and sanctuary pretty swiftly. Surprisingly, Colter’s moms and dads encouraged him to use for the show, and while they discussed they were fretted, they were likewise incredibly pleased of their boy.

At present, Colter, his partner Lexie Hayes, and her daughter Jordan live on a remote island in Alaska, where he uses his survival skills to lead a sustainable life. In the course, Colter teaches the students to lead sustainable lives through gardening, foraging, tanning, food preservation, and much more.

Theresa Emmerich Kamper

Starting as one of the favorites, Theresa Emmerich Kamper managed to survive a staggering 69 days in the wilderness. The only contestant from outside the United States territory, the Exeter, England, native showed remarkable resilience and skill in her strategies.

Theresa has also appeared on various documentaries where she shared her immense knowledge on the subject. Additionally, the prehistoric leather specialist also offers her services for lectures, private courses, museum presentations, and documentary appearances worldwide.

Biko Wright

He dedicated his adventure on ‘Alone’ to his two daughters, born right after he got back home. While on the eighth season of ‘Alone,’ Biko proved to be a worthy contestant from the very beginning and showed immense skill and talent in procuring food, shelter, and water.

Biko revealed that he “needed to be flown by means of helicopter” and spent “2 days in emergency clinic,” where the medical professionals informed the survivalist that he “might have gone into heart attack” if he had pressed himself even more. Currently, he is the honored father of 2 lovely double daughters– Xyla as well as Nixie– that were born right after he returned from ‘Alone.’ The daughters are undoubtedly the light of their moms and dads’ lives. Biko usually publishes concerning them on social media sites, particularly revealing how happy he is to be blessed with such a stunning household.

At present, Biko leads a sustainable life on a property in the woodlands of Western Oregon. With Biko loving to forge, build, and weld, he uses his skills as a means of survival and is quite happy living off the grid.

Clay Hayes

Clay Hayes was declared the winner on ‘Alone’ period 8 after making it through for 74 days in the Canadian wilderness. Clay took care of to conquer any and every obstacle thrown at him by revealing phenomenal survival skills and also clearheadedness on the program. Clay was previously employed as a wildlife biologist, he found his true calling in the art of making bows and archery. Therefore, following his desires, he stopped his work as a biologist and concentrated on refining his skills when creating and also using primitive bows.

Clay came to be such an expert in the craft that he turned his enthusiasm right into a career and now performs sought-after classes on bow structure. He has also contributed to various publications, podcasts, shows, as well as on the internet videos to spread the love of archery and bow structure. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel where he uploads routine video clips about bow making, bushcraft, survival abilities, as well as a lot more.

On the personal front, Clay is wed as well as lives in a homestead near Lewiston in North Idaho, with his partner, Liz, and also two boys– Coye as well as Fen. Liz likewise shares her partner’s love for sustainable living, as well as together, the couple is trying to inculcate the same in their kids.

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