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Andrea Ghira Cause of Death, How Did the Rapist Die

Netflix’s crime film ‘The Catholic School’ facilities around the pupils of St. Luigi High School, exploring their lives and the disputes they face. The most prominent story of the Italian film complies with Angelo Izzo as well as Gianni Guido, two trainees researching at the respected organization, who collaborate to torment and also rape Donatella Colasanti as well as Rosaria Lopez. Angelo as well as Gianni are signed up with by their pal Andrea Ghira, that tortures as well as rapes both ladies like his friends. The movie ends with a revelation that the real-life Ghira passed away in 1994. How did he die? Let’s figure out!

How Did Andrea Ghira Die?

Ghira took care of to get away upon obtaining tipped about the same. As per reports, it is believed that Ghira flew to Spain and also joined the Spanish foreign myriad, an elite unit of the Spanish military, under the false identity of Massimo Testa de Andrés.

Ghira died on September 2, 1994, at the age of 40, due to a medication overdose. He was located seven days after his death. According to the testimonies of the neighbors, he was a druggie. He was hidden in the significant burial ground of Melilla under his phony name. In 2005, a DNA test confirmed that Massimo Testa de Andrés was actually Andrea Ghira. Comparison of the fingerprints of Ghira as well as the ones taken from the corpse played a pivotal duty in affirming the identification. In October 2005, Ghira’s family launched a declaration that his mom Mrs. Maria Cecilia Ghira turned over a number of records to the Carabinieri that proves the death of her boy.

The enigma that revolves around Ghira’s death didn’t work out with the DNA test. Donatella never ever believed that the man who died in Melilla was Ghira. She also stated that the person buried in Melilla is a loved one of Ghira, which, according to her, describes the DNA examination outcome.

Letizia Lopez, the sibling of Rosaria, also isn’t encouraged that Ghira is dead. In an interview given up 2016, she exposed that she believes he is alive as well as he had actually received “help and security” over the years to hide from the authorities. Letizia additionally joined Donatella’s brother Roberto to resort to the European Court of Human Rights as they think that Italy really did not look for Ghira to detain him while he was on the run. In January 2016, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome resumed Ghira’s instance to conduct an extensive DNA examination making use of the exhumed body of “Massimo Testa” from Melilla. The experts that carried out the very same making use of bone-marrow samples validated that the remains of Massimo Testa come from Andrea Ghira.

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