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Andres Garcia: Does your wife Margarita Portillo keep you isolated from visitors? this is what is known

While Andres Garcia’s state of health remains to be seriously compromised, his spirits are likewise influenced after the conflict in which he has actually been associated with current weeks complying with recent statements by his kid Leonardo that branded Margarita Portillo, partner of the 81-year-old actor, of being interested in money and also charging her boy, Andres López Portillo, of offering El castillo, property of the star as well as disappearing with the cash.

Garcia Sr. is on absolute rest at his home in Acapulco. Bit by bit, he has actually relapsed the devastations left by the medication overdose that maintained him hospitalized for a number of days, however not the difficulties due to cirrhosis of the liver that They have actually identified him which whenever he worsens.

For her part, the other half of Andres Garcia, the only one that has been in charge of accompanying him with care, lately said that it is already recognized that is responsible for having actually provided the drug to the interpreter of Pedro Navaja, although she chose to schedule the name up until it is the star himself. that claims it

” They understand perfectly well that it is, I recognize flawlessly that the person or individuals who have actually aided him obtain it (medicines) are, but I think it comes from Andres Garcia,” said Margarita Portillo.

The reporter Hanzel Zarate, a close friend of Andres Garcia, informed the Ventaneando program that Portillo has definitely limited check outs to her other half, gaining strength from what Leonardo Garcia stated, who charged Margarita of keeping him away even from his very own youngsters, without making clear that the The step taken by Portillo is to care for the star’s wellness, considering that he has a group of buddies that places his stability at risk.

” Suddenly they started to assault Margarita, claiming that she had actually kidnapped Andres and kept him away from his close friends. In a particular component it is true, due to the fact that she has flawlessly identified which team of close friends are the ones that put Andres at risk, and also it is those good friends to whom she has shut the door,” said Zarate.

The devastations of pneumonia influence Andres Garcia

Not just the cirrhosis that was diagnosed is the only pathology that has worn away the health and wellness of the man that was the leading man in daytime soap, yet additionally an extreme pneumonia that keeps Andres Garcia on oxygen.

Recently, the starlet Anahí sent out an expert to inspect Andres Garcia’s painting, in addition to the truth that the emotional situations he has encountered in recent times affect him more, including the battle with the third of his children whom he called curious about advertising.

The former RBD, that really feels very enclose relationship to Andres Garcia and also many thanks him for having helped her when she suffered from anorexia and bulimia, sent her a pulmonologist to have another medical report on the star’s wellness.

Andres Garcia presented with the expert and also a much more better face is seen, he thanked his good friend de ella Anahí and also her hubby de ella for the motion they had with him.

“I wish to thank my bosom friend Anahí as well as her de ella husband de ella, Lic. Manuel Velasco Coello, for all their attention and generosity de ella, but especially for having actually sent Dr. Irma Flores, a superb pulmonologist, whom I likewise thank for all her attention from her”.

“I likewise intend to take this possibility to give thanks to all of you for all your messages and words of love as well as assistance that you have shown me by all possible ways. Truthfully, they do not know just how much they have actually served me currently. I send out a large hug to every one of you,” she wrapped up in his message from her.

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