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Anime To Watch With Your Friends in August 2021

Imagine that you have friends over, or are currently in a slumber party and can not decide what to do, then we have some possible suggestions for you. WATCH ANIME! Yes, what is better to chill with your friends while also entertaining yourselves than to watch anime? Now, there are various diversities in this fact as well. I mean, you could like a specific set of genres while your friend might be interested in some other. This might prove a bit problematic because only one of you guys will be enjoying the show.

We know all our readers, and thus, here we have curated a list that will help you and your friends decide about what they all want to do together once you all have cozied up. This list will also initiate some deep conversations with your pals. After watching some of these shows, there will be some points that are worth having a serious conversation over. Given the fact that conversations are a vital necessity in one’s relation with their friends, these might actually help you to bond better and know the various sides of your friends.

Anime is that source of entertainment that truly has no limit. You can imagine a dragon falling down a rollercoaster while a fairy rushes to save him, and boom, you have it on the screen. This is actually not possible in its life and action counterparts because for one, the budget will escalate too quickly, and two, the production will take years to complete. Anime also gives rise to curiosities and animation. By watching these shows over with friends, you all can actually discuss the various thoughts and be a show critic at your own level. Well, without keeping you at so many talks, we shall now dive straight into the list that we have made especially for your taste.

Prison School

You guys should know that this is an adult comedy anime, and you shall only watch it if you and your friend group are 18 years or older. The plot focuses on Hachimitsu Academy. It happens to be the girl’s academy in Tokyo and is known for being very strict. But soon, they decide to admit boys too in their institution. Thus, here comes the line of new boys into the school and one of them in Kiyoshi Fujino. But the main twist comes when the protagonist realizes that he, along with a few of his friends, are the only men in this school consisting of 1000 girls. We talked about strictness, and you will see it. As it so happens, the school board punishes even slight misconduct, and that person will have to spend time in the prison this school has.

Soon enough, we see that these boys commit their first crime in the bathing area of the school. Thus, they all are caught by the Underground Student Council. This means an ultimatum will be given to them all. The lads can spend their next month in the Prison Block of the school or get expelled. Hereby, they decide to get admitted to the Prison Block, which is managed by beautiful but vicious ladies. There is obviously is a lot of comedy in the show, and if you care enough, you and your friends will have a great time watching the drama.

Here, in order to not give you almost all the spoilers, we have restrained from telling the entire plot. But when you sit down and watch the short episodes of this show with your mates, I bet you guys are going to have a great time. Kiyoshi Fujino is the main character in this series. He has come forth to the girl’s academy from the same school as his friend Shingo. He establishes himself as the first boy to make a contact with a girl when he becomes close to Chiyo. Later in the show, we see that he develops feelings for her. This guy is not so great when it comes to studies, but when they have to make bizarre plans, Fujino is on the top.

Anime To Watch With Your Friends

Prison School

Grande Blue

The creators of this show have skillfully mixed two genres of a slice of life as well as comedy in this anime. Shinji Takamatsu has directed this show, and you all can stream it on Amazon Prime Video. Now, the best thing that you all should probably be aware of is that there is even a live and action film based on this series. If you and your friends do not have much time on your hand, then I suggest you can watch a film that will consume fewer hours and give you the same for entertainment. But if you only want to watch the anime adaption, then here is all the information wrapped up.

The plot of this anime majorly focuses on Iori Kitahara, who is looking forward to getting his new life back on track. The character has started living on the Izu Peninsula. He will soon start going to college here. In order to find a place to stay, he starts living on top of his uncle’s diving store called Grand Blue. Things escalate very quickly when he manages to have connections with the local Diving Club. These men are literally good for nothing. All they do is bluff, drink, and party. Despite the fact that they are addressed as the Diving Club, nobody in this group gives single care about the sport.

Now, Iori too finds himself involved with these men. But soon, he realizes that he has been doing nothing but wasting his time and future with these people. Thus, he tries to distance himself from this kind of person. Although, this is not going to be an easy task for him, obviously. He gets involved in all the antics which these men have to offer. All this while, his useless friends are going to introduce him to all the wonders that diving has. They will swim in the ocean as well as the sea. Iori really wants to focus on the mechanical engineering that he is studying at Izu University. Also, you guys should know that this lad has never swum once in his life, even though he is now an official member of the Diving Club. Throughout the anime show, you will see how the honest characteristic of Iori will help him win the hearts of people he comes across.

Anime To Watch With Your Friends

Grande Blue

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

If you plan to watch this anime with your friends, then here is a heads up. There is literally a blend of a lot of genres in this anime that are enough to play with your mind. We have themes such as psychological as well as romance and comedy. The creators have also managed to put the slice of life into it. There are only 12 episodes in this show thus, you and your friends can binge watch it in one night. It has been produced under the banner of A-1 Pictures. As for the plot of this series, it mainly focuses on Miyuki Shirogane. He is currently studying as a senior in high school at the Shuchlin Academy.

Miyuki is the one perfect boy with whom everybody wants to be friends. He is the president of the student council. Then we have his partner named Kaguya Shinomiya, who happens to work along with Miyuki in the form of vice president of the student council. The entire school loves the two in the form of a couple, and they even look perfect together. As for Kaguya, her parents have immense wealth. She is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family. Miyuki is no less either. He has impressed everybody around the institution by being the top student at the school and even being well known across the entire prefecture.

Now, they are actually not a couple yet. The two have immense feelings for each other. Although, their egos clash a lot, and will never accept their love for each other. Thus, they both come up with a lot of ways through which they can make each other confess the love first. This anime was particularly loved by the fans for its high school drama, and if you and your friends are studying at the same level, I bet you are going to love this.

Anime To Watch With Your Friends

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson

Well, obviously this anime has a pretty long and but do not get deceived by it. The plot is way too amazing to be true. It is not an anime show but rather a film and will actually prove perfect if all your friends want to have fun but also sleep early within a set period of time. The plot of this story has been adapted from a light novel series called Let’s Go, Crimson Magic of Explosion!, which serves as the fifth volume of the KonoSuba series penned down by Natsume Akatsuki. This tale has come out two years ago and features some new concepts.

As for the story, we see the focus is laid on Kazuma as well as his party. They are all down on their own luck. As it so happens, the use of explosion backfires that was employed by Megumin. This is because the group loses all the bounty which they were able to manage from the previous quest they were on. The team is in the morning over their lost treasure and hard work. This is seen until we witness Yunyun entering the scene. She tells Kazuma that the two need to have a son together in order to save the world. Yunyun says that that the group also needs this child to protect everyone in the Crimson Demon Village where she, along with Megumin is under attack by one of the generals by Demon King.

Well, the two proceed to the mansion where Kazuma stays at. Here, the previous part of the story is found to be falsely penned down by Megumin, as well as the classmate of Yunyun called True. This is what makes Yunyun very embarrassed, and thus, she heads back to the village she came from. Just the next day, the team decides to go to the village now. Wiz is the one who teleports them outside of the place. Here, Kazuma gets insanely chased by a group of female orcs to the point that he gets captured. But soon enough, Yunyun appears, and the orcs disappear. Well, there is still a lot to u fold from this story. Thus, I suggest you go ahead and watch the tale with your friends, and I bet you are going to love it.

Anime To Watch With Your Friends


Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

This is one of the best anime shows which you can watch with friends while also having equal fun. The main focus of this series is on a trio of friends along with how they spend their daily lives together. There even are a lot of bizarre situations that the three have to indulge in, which contributes to our entertainment. As we talked about, the plot throws a spotlight on three girls from high school who always have trouble with the residents of their town. These kids also have a talking cat whose name is Sakamoto.

There is obviously not a specific plot to the show or a story that is spanned throughout the episode. We see a bizarre event happening with these ladies all the time and how they all manage to deal with it. Also, you guys should keep in mind that these situations generally arise due to the mundane situations that each of these characters is going through. Now, when you start watching the show, I bet there is no way you can stop until reaching the last episode because yes, it is very addictive. The first thing that you will notice is the fact that Nano is the one getting the majority of focus among all the characters employed.

Initially, we witness the first half of the show is about her wish to become a student in high school. But given the fact that she is a robot, she has her own insecurities. She might get exposed for being a robot and not a human, and this might create potential trouble. Well, each episode involves a lot of drama and fun, and you also have the option to call quits on the show if you do not like it without worrying about the future episodes because they are not set within a certain story.

Anime To Watch With Your Friends

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

Cowboy Bebop

This anime has literally made history in the entertainment industry and can even be dubbed as one of the most classic tales. The main genre of Cowboy Bebop is science and fiction. It consists of just 26 short episodes, which will enable you to watch them entirely in one night with your friends. The anime has been produced and created under the banner of Sunrise. Even Netflix has come up with their own reboot of the original drams, which currently streams on their platform.

Now, the plot is set in the year 2071. It is roughly fifty years after an accident that included a hyperspace gateway. This is what made Earth unfit for life. Thus, humanity was forced to leave the planet and start life on various rocky planets as well as moons around the entire solar system. Obviously, given the fact that where there are colonies, there is a crime. Thus, the Inter-Solar System Police had to come together in order to maintain peace and order among the civilians. They set up a legalized contract system. According to this term, the bounty hunters will be appointed, generally called Cowboys. They shall chase the hotlisted criminals and bring them to the institution alive in order to receive a reward in return.

Now, the main focus is laid on the bounty hunters who operate from the spaceship called Bebop. The members of this group are Spike Spiegel, the leader of the group. He used to be a hitman for the criminal Red Dragon Syndicate but left them. Then we have Jet Black. He used to work in the ISSP previously. Later, their group is rocked by Faye Valentine, who is an amnesic von artist by profession. We also have Edward, who is excellent at hacking. Throughout the episodes of the show, we witness the team taking up the various tasks given away by the Police and turning in the criminals alive. You all can watch this show for being a good action drama with necessary plot twists.

Ghost Stories

The original anime show throws light on various genres such as horror as well as supernatural, as is already suggested by the title. Although, when it was remade for an English adaptation, we saw that it also consisted of themes such as black comedy as well as horror-comedy. Noriyuki Abe has directed this story. As for the plot, it mainly follows Satsuki Miyanoshita. She moves along with her family, where her late mother once used to live and grew up in. On the first day that she goes to her new school, Satsuki discovers something about the area.

First of all, she was not able to understand how the complex just in front of her school is actually haunted. Well, Satsuki has backed up her friends as well. The list includes her brother Keiichirou. Then we have Hajime Aoyama, their neighbor. Next up, we see Momoko Koigakubo, the senior of Satsuki. Leo Kakinoki also enerrs the scene. They are a classmate as well as a friend of Hajime with a special penchant. Together, the group decides to visit this haunted school building. Later in the scenes, the group starts to research this place to satisfy their curiosities. They come across the fact that it was actually the mother of Satsuki who is responsible for shutting these ghosts down into the adjacent building.

These creatures were not only haunting the entire children in their school but also were disturbing the peace of the entire town. But given the fact that there is urbanization going on in the surrounding area and the building is getting broken, these ghosts are releasing one after the other. This is the time which calls the main protagonist to rescue. We see that Satsuki’s mother has actually written all her secrets of binding these creatures in a book. She has also mentioned how to eliminate these ghosts once and for all. This is a fun shoe to watch you and your friends would love a dose of horror.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Made in Abyss

This is one of the most creative anime shows which will ever come across. The main genre is all about adventure as well as dark fantasy, along with science and fiction of course. The creators have executed a perfect blend of all these themes with the help of the anime show. Now, the main focus is on Riko. She is an orphan girl who resides in the Belchero Orphanage. This is located in the town of Orth. As for the town, it has a giant hole in its middle which is pretty strange. The hole goes deep into the Earth and is particularly referred to by the residents as an abyss.

Now, you guys should know that this place actually consists of various new artifacts as well as remains of the ancient civilizations which used to exist in this area. This is why the Cave Raiders, a popular group of hunters, try to get these special items from here. What they do not realize is, the spot is weirdly dangerous and might even cost their life. Even the humans who manage to return from this place are not safe. It is because of the Curse of the Abyss. It happens to be a mysterious manifestation that attaches to the people. The effect of this curse actually depends upon the depth a person is willing to go.

These curses actually increase on going inside. There are some of the Cave Raiders who are awarded the legendary title of White Whistles. Lyza, the mother of Riko, happened to bag one of these. As of right now, Lyza is considered given that she took her last descent into the abyss. This is when we see that Riko wants nothing else but to follow her mother and become a White Whistle himself. This is when the story starts, and I bet you and your friends are not ready for the drama that comes with Reg, a robot stuck in the abyss.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

This anime is that light story that will entertain you but also provide a good story to enjoy along. The genre of this tale is fantasy as well as comedy, along with Isekai. There are other themes as well, such as sword and sorcery involved. As for the plot, it focuses on Kazuma Sato. This lad has died an unexpected death in the most embarrassing way possible. Upon his death, he comes across a goddess named Aqua. She agrees to reincarnate Sato in a parallel world that has the elements of MMORPG. This is the place that will allow him to be a part of various adventures as well as battle monsters.

Before continuing his life in this world, Kazuma is offered some sort of supernatural item to assist him. But instead, he asks for Aqua herself to accompany him. Soon enough, while paving his way in Axel, he comes to realize that Aqua is an absent-minded lady who does not help Sato in any way possible. Well, Aqua can not even return to the afterlife now and continue to be a goddess until they defeat the Devil King. Thus, Sato and she form an alliance and also recruit two other members to their team.

First in their group is Megumin and later, appoint the masochistic crusader who goes by the name Darkness. Now, given the fact that their group dies not to have any special abilities to fight the Devil King off with, Kazuma gives up on the idea of defeating him. Hereby, he starts to mind his own business and living a comfortable life in this new place. But soon enough, he finds out that this is what forced him and his friends to fight off against the Devil King. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson, which we have talked about earlier in this list, is a sequel to this anime itself.

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