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Anne Rice Height, How Tall is Anne Rice

Anne Rice is very popular American Author. That’s why many people are trying to know about Anne Rice’s Height. We will tell you about Anne Rice’s Height, Weight in this article, so that you can know about Anne Rice’s birth. In this article, we can let you know about all the Height Feet inches of Anne Rice in this article.

Anne Rice Height

Anne Rice is a very famous American Author who was born on 4 October 1941. Whose age is 80 yearss. That’s why many people like to know about Anne Rice’s Height, Weight. Anne Rice’s height and weight are given below, which you can see.

Centi Meters: 157 cm

Meters: 1.57 m

Feet: 5′ 2

Now it will be clear how tall Anne Rice is. Watch below to know more about his biography.

Name Anne Rice
Profession American Author
Date of Birth 4 October 1941
Age 80 years
Height 157 cm (5′ 2″)

How Tall is Anne Rice?

People are curious to know Anne Rice’s height, they can check this article. As mentioned above, the height of the giant is 157 Centimeters, the height in meters is 1.57 Meters, and the giant Feet is 5′ 2.

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