Are Adam and Judith Munoz Still Together? Who Likes My Follower Update

Netflix’s ‘Who Likes My Follower’ starts out like any other dating reality show, with 3 eligible singles looking for their true love among 7 potential partners. These influencers overview, offer suggestions and even plan ahead for their followers.

Interestingly, Judith Munoz came onto the show as a prospective date for Sergio, while Adam was presented as one of Pixxbe’s suits. Nonetheless, throughout the program of the period, Judith and Adam obtained fairly close to each other, much to everyone’s surprise. Ultimately, Adam even made a decision ahead clean concerning his sensations, making followers examine if he and also Judith are still together. Well, fret not because we come bearing answers!

Judith and Adam’s Who Likes My Follower Journey

Both Judith as well as Adam went into the show on Day 1, they were presented as Sergio as well as Pixxbe’s dates, respectively. While Judith had not been that thrilled about being matched with Sergio, Adam was really a lot into Pixxbe as well as also claimed that she was whatever he had been looking for. Pixxbe also granted Adam a very like on the extremely first day, much to his joy.

In the initial few days of the show, Adam appeared to warm right as much as Pixxbe, and the two seemed in it for the future. They were extremely comfy with each other, and while the discussion felt uncomplicated, the two also had a lot of fun on their dates. On the other hand, while Judith as well as Sergio seemed to get off on the right foot, their connection was rather shaky, as well as in episode 4, Judith discussed that he had not been a suit for her.

Interestingly, things took a brand-new vibrant as soon as Judith as well as Adam obtained familiarized with each other. Even though Adam was fascinated by Pixxbe then, he couldn’t be attracted but assist towards Judith, who remarkably reciprocated. Additionally, with Judith denying Sergio in episode 4, she was readily available and also all set to check out a connection with Adam. Fairly normally, Adam located himself between a rock and a difficult location, as he did not know exactly how to face Pixxbe with the reality.

In truth, he was falling head over heels for Judith, but with Pixxbe maintaining him on her listing of prospective partners until the final three, he found it difficult to find clean. Nevertheless, after a lot of heart looking, Adam lastly made a decision to encounter the fact and revealed his feelings in the final episode. Even though Pixxbe appeared hurt in the beginning, she understood what Adam felt for Judith and allow him go.

Are Adam as well as Judith Munoz Still Together?

When filming wrapped, Adam as well as Judith accepted personal privacy and did not talk much about their partnership standing. While both of them kicked back into their everyday lives, they did not connect a whole lot in public as well as have not published any kind of photos together on social media sites. From the appearances of it, Judith is busy taking pleasure in a journey to France while Adam is still in Spain.

There is absolutely nothing to suggest a feasible break up, and while the 2 have seemingly kept in touch, seeing how Adam was dedicated enough to throw away his chance with Pixxbe makes us believe that he and also Judith are still together. Still, only time can reveal the absolute reality, although we would like to want both Adam and Judith the greatest for the years ahead.

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