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Are Bailee Madison and also Maia Mitchell Related?

Ever since Sophia was presented as Callie’s half-sister in the collection, followers could not obtain over the uncanny resemblance between the two stars that represent the duties. Quickly, social media was loaded with blog posts hypothesizing if Maia Mitchell (Callie) as well as Bailee Madison (Sophia) are undoubtedly associated.

Even though Madison’s Sophia is not a part of the new series, fans have actually not forgotten the actress who looks like Maia Mitchell’s twin sibling. If you are one of the individuals wondering if Mitchell and also Madison are relevant, then you are not alone!

Are Bailee Madison and also Maia Mitchell Related?

No, Bailee Madison and also Maia Mitchell are not related. The actresses have frequently been perplexed for every other to the point where also their followers can not tell them apart. Madison and Mitchell revealed that they became friends as a result of the people comparing both of them. Moreover, followers obtained puzzled in between both and also started posting concerning them even prior to the actresses had met each other in person. Besides, their mutual admiration has been sustaining these speculations for a long period of time. The fact that they are both Disney alums makes points all the more complex.

You would be amazed to recognize that the starlets have a significant age gap since Mitchell is 6 years older than Madison, who is 21.

Madison and also Mitchell are warmhearted about being perplexed with each other as well as, as a matter of fact, have a good time with the circumstance. Madison confessed to really feeling flattered when people state that she resembles Mitchell because she considers the Australian starlet extremely lovely. They have also obtained praises from each various other’s followers who blended their identifications. Mitchell thanked people on Madison’s behalf when they came gushing to the starlet to inform her how much they enjoyed her on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’

On the other hand, Madison has had comparable experiences. Mitchell’s followers informed her that they liked her in the ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ to which she reacted on Mitchell’s behalf. Both starlets were ecstatic when they discovered that they had been cast as siblings on ‘The Fosters.’ You might be stunned to know Bailee Madison is really the younger sis of the actress Kaitlin Ann Vilasuso, who features in films such as ‘Monster,’ ‘Watercolor Postcards,’ as well as ‘Scavengers.’ Still, the majority of followers would certainly agree that Madison looks a lot more like Maia Mitchell than she resembles her very own sister.

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