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Are Bilal and also Shaeeda From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ is an interesting TV program that follows the lives of a couple of US citizens who are engaged to international nationals. The international partners come over to the United States on a K-1 visa which permits them an optimum of 90 days to get married or face expulsion.

Bilal Hazziez fulfilled his Trinidadian fiancee, Shaeeda Sween, via some friends online. They were hesitant to speak at initially, the 2 got comfortable within no time, and also Bilal also checked out Trinidad as well as Tobago in order to invest a couple of days with her.

Bilal as well as Shaeeda’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

Bilal, who is one divorced and a daddy of two, fulfilled Trinidad and Tobago native Shaeeda Sween through some mutual friends online. Interestingly, Shaeeda had a similar name to Bilal’s ex-wife Shahidah, that made the US indigenous unwilling to talk with her. When Bilal got talking, he understood he had a great deal in common with Shaeeda, and also quickly the 2 connected on a much deeper level. Incapable to stay away from the love of his life for also long, Bilal soon made the trip to Trinidad as well as Tobago, where he spent 7 days with Shaeeda. During that journey, Bilal grew even more certain about his choice to be with Shaeeda and ended up popping the question to which she offered her approval.

On top of it, Bilal likewise seemed unimpressed by Shaeeda’s immaturity as well as instead came across as managing as well as demanding. Shaeeda quickly struck up a wonderful relationship with Bilal’s loved ones as well as even obtained fairly close to his children.

Unfortunately, the biggest hitch in their trip was a prenup that Bilal was adamant regarding finalizing. Shaeeda pointed out that she did not rely on prenups and also she desired a love that is forgiving and pure, yet Bilal adhered to his factor and also kept bringing the paper up at the most awkward of times. Ultimately, Shaeeda got the prenup inspected by her lawyer and realized that she was readied to shed everything if the file stayed unmodified. Hence, she stood up to her fiance and put a few of her own needs in the prenup, which both parties after that signed. Eventually, with the concern now settled, Bilal and also Shaeeda obtained married in a gorgeous event attended by their close ones.

Are Bilal Hazziez as well as Shaeeda Sween Still Together?

Yes! We are delighted to report that Bilal and also Shaeeda have actually managed to make points work as well as are still happily married. Although the problems seen throughout the season made followers guess that Bilal and Shaeeda could not last, the two stayed dedicated to their journey together and also persevered against every single barrier. Unfortunately, the couple is rather exclusive when it comes to their individual life as well as refrains from sharing a whole lot on social networks. Still, Bilal discussed their partnership in a lovable Instagram blog post where he wrote, “Just two imperfect individuals discovering to understand one another and also delighting in the distinctions. A story of 2 spirits … no filters … no edits … no photoshop … simply the real world! Perception is reality.” Hence, from the appearances of it, the two are having the moment of their lives, and we hope they stay pleased in the years to come.

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