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Are Brittany Dodd and Marcelino Santiago Still Together, Life After Lockup Update

If you have actually ever before wanted an ex-convict’s life after they have been released from jail, We television’s ‘Life After Lockup’ is the method to go. As the title suggests, the program complies with numerous ex-convicts as they try and reduce themselves back right into society and earn money. Besides documenting their day-to-day life and the concerns they deal with due to their criminal histories, the show additionally focuses on their enchanting relationships and how their better halves play a large function in their recovery. Overall, it does produce some awesome television, especially with the included flavoring of love as well as drama.

Ever before since the show started documenting Brittany Dodd and Marcelino Santiago’s lives, the couple has actually appeared to be extremely a lot in love. One can never visualize the future, and with Brittany and Marcelino encountering a rough road in their connection, followers are interested to discover out if the pair are still together.

Brittany Dodd and also Marcelino Santiago’s Life After Lockup Journey

According to the program, Brittany Dodd had fairly an unpleasant childhood as she fled from residence at the age of 12 and came to be a mommy of two when she was simply 15. Remarkably, she was founded guilty as well as sent to prison once at the age of 18, however after her launch, Brittany failed to keep away from criminal offense and discovered herself back behind bars. That was when she signed up with a pen pal program for prisoners; via it, she contacted Marcelino Santiago.

Surprisingly, Marcelino brought around a change in Brittany, as well as the ex-convict decided to turn her life around for the far better. That desire appeared also more possible when Brittany was released from jail, and Marcelino was there to sustain her every step of the way.

Are Brittany Dodd and also Marcelino Santiago Still Together?

We are delighted to report that Brittany and Marcelino are together and still going strong. In December 2018, Brittany and Marcelino invited their first child, Zoila, while their 2nd kid, Marciano, came into this world in March 2020.

The two even got a residence, got two pets, as well as began constructing a life surrounded by friends and family. Although Brittany had been separated from her mom considering that youth, Marcelino helped them reconnect, and the trip was also documented in ‘Life After Lockup.’ In 2020, Brittany likewise published a narrative entitled ‘One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets.’ Followers would be thrilled to know that in 2021, Brittany gained her actual estate certificate, which allowed her to open her own company.

From the appearances of it, the couple is happy and also web content in their current lives and presently stay in a two-story house in Las Vegas. While Brittany commonly features their kids on her social media account, she even committed a post to the love of her life and also composed, “Thank you child for making me feel so loved and valued!!!” It genuinely is charming to witness the love they possess for every various other, and also we really hope joy never thwarts them in the future.

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