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Are Broad Peak Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski Based on Real People? How Did They Die?

The journey dramatization flick complies with Maciej Berbeka, who falls simply brief of finishing his occupation of Broad Peak. Years later on, Berbeka establishes out on an additional journey to the summit of the mountain as well as is accompanied by hill climber Tomasz Kowalski, resulting in a grave misfortune. Audiences should be asking yourself whether Maciej Berbeka as well as Tomasz Kowalski as well as their destiny in real life.

Are Maciej Berbeka and also Tomasz Kowalski Based on Real People?

Yes, Maciej Berbeka and also Tomasz Kowalski in ‘Broad Peak’ are based on real people of the exact same name. Berbeka was birthed on October 17, 1954, in Zakopane, Poland. Nearly 25 years before the ascent, Berbeka had actually tried to climb the hill’s summit.

Although Berbeka thought he had actually gotten to the summit, he fell short by almost 17 meters and also had to return because of numerous issues. Years later, Berbeka joined a team of young mountain climbers on one more exploration to Broad Peak. He was accompanied by Adam Bielecki, Tomasz Kowalski, and also Artur Małek as well as worked under the management of Krzysztof Wielicki, leader of the winter expedition of the Polish Mountaineering Association. On March 5, 2013, the group effectively got to the top. The duo’s mountaineering activities are described in the movie adjustment with some drama. The film finishes with the discovery of Berbeka and Kowalski’s fatality.

How Did Maciej Berbeka and also Tomasz Kowalski Die?

After completing their climb and also reaching the top of Broad Peak, Maciej Berbeka as well as Tomasz Kowalski began their descent of the hill. However, during the descent, Maciej Berbeka as well as Tomasz Kowalski failed to get to Camp 4 (at an altitude of 7400 meters). The base camp fell short to contact the mountain climbers through radio. Consequently, a rescue team was sent out to perform a search as well as rescue procedure. However, the rescue group failed to locate Berbeka and also Kowalski, and the operation was called off as a result of negative weather. The duo was reported to be missing out on. Two days later on, on March 7, 2013, Wielicki stated that the two mountain climbers were dead after the rescue team fell short to find any trace of their survival.

A couple of months later on, Berbeka’s sibling, Jacek Berbeka, took a trip to Broad Peak, intending to find the bodies of the mountaineers. His exploration caused the discovery of Kowalski’s cadaver, hanging up and down about at the 7900 meters altitude. The team reported that Berbeka’s body was most likely situated in a crevasse near the 7900-meter factor. The difficult weather condition problems left to secure technique to check out the crevasse and also obtain the dead body. As a result, a number of media outlets confirmed Berbeka and Kowalski’s fatalities. Nevertheless, the exact cause of death has not been mentioned. Kowalski was 27 years of ages at the time of his fatality, while Berbeka aged 58. The latter’s body was not found, making it tough to establish a cause of death. The poor climate conditions throughout the descent most likely took a toll on crevasse Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski’s health and wellness, resulting in their death.

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