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Are Caterina and Germán Dead or Alive? Why Does Germán Kill Caterina?

Not able to divide from Nico, Julia abducted him with the aid of her child Eduardo and little girl Mariana. Due to his suspicion worrying Julia and her household members’ fatalities, Fernando employed Caterina as well as Germán to discover out whether his grandson as well as his concerned household are alive.

Caterina and also Germán discover Nico but the previous’s efforts to catch the child to return to Fernando fulfill a dead end when Germán attempts to kill her by collapsing his automobile into hers. Why does Germán change his strategies?

Are Caterina and Germán Dead or Alive?

After ensuring that Hugo, the baby that lives with Julia/Gloria, is Nico, Caterina contacts Fernando, who asks her to kidnap the infant regardless of any obstacles that come her method. Caterina goes to kidnap the child however Germán, who has actually been waiting for her, accidents his automobile into hers and eliminates her.

Germán, nonetheless, endures, at the very least in the meantime. While Eduardo goes through the scene, he checks out the accident to see his boyfriend and also paramedics can be seen in the background, taking Germán on a cot to a rescue. Given that Germán has a running IV and oxygen mask, it is evident that he is alive. Thinking about that he receives the required clinical focus, the possibilities of his survival without any complications are undoubtedly high. If the 2nd period of the program appears, we may see him recuperating from the accident appropriately as well as seeking Eduardo to rejoin with him.

Why Does Germán Kill Caterina?

When Germán joined Caterina to discover Nico, all he had in front of him was an objective to rejoin a mommy and also boy. Caterina just cares concerning the cash included in their goal, Germán supports her given that she does not do anything “incorrect,” until she makes a decision to kill Julia or anybody that comes her way.

When Fernando asks Caterina to kill Julia if the latter’s death is a necessity to obtain Nico for Natalia, she approves the deal since the religious leader prepares to pay her even more money. Germán does not approve the same. As an ex-cop, he doesn’t wish to be a murderer or a partner of a killer for money. His alliance with Caterina damages the minute when the latter prepares to do anything for money. Germán must have understood that stopping Caterina is a need to conserve the lives of not only Julia however additionally her relative, including his sweetheart Eduardo.

Although Germán meets Eduardo as part of his mission, he promptly starts to support real sensations for him. Together with the extreme love for Eduardo, Germán’s shame of betraying his enthusiast also boosts. When Eduardo starts to think that the ex-cop has been taking advantage of him as well as his feelings, Germán realizes that he is required to ideal his incorrect. Therefore, Germán needs to have eliminated Caterina not just to shield Eduardo and also his household but likewise to reveal his boyfriend that he is doing every little thing he can to reduce the discomfort of his dishonesty.

At the end of the day, Germán needs to have believed that killing a bad guy is better than losing the lives of many, including his enthusiast. His regret of betraying Eduardo needs to have weighed on his mind heavily for him to jeopardize his very own life while eliminating Caterina too.

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