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Are Daonte and Lindsey Still Together? Life After Lockup Update

We Television’s ‘Life After Lockup’ is a reality Television reveal that offers us a no holds prevented appearance into the lives of ex-convicts after they obtain out of jail. While ‘Life After Lockup’ makes things interesting by adding a healthy and balanced offering of drama and romance, we get to witness just how each pair selects to deal with their issues.

Remarkably, Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs originally appeared on the program with their previous companions. When those partnerships fell short to work out, the 2 satisfied as well as created a deep connection that quickly transformed romantic. Nonetheless, with the video cameras now turned away, let’s comply with Daonte and also Lindsey’s journey in order to learn if they are still together, shall we?

Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs’ Life After Lockup Journey

Although Lindsey Downs originally appeared on the show with her ex-partner, Scott Bradshaw, their partnership was far from best. While Scott gave the link his all and even shifted states to be near to his then-girlfriend, the program quickly disclosed that Lindsey was only thinking about his cash as well as assistance. Hence, when Lindsey returned to jail as a result of a 24-month sentence, Scott determined to break it off and also go his separate method.

Thus, the relationship soon tanked, as well as Daonte returned to being solitary. He did not remain like that for long as he soon met as well as got quite close to Lindsey.

Because Daonte did not have an excellent experience dating ex-felons, his liked ones tried to dissuade him from seeking Lindsey. Nevertheless, he refused to give in and was positive in building a future with the love of his life. Although Lindsey lagged bars at the time, the couple can barely keep away from each other, as well as their chemistry was obvious. Moreover, Daonte violated everyone in his initiatives to win Lindsey over, and also as soon as she reciprocated, fans thought the connection would certainly last.

Are Daonte Sierra and also Lindsey Downs Still Together?

We are sorry to be the holder of trouble, as recent developments make it appear like Daonte as well as Lindsey have gone their different methods. Remarkably, right before Lindsey will be launched from jail, Daonte described his prepare for their future as well as disclosed that he was planning to transfer to Mississippi after her launch in order to be close to his companion.

There appears to be a spanner in the jobs, as even after Lindsey walked totally free in January 2022, Daonte stayed in his residence in Virginia. While such a move puzzled fans momentarily, reports alleged that Lindsey had been spotted kissing among her ex-spouses at a party shortly after her launch. Daonte soon showed up to verify the claims as in a now-deleted Instagram message, he complained about commitment and just how it does not exist any longer.

Unfortunately, Daonte and also Lindsey have actually not been identified together since then, as well as even their social media sites accounts are lacking each other’s images. Surprisingly, in May 2022, Daonte published a picture with ‘Life After Lockup’ star Rachel resulting in conjectures about a relationship. Readers must keep in mind that such an insurance claim has actually not been confirmed as of. On the other hand, Lindsey has involved herself with her family and also is apparently solitary since today. Still, with both Daonte as well as Lindsey working in the direction of an independent future, we really hope success never ever eludes them in the years to find.

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