Are Dopesick Billy Cutler and Betsy Mallum Based on a Real People

Are Dopesick Billy Cutler and Betsy Mallum Based on a Real People

‘Dopesick’ is a drama series produced by Danny Strong (‘Em pire’) that mixes fiction and truth to paint a precise photo of the American opioid crisis. It is based on the non-fiction publication ‘Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors as well as the Drug Company that Addicted America’ composed by Beth Macy. It dramatizes the real-world occasions described in the publication, the series still features numerous personalities motivated by real people, such as Richard Sackler.

Two of the show’s most relatable characters are Billy Cutler and also Betsy Mallum, and offered the program’s non-fiction source material, it is easy to wonder whether the two are based on actual persons. We also got curious about the exact same and did a little research right into the matter. Right here’s every little thing we found out about the motivation behind Billy Cutler as well as Betsy Mallum!

Are Dopesick’s Billy Cutler and Betsy Mallum Based on Real People?

In ‘Dopesick,’ actor Will Poulter (‘Midsommar’) essays the duty of Billy Cutler, a pharmaceutical sales associate helping Purdue Pharma. Actress Kaitlyn Dever (‘Unbelievable’) plays the part of Betsy Mallum, a dedicated closeted lesbian young girl that works as a miner in a little Virginia town. Both characters represent a section of people impacted by the opioid crisis while all at once belonging of the issue.

Billy markets Purdue Pharma’s medicine OxyContin to numerous doctors as well as asks them to prescribe it to their clients. The business is using lies and also fabricated facts to market their medicine as non-addictive with their sales reps. Thus, Billy finds himself in a moral dispute. On the other hand, after a back injury, Betsy discovers herself addicted to OxyContin and also fails to recuperate from her dependency, which, in turn, affects the lives of her family.

Both characters’ storylines are powerful and help the target market comprehend the multi-faceted problem activated by the misbranding of OxyContin. Neither Billy neither Betsy is based on any kind of solitary real person. The personalities are an amalgamation of numerous real people the show’s manufacturers spoke with to get material as well as craft a realistic tale. Consequently, it is safe to state that the personalities are a work of fiction and also are inspired by the shared circumstances of different real people that have first-hand experience of the opioid situation.

In an interview, developer Danny Strong claimed that he used composite personalities to integrate as many individuals’s tales as feasible and also offer the story a feeling of universal truth. In a separate meeting, Poulter stated that his character was created by keeping in mind workers who functioned at Purdue.

Similarly, Dever likewise opened up concerning her character in an interview. Dever mentioned that although Betsy is an imaginary personality, she stands for the different ordinary people that were influenced by the epidemic. The starlet also revealed that she went through a couple of meetings Strong carried out with real people to prepare for her function.

All points stated, Billy and Betsy are both imaginary characters who supply a voice to the concerns of 2 completely various groups of people that found themselves at the facility of the opioid epidemic. By developing composite personalities, the manufacturers have the ability to properly show the tragedy of the real-life epidemic that plagued the lives of countless people.

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