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Are Kendal and also Alexcys From Temptation Island Still Together?

Based upon the Dutch television collection ‘Blind Vertrouwen’ (translated as ‘Blind Faith’), ‘Temptation Island’ is an appealing dating truth show that very first premiered in 2001. It includes many pairs that accept move in with a lot of single people to review the security of their relationships. Over the course of each episode, the couples attempt to decide whether they will certainly depart along with a much deeper knowledge of one another or will certainly catch temptation while involving with the songs.

Every period, viewers reach witness fascinating couples as well as songs who produce quite some dramatization around their journey. One such pair is Kendal Kirkland as well as Alexcys Homan, that showed up on season 6 of the show in 2021. Their journey has been fairly interesting as a result of the existing complex connections around them. Their fans should be excited to understand about the most recent standing of their relationship, and also we’ve covered simply that!

Kendal and also Alexcys’ Temptation Island Journey

Remarkably, Kendal Kirkland initially got in the ‘Temptation Island’ rental property as a couple with his partner of 2 and also a half years, Erica Washington. Kendal, expertly a local business owner, as well as Erica originally signed up with the show to discover their relationship much better as well as aid Erica gain her full potential. Kendal’s stand on their bond seemed to be fishy since he did not take any kind of blame for their troublesome connection and took advantage of the program to go out with various other ladies.

Since Alexcys signed up with the program as a single woman, Kendal quickly laid his eyes on her and also started flirting with her, no matter his girlfriend’s presence. Neither Kendal neither Alexcys kept back about pursuing each other as well as thought that they were quickly developing an actual link every passing day. Both of them additionally promptly started sharing intimate minutes, as well as Erica was entrusted to view their brewing chemistry without much good luck for herself.

However, Kendal did not restrict his adventures to just one woman as well as started striking it up with another solitary entrant, Nickole Ciszak. Kendal successfully likewise persuaded Alexcys regarding the seriousness of their relationship which he was all dedicated to her, better raising conversations relating to future youngsters. He at some point took care of to encourage both Alexcys and Nickole that he was serious about their connection, however actually, he seemed major about neither.

Kendal shared several intimate minutes with Alexcys with the assurance of maintaining it up after the end of their journey on the program. Currently that they are away from the show as well as living actual life, did Kendal as well as Alexcys handle to remain together, or did they give in to the test of time?

Are Kendal as well as Alexcys Still Together?

No, Kendal and also Alexcys are no longer together. Although it did seem like they could form a close bond away from all the dramatization in the real world, it did not pan out this way for Kendal and also Alexcys. In the get-together episode of season 6, Alexcys confessed to ghosting Kendal after going out with him when upload the program. She pointed out a real reason to do so, pointing out that she was miserable with Kendal’s actions in the program. After watching it herself, she came to think that Kendal only desired her since Erica had transformed him down. “I felt dipped into the end [about] every choice you made on the island,” she told Kendal.

She mentioned her stance clearly to Erica as well as everybody on the get-together episode, stating, “I feel negative that you needed to handle a man like Kendal. Truthfully, you are worthy of the most effective. I associated him once, once we returned. I primarily ghosted him afterward. I had not been alright with how I really felt on the island. … I’m distressed that it really did not end sooner.” Kendal at some point got some adverse remarks from fans as a result of just how everything panned out around his relationships, but he did not particularly reply to those remarks.

These dramas surrounding the show, now both Alexcys and Kendal are active in their lives, constructing their occupations, as well as traveling throughout numerous places with their household and close friends. Kendal is a business owner and also actor that is currently constructing a few brand names under his radar. On the other hand, Alexcys travels and runs an individual blog with her buddies around the nation.

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