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Are Kevin and Janice Still Together? Bling Empire Update

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ complies with some of the most affluent East Asians and South East Asians living in Los Angeles, California. Provided the restricted number of individuals that fit the mentioned requirements, a lot of them are quite aware of each other and frequently assemble during luxurious celebrations. Just like any social group, individuals included in the reality program have a lot of dramatization, betrayal, competitiveness, and also heartbreak, among other points.

Among one of the most followed stars from the series is Kevin Taejin Kreider, who might not be as rich as the others but has reputable friendships with numerous of the cast members. Normally, his charming partnership with Janice in the third period of the Netflix collection caught the eye of the fans. Provided the dramatization that emerged as a result of the duo, followers are curious if the two are still in a partnership or if they have separated. Thankfully, we are right here to explore the same!

Kevin as well as Janice’s Bling Empire Journey

Kevin as well as Janice initially fulfilled each other in Malibu, California, thanks to Kim Lee. Kevin and also Kim, in addition to Kane Lim and also Kelly Mi Li, had decided to have a mini-vacation and settle the concerns that were festering between them. However, Kim felt that the heart-to-heart that the group had throughout their first night in was inadequate. She decided to call in Janice, a Reiki healer whom Kim had been seeing for a lengthy time during her healing journey.

Kevin declared he knew about the healer because he had googled her after listening to concerning her from Kim. Kevin was likewise thrilled by the link he felt he had actually developed with Janice and chose to ask her out on a date after some time. The small talk was pleasant, as well as the connection between Kevin as well as Janice was simple to see.

At some time after the day, Kevin spoke with Kim concerning the very same, which bugged the latter. Kim was uncomfortable that Kevin was dating her healer, whom she thought about an important part of her healing process. Kevin was irritated with Kim’s rage and claimed that she had no right to determine his life because Kim and he had actually determined to move on from their past as well as assured to continue to be good friends. Nonetheless, several can not aid however wonder if the difference might have brought about splits establishing between Kevin and also Janice. If you are eager for the answers, here is every little thing we know concerning the subject.

Are Kevin and Janice Still Together?

No, Kevin and Janice are not seeing each other any longer. After his fight with Kim Lee, Kevin talked with Christine Chiu concerning the situation. He declared that he really felt that he and also Janice had a genuine link and didn’t recognize why Kim did not want him to see her. If he felt that his potential relationship with Janice would certainly be worth shedding the friendship with Kim, Christine merely asked Kevin to ponder.

Assuming regarding what Christine had actually said, Kevin decided to put his friend first and also appreciate her desires. He called Janice up and clarified the situation to her. Given that after that, Kevin does not seem to have actually involved in any various other charming connection.

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