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Are Kim Lee and Lewis Tan Dating? Bling Empire Update

With her large charm, large wide range, extraordinary on-line visibility, and wild connection struggles, Kim Lee has actually often been described as the “Asian Kim Kardashian,” however she’s so much more. As made noticeable throughout the 3 seasons of Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ till now, she’s additionally a model as well as a DJ completely determined to pave an unique path for herself in this world. Since her individual experiences are among the primary story factors within this reality production, allow’s actually dive deeper right into her prospective present connection with Lewis Tan, shall we?

Kim Lee as well as Lewis Tan’s Bling Empire Journey

Although the Vietnamese DJ and the half-Chinese half-English actor have actually admittedly recognized one another for a long period of time, they at first didn’t obtain a sense of any romantic or innately physical tourist attraction. This much is evident from the reality there was obvious chemistry between her and her Korean co-star Kevin Kreider in the 2nd installment, whereas he made his rate of interest in Jamie Xie clear. Nonetheless, neither exercised for a myriad of factors– whether it be Kim’s count on issues or Jamie’s uninterest in dating as a whole– opening a door for the former to start socializing with Lewis.

The reality is Kim had begun her healing journey by the time period 3 rolled about, which basically enabled her to not just learn her true needs yet likewise act upon them appropriately. It’s apparently why she agreed to meet up with Lewis for a casual boxing session, just for it to be filled with flirty compliments as well as innuendos instead of any clear actions that would certainly cross lines. She did yield her buddy is actually truly attractive yet included she’s in the headspace of “just [intending to] go out there and enjoy. I seem like that’s what I require in my life right now.”

For that reason, Kim and also Lewis’ discussions were merely laid-back, that is, until they discussed their star signs, as well as she asked to search for their– Gemini-Aquarius– overall compatibility. This is the moment they uncovered their possible sexual affection degrees as well as couldn’t have their banter yet quickly sobered up sufficient to genuinely start learning more about each other personally. The reality Kim only blushed instead of directly addressing her pals when they later on asked specifically what was taking place in between the duo additionally made them appear a lot closer than prepared for.

Are Kim Lee as well as Lewis Tan Dating?

If we’re being truthful, Kim bringing Lewis as her plus one to an event thrown by Kane Lim did factor towards them perhaps getting on the precipice of formally dating, yet they never ever when clarified it. We state precipice because although they appeared comfy, the way they were conversing or hyping one another up had not been entirely as easy-going as it should’ve been if they were currently together. Her briefly leaving in the middle of supper to talk with Kevin was additionally a bit odd, even if he was the one to ask and all she did was be extremely sincere as well as lastly inform him he’s not her kind.

Involving whether Kim as well as Lewis are in fact dating, it’s sadly a little vague because neither the DJ neither the popular movie star has actually clearly verified or refuted anything as of composing. As they do still adhere to each various other as well as stay in touch through social media systems, there is an opportunity they could be with each other– at least, that’s our confident hope. One point is certain, no issue what their connection standing might be, Kim as well as Lewis remain on great terms.

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