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Are Lestat and Louis Lovers in the Book? How Are Lestat and Louis Different From the Film?

Created by Rolin Jones, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ informs the tale of vampires Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac. The gothic horror series is based on Anne Rice’s 1976 story of the exact same name as well as happens in a modern setup. The series sees Louis telling his life story to reporter Daniel Molloy. As the narrative progresses, visitors learn more regarding the complicated relationship in between Louis and Lestat.

Rice’s book is a literary classic and also was adjusted into a feature film by Rice (screenplay) and also Neil Jordan (direction). Audiences should question how Lestat and Louis’ personalities are different in the tv adjustment compared to the unique and also film.

Are Lestat and Louis Lovers in the Book?

In the television adaptation, Louis and also Lestat have a romantic partnership and are sexually drawn in to each other. The best episode likewise features some sexual scenes between Louis and Lestat, making them each various other’s enchanting passions. Louis’ temptation at Lestat’s hands is likewise apparent.

The duo’s connection is discovered in the very first book as Lestat seeks a companion through his years of eternal life. Lestat transforms as well as satisfies Louis right into a vampire, and also both ended up being moms and dads to a young girl vampire called Claudia. The book does not discover a romance in between Lestat and also Louis. Instead, the homosexual themes and love between the two characters remain subtextual in guide. Writer Anne Rice has verified that Lestat as well as Louis are lovers. In a press meeting, series designer Rolin Jones described that he really felt Rice’s book wasn’t a gothic horror tale yet a gothic romance tale. He pitched the collection concentrating on the romantic relationship in between Louis as well as Lestat, thus adding depth to the resource product’s subtext.

How Are Lestat and also Louis Different From the Film?

Rice’s novel was adjusted right into an attribute film starring Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt and Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac. In the tv series, Sam Reid shows up as Lestat while Jacob Anderson essays the duty of Louis. In the film, Louis is a French-American guy, while in the television collection, he is an African-American.

Eventually, Jones has decided to make mild changes to both character’s representation and also discussed the choice in a meeting with Den of Geek. “Most individuals have this picture of Tom Cruise and also Brad Pitt. In this, the psychological risks are extremely high. It’s Love with a capital L and also Hate with a funding Remorse, h and regret, and mostly reverence and also respect,” Jones stated. “You will certainly not be thinking about Tom and also Brad ever again. Of that, I am supremely certain,” he added. It is obvious the makers have actually purposely tried to set apart Lestat and also Louis from their film equivalents. The exploration of romantic as well as sexual subtext within the duo’s partnership that is absent from the film adaptation is existing in the television collection, giving Lestat as well as Louis a distinct charm.

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